During the American Revolution the naval forces of the colonies/states consisted of a triad of forces: the national navies operated by the Continental Navy and the Continental Army, the navies operated by the various colonies/states, and the privateers. This page links to what is known to me about the 2200 or so American privateers. Click on the letter below to go to an index page for that letter.

The individual listings (by letter of the alphabet) will show all the privateers beginning with that letter. Click on a link to go to that privateer's data sheet and history. There are cross references shown, but these are not links. Navigation on the privateer pages is truncated: click on the logo to come back here and on the “Back to . . .” to return to the list you started from. The flags shown are for interest only and are not associated with any particular privateer. They should be considered as icons marking the page. The use of the term “Commander” for the skipper of a privateer is NOT period correct, but a convention that I find useful. All datasheets are subject to revision and should be considered preliminary. Any errors should be considered mine.

While I had expected long before now to have these all posted, an enormous amount of additional sources have become available. Consequently major re-writes on many of the privateer datasheets are underway. These are marked on the index lists with icons.
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