Granville Hough's Ship Listing X-Y-Z


by Granville W. Hough


In the following listings of vessels, boats were small open vessels propelled by oars or sails and included whaleboats, longboats, cutters, barges, flatboats, shallops, and similar vessels. They operated close to shore. Brigs and brigantines were two-masted vessels, most capable of transatlantic voyages. A brig could be rigged as a brigantine. Galleys were low, single-decked vessels propelled by oars or sails which were used for coastal and river defense. Schooners were small vessels of two or more masts rigged fore and aft, capable of carrying guns and fighting at sea. Sloops were small single-masted vessels rigged fore and aft. Pilot boats were light sloops required in harbors. Ships were ocean-going vessels of three or more masts, though large brigs or schooners were sometimes listed as ships. Ships used for prisons by the British and by the Americans were generally de-masted hulks. Prison ships are included as their records of prisoners are valuable.

Coggins:68, American prison hulk, 9 guns, captured by British prisoners at Dover.

Allen:328, R76II:237, ND3:602, 1033, ND4:1389, ND5:1118, ND6:922, ND7:1243, ND8:723, ND9:657, ND11:890, 971, Nelson:284, MA privateer sloop, 9 guns, 60 men, Capt Corban Barnes, 17 Dec 1775 and 4 Jan 1776; Capt Henry Johnson, 24 May 1776, owners P. D. Sargent & Comp of Boston.CapturedZachariah Bayley and condemned her 30 Jul 1776.Connor:344fn (1876), Maclay:70, DaviesX:1928, 1945, armed sloop of Boston, taken in 1776 by its prisoners, and part of crew sent to Forton Prison.Eastman:70, Capt Henry Johnson was sent to Mill Prison, but he escaped.C95. JA7:137-39.

DaviesXII:176, XIX:2648, probably American privateer, Capt Johnston, 1781-83.

Yankee America.
Salem, MA, LM, no other info.

Yankee Hero.
Howe:400, Maclay:71, Allen:329, R76II:236, ND2:1286, ND3:764, ND4:389, ND5:725, ND6:1269, ND7:970, ND8:1044, Newburyport, MA LM privateer brig of 14 guns and 40 men, 120 tons, Capt Thomas Thomas, 13 Jan 1776; Capt James Tracy, 20 Feb 1776, surrendered to English frigateMilford, after combat and captain wounded, 30 May 1776.C314. (Another vessel of this name is shown captured by HMSLively 7 June 1778, and still another captured byMilford 5 Feb 1778, which is certainly a conflicting record.)

Yankee Ranger.
ND5:1143, ND6:1002, ND7:643, Maclay:71, MA privateer, captured 3 brigs in 1776.ND7:166, 642, this must be the RI privateer sloop, Capts John Warner, Daniel Smith, which captured the BritishBee, Sally, John.

ND7:1264, ship, Capt Thomas Nowland, probably American, active, late 1776.

ND9:962, ND10:89, British schooner, Capt James M’Cauley, captured byGeneral Washington, libelled in MA Middle District, 22 Sep 1777.

Yarmouth (HMS).
ND6:450, for commissioning 21 June 1776.ND9:609, ND11:192, British ship, Capt Nicholas Vincent, RN, captured AmericanAlexander, Fortune, and probably others.Cog:41.DaviesXVIII:229.JA6:143, 169.Volo:112, 127, 269, 64 guns, 480 men.Paullin:431, sankRandolph after engagement 1 Feb 1779.Chapelle:65.Coggins:203.

Morison:178, DaviesXIII:138, ND7:43, American brig, Capt Folger of Nantucket,captured 4 Nov 1776 near the Môle by BritishMaidstone, Capt Alan Gardner.William Rotch requested that Joseph and Eliphalet Fitch of Kingston, Jamaica, purchase it.C24, possibly the vessel in British Navy, 1778.DaviesXIII:799.

Yofrowd Ana Louisa.
R81I:308, Capt Tunis Sweeris, from Amsterdam, captured at Demerary in 1781.

ND4:370, Merchant vessel, Capt Steel, captured in the port of Savannah, and remaining in Georgian hands 16 Mar 1776, to be burned.

RI privateer, Capt Charles Handy, Jr, owner Welcome Arnold, active 7/9/82.

CTRec:607, ND11:233, British sloop/snow, Capt John Adams, Glasgow to Barbados, captured in Dec 1777 by the AmericanRevenge, Capt Isaac Freeborn, and sent into Martinico.This was the vessel converted to the MA privateer brig,Saucy Revenge.

ND10:792, ND11:612, 644, British snow, captured by Americans, then recaptured while under Capt Ebenezer Brown, by British brigPelican, Lt J. P. Ardesoif, processed by Grenada court, then sold for the British owners, Jan 1778.  R78:99, ND10:791n, American snow, Capt Ebenezer Brown, from Portsmouth, captured byPelican, 24 Dec 1777.Some records show a snow under Capt Brown captured by BritishSeaford 28 Feb 1778 and sent to Dominica.

ND11:1093, British vessel, Capt M’vey, Glasgow to Barbados, captured by Americans and carried into Martinico, reported in London, 18 Mar 1778. Capture:90, SchV:42, CTP:100, British tender from Martinique captured by Americans in CT privateer brigantineGeneralWashington, and sent to New England, recaptured in April 1778 by the British Armed brigCabot.

Silverstone:91, British brig-sloop, 12 guns, captured 10 Jul 1778, retaken by British 28 Aug 1778, lost in 1778.

SchV:43, British vessel, 12 guns, Capt D. Dobrée, captured in Jul 1779 off Grenada, by the French fleet. DaviesXV:64, 167.Silverstone:92, brig-sloop..

ND10:1208, British snow, Capt Webb, 150 tons, Halifax to Surinam, taken by theTrue American, 19 May 1779.

CTN:85, 86, British sloop, which was the British frigateRenown’s tender, captured 25 May 1779 by CT NavyOliver Cromwell.

CTP:146, British schooner, 30 tons, Capt Gilbert Conklin, captured 15 Jun 1779 by CT sloopLucy and others.

CTP:85, British brig, Capt Grant of Newry, captured in late 1781 by CT brigantineFair American. C101.

ND4:1228-29, ship, Capt David Collins, captured 19 Feb 1776 at New York by BritishPhoenix.

ND7:642-43, British vessel, along with theMontgomery, General Schuyler, captured British sloopCharlotte, 40 tons, 1777.

ND4:1249, ND5:213, schooner on fishing trip, Capt Robert Down, owner John Stone of old York, captured by BritishSenegal in the harbor of Port Mouton 21 Apr 1776.

R77:236, ND7:659, ND8:1062, American sloop, Capt Samuel Talman, from Demarara, captured by British Phoenix 26Dec 1776.

Ford1776:188, 214, boat, not otherwise defined.

R77:232, American vessel taken at Cape Fear by British in April 1777.ND8:1054, this may be the ship captured 21 Apr 1777 by British Brune.

ND10:130, 723, probably American sloop captured by BritishTartar, condemned and libelled 29 Mar 1777.

NR:494, CTP:246, LCP:296/297, NLHS:I:IVP31, LM CT sloop, 6 guns, 10 men, Capt Jabez Perkins, 3rd, Oct 1779 (Record 732).C238.

C212, MD ship, 10 tons, 41 men, Capt Thomas Moore, Jul 1782.

VANavy:172, NR:494, LCP:296/297, VA privateer schooner, 14 guns, 40 men, Capt Isaiah Keel, 1782.

Dandridge:187, VANavy:173, privateer barge in VA Navy, Capt Thomas Herbert, 1783.Paullin:416, under construction at close of war, 1783.

Yorke Packet.
Kaminkow:237, ND3:1165, ND4:1230, ND7:625, vessel owned by Walter Franklin of New York, NY, Capt Stephen Weeks, captured by the BritishFarmer/Tamer 20 Jan 1776 at Savannah River, GA.ND7:625, this may be the sloop also known asSpeedwell. C330.

Young Aaron.
Ri1I:308, Dutch snow, from Amsterdam, Capt J. A. Ruge, captured by British privateers at Demerary, 1781.

Young Cromwell.
NR:494, CTP:246, 247, 248-250, LCP:296/297, LM CT schooner, 10 guns, 45 men, Capt William Wattles/Watters, Jun 1779 (Record 725), Capt Jonathan Buddington, Apr 1781, Capt William Reed, Jul 1781 (Record 802), Capt John Cook, Nov 1781 (840).Howard:151, 152, CTP:166, a ten gun, 45 man, schooner from New London which captured ten to fifteen prizes in 1779-81.It was captured14 Dec 1781, and the crew taken to prison ships in New York.C41, 71, Capt John Cook escaped to New London, CT, Apr 1782.NLHS:I:IV:31, also shows a Capt ??? Hilliard.

Young Frow Isabella.
R80I:354, Dutch sloop, American crew, from Grenada, captured Dec 1779.

Young Jacob.
R77:409, British vessel, Capt Cook, Newfoundland to a market, captured 1777.

Young Lion.
NR:495, CTP:251, LCP:296/297, NLHS:I:IV:31,LM CT galley, 4 guns, 25 men, Capt Peter Vail, Jul 1782 (Record 857).

Young Neptune.
NR:495, LCP:296/297, LM MD schooner, 16 guns, 30 men, Capt Gilbert de La Roche, Sep 1780.

Young Phoenix.
Sheppard:27, American brig of 1774/1775, first command of Capt Samuel Tucker, made trips to Bilbao, Spain, SC, and Isle of Wight.

Young Richard.
Allen:330, MA brigantine, 110 tons, 10 guns, 20 men, Capt William Ropes, 4 Sep 1781, owners probably Elias Hasket Derby and others of Salem.

Young Scamwell.
Sheffield:Jun 5, 1880, wartime privateer under Capt Noah Stoddard which recaptured the RI privateerDefiance.

Young Shark.
ND7:428-29, ND11:126, American schooner, 7 men, 90 tons, Capt Ezra Fields, captured by BritishSeaford, Capt John Colpoys, condemned at Antigua 24 Dec 1776.

FW3:605, Dutch vessel retained at Algeziras by the Spanish, released by Apr 1780.

Allen:330, ND9:909, MA privateer brigantine, 16 guns, 110 men, Capt Arthur Crawford, 10 Jul 1777, owners Perez Morton, Benjamin Hichborn, and others of Boston.

NavCronIV:373, Dutch navy, 10 guns, convoy duty in Aug 1781.

Zebra (HM).
SchV:47, ND9:504, ND10:645, British vessel, 16 guns, Capt H. Collins, lost on Egg Island, North America, 1778.Capt John Tollemache, RN, with convoy 17 Jul 1777, helped refloat Juno 1 Dec 1777.ND11:618, British sloop, 14 guns, 125 men, Commander John Orde, RN, in Delaware River 9 Mar 1778. DaviesXIII:2427, 2533, XIV:201, 259, XV:66.Volo:269.

Zechariah Baily/Zachariah Bayley.
Allen:328, Mc:203, Force:5:III:1530, R76II:237, 267, ND5:1083,ND6:922, ND7:299, British ship, Capt James Hodge, from Jamaica to London, 24 guns, 350 tons, captured 8 Jul 1776 by the AmericanYankee, Capt Henry Johnson, and sent to MA. It was renamed theBoston. C167.

VanMaanen, Dutch guard or pilot vessel, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 12 guns, 70 men, Capt Van Meus, active 1782.

Zeelente Poost.
R81I:308, Dutch snow, from Amsterdam, Capt Cornelius Keiser, captured in 1781 at Demerary by British privateers.

VanMaanen, Dutch guard or pilot vessel, Admiralty of Noorderkwartier, 10 guns, 40 men, Capt Slok, active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch guard or pilot vessel, Admiralty of Noorderkwartier, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt de Leeuw, active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch privateer, Admiralty of Zealand, 16 guns, Capt Tureq, active 1782.

Zeeuwse Waterleeuw.
Dutch privateer, Admiralty of Zealand, 10 guns, active 1782.

Le Zèle.
Annual Register 21:182, Comm:28-31, French warship, 70/74 guns, Capt Barras, in 1778 in squadron of D’Estaing, crew listed, served in West Indies, then went on to India with Suffren.

VanMaanen, Dutch guardship, 16 guns, 100 men, Admiralty of the Maze, active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 36 guns, 230 men, Capt Wierts, built 1767, active 1782.

Zephyr (HM). ND1:427, ND4:1089, ND7:728,ND8:549, ND9:596, British war sloop, 10 guns, 80 men, Capt Robert Man, captured two American vessels 9 Jan 1777, andBetsy 23 Aug 1777.Silverstone: 91, probably the sloop captured by French vesselLa Graleuse 23 Aug 1778.

ND5:1356, British sloop, 10 guns, 80 men, Lt George Keppel, RN, in the Mediterranean.ND6:449, cruising North America 21 June 1776. SchV:42, British vessel of 14 guns, Capt Thomas West, captured in 1778 in the Mediterranean by a French frigate, retaken by British in 1780 and burned.

Silverstone:91, British sloop, 18 guns, formerly theMartin, captured 23 Aug 1778.

Loménie:303, French privateer in Dec 1778.

ND11:1100, 1116, Malo:947, Dull:146, French Navy frigate, Capt Des Barres, ready to sail to Brest 24 Mar 1778, burned in a dockyard fire, 29 Feb 1779.

M&S:230-231, 244-245, Beaumarchais vessel, 196 tons, Capt Mainvielle, in 1779 ready to sail for America, served at Savannah as a French supply ship, and was eventually sold in Charleston, SC, probably in Mar 1780.RM9:87, ship, Capt Nicholas Manville, with clothing, which reached Charleston in Jan 1780.

Kaminkow:237, C158, MA Capt John Howland, captured before Apr 1780 by the BritishStag.JA9:137, 310, 10:23, possibly the American packet mentioned.

Mwhipple:132, polacre under Capt Manuel used in defense of Charlestown in 1780.

Allen:330, NR:495, LCP:298/299, LM MA privateer brigantine, 4 guns, 15 men, Capt George Lane of Boston, 8 Nov 1780 (Record 307).

SchV:62, French armed merchantman, 10 guns, 32 men, captured in 1780 in the Mediterranean by the privateerFame, Capt Rowe.

Robertson(1959):176, 179, brigantine of France at Jamaica, 1781.

Kaminkow:237, American vessel, capture or court case or prison entry, June 1781.

R82II:167, 168, Dutch navy frigate, 36 guns, Capt T. J. Wertz at Dogger Bank, 1781,and 1782, Capt J. V. Goes.

Dutch warship, 64 guns, based at Texel, and returned there.VanMaanen, Admiralty of Zealand, 64 guns, 420 men, Rear Admiral Van Kruyne, built 1733 at Flushing by Hendrik Raas, wrecked 1782.

ND11:987-990, LG:617, 639, French Navy ship of the line, 74 guns, Chevalier de la Porte Vezins, part of d’Estaing’s Squadron in 1778, crew listed.

R82II:168, Dutch navy, 64 guns, convoy duty, Aug 1781, 1782, Capt Baron J. Van Kinkel.The base for this warship was at Texel.VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Zealand, 64 guns, 420 men, built 1747, still active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 44 guns 250 men, Capt Van Loo, built in 1753, still active, 1782.

R82II:168, Dutch navy cutter, 1782, Lt ??? Beausset.

Van Maanen, Dutch guard or pilot vessel, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 10 guns, 50 men, Capt Jansen, active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 44 guns, 250 men, Capt J. L. Nauman, built 1759, still active, 1782.

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