Granville Hough's Ship Listing V


by Granville W. Hough


In the following listings of vessels, boats were small open vessels propelled by oars or sails and included whaleboats, longboats, cutters, barges, flatboats, shallops, and similar vessels. They operated close to shore. Brigs and brigantines were two-masted vessels, most capable of transatlantic voyages. A brig could be rigged as a brigantine. Galleys were low, single-decked vessels propelled by oars or sails which were used for coastal and river defense. Schooners were small vessels of two or more masts rigged fore and aft, capable of carrying guns and fighting at sea. Sloops were small single-masted vessels rigged fore and aft. Pilot boats were light sloops required in harbors. Ships were ocean-going vessels of three or more masts, though large brigs or schooners were sometimes listed as ships. Ships used for prisons by the British and by the Americans were generally de-masted hulks. Prison ships are included as their records of prisoners are valuable.

VanMaanen, Dutch advice vessel, Admiralty of the Maze, 8 swivel guns, Capt Basart, active 1782.This may be the same vessel mentioned as a privateer from Admiralty of Zealand, but no other information.

Allen:313, MA privateer brigantine, 10 guns, 45 men, Capt John Conway, 14 Oct 1778, owners Jonathan Harris and others of Boston.

Annual Register 21:182, Comm:209-212, Lawrence:9, 143, French warship, 64 guns, Capt Chabert, in 1778 part of the squadron of D’Estaing, in 1779 on the way to America, crew listed.Later in de Guichen’s fleet, then in de Grasse’s fleet, on the way back to France in April 1782.

McM:320, MA schooner, 1780.

Spanish warship of 70 guns in 1780 at Guadeloupe, West Indies.In 1782 it was undergoing repair in Havana.

Valenciano/El Valenciano. .
Ford1779:608, 1159, Appeals:xxxxv, 162:7:58, the ship vs Cleaveland.See Francisco de Paula/Valenciano.

ND8:260, British snow, Lt Allen, RN, captured U/I ships, 1777.

ND9:345, SC LM ship captured British Two Brothers in 1777.

A3:XI:27, Spanish sloop, probably at New Orleans, 1780/81. C&C:36, 40, Spanish war sloop, assigned to Bernardo de Gálvez, c 1780.A galliot of this name from New Orleans, was in the Battle for Mobile, Jan 1780.

SchV:60, French vessel, 26 guns, destroyed by squadron under Capt. Sir J. Wallace in 1779 in Concale Bay.

Valiant (HMS).
ND8:866, ND9:475, British warship, Capt John Gower, captures American Effingham 24 May 1777, and several other vessels by 9 Jul 1777.Volo:268.

ND11:130, British Antilles ship, Capt John Naylor, captured Endeavor and condemns her 15 Sep 1777.

Howe:419, Allen:314, Beverly, MA, privateer schooner, Capt Joshua Ellingwood, .3 Jun 1780, partial list of crew, in Howe.

ND5:764, British or Tory schooner, captured on the way to Boston in Apr 1776 with supplies for the British, with passenger John Loring becoming a high profile prisoner.

El Valiente.
Chávez:100 frigate assigned to protect the Mississippi River during the Unzaga administration..

VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 24 guns, 156 men, Capt Silvester, built 1770, active 1782.

Van Ostend.
RM8:135, Dutch sloop owned by Ingraham and Bromfield of Amsterdam, overdue in Philadelphia, May 1783.

Van Tromp/Trumpe.
NR:484, CTP:239, LCP:266/267, LM CT brigantine, 12 guns, 55 men, Capt Sanford Thompson, 1 Jun 1780 (Record 809).

Van Tromp.
NR:484, LCP:266/267, LM PA ship, 10 guns, 45 men, Capt Robert Shewell/Shepwell, 12 Jan 1782 (Record 928).

McM:105, McMA:150, British brig, prize of MA General Mifflin, Aug 1779.

SchIV:345, in Second Armada, 74 guns.SchIV:355, Capt S. Velasco in Great Expedition to America, Apr 1780.Sch384-385, much damaged by storm in Feb 1781.C&C:94, Spanish warship of the line, used in 1781 at Pensacola.It was undergoing repair in Havana in 1782.

Rice:I:176, Spanish transport at the French Cape to move troops back to Havana in 1783.

Allen:314, MA privateer brig, 14 guns, 90 men, Capt Thomas Stevens, 29 Apr 1777, owners James Mugford and others of Marblehead.

SchIV:345, Spanish warship, 74 guns, in Second Armada, and in attacks on Gibraltar 13/14 1782.

American vessel captured May 1777 by British Raven.
ND9:437, American ship captured 23 June 1777.

NR:484, LCP:266/267, LM PA schooner, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt Samuel Cassan, Nov 1779, owned by John Pringle & Comp. of Philadelphia.Maclay:90, 116-118, wartime privateer commanded at one time by Naval officer Stephen Cassin.

schooner.Rider:191, Howe:425, privateer ship active in 1779.

Vengeance/La Vengeance.
12/24 guns, 1779.
GWA:702, Smith:226, 229-230, 232-234, FW3:309, JA8:80, loaned French brig, Cont. Capt Philippe Nicholas Ricot of RI, returned to France after the war.Barnes:123, Fanning:23, Coggins:115, the French brig of 16 guns active in 1779 with squadron of John Paul Jones in raiding English waters.JA8:42.Silverstone:12, fitted out by French government, returned to France after the war.Paullin:517, began service in 1779.Chapelle:97.Coggins:204.

DaviesXIII:2226, 2289, 2307, American privateer brig/ship from Newburyport, 20 guns, Capt Wingate Newman, c 1777/78.Smith:207, Allen:314, SchV:56, 18 gun MA privateer, 140 men, Capt Wingate Newman, 1778; Capt Thomas Thomas, 30 June 1779, .used in the Penobscot Expedition of Jul/Aug 1779.MAS has Aug 79 list of crewmen.C308.JA7:140, 184, 7:139.

NR:484, CTP:239, LCP:266/267, LM CT sloop, 14/18 guns, 80 men, Capt William Dennis, 8 Mar 1780 (Record 740), took two prizes.

NR:484, LCP:266/267, LM PA schooner, 8 guns, 15 men, Capt Stephen Benezet, Jul 1781 , Capt Joseph Parker, Nov 1781 (Record 1084).Owners were Joseph deLanda and Joseph Gallego of Philadelphia.

Fowler:160, 165, 168, brig, probably one of the above.

JA7:124, 8:359, Comm:69-74, French ship of the line, 64 guns, on the way to America in 1779, crew listing.Later in de Guichen’s fleet, at Martinique in 1781.

La Vengica.
ND11:328, GA sloop, Capt John Latreyte, given LM status by GA Executive Council, 12 Feb 1778.

ND7:258, American schooner, Capt James Davis, captured by British Falcon, 1777.

Klotz:47, a Spanish goleta captured by the American Hawk near Cadiz in 1777.

Clark:I:110, Mc:352, 450, Sheppard:119, British brigantine from Madeira, 2 guns, captured 23 Aug 1779 by a joint Continental effort, including the Deane, Capt Samuel Nicholson.

Force:5:III:1530, British vessel, Capt Collins, Honduras to Jersey, 300 tons, 1776.

ND6:600, British transport, Capt Wilson, reported missing as of 21 June 1776.

ND5:872, British transport, said to be under convoy, and captured by Halifax, 2 Jul 1776.(It seems more likely to be a transport headed to Halifax.)

ND6:1396, ND7:314, 688, 605,ND8:218, British ship, 160 tons, Capt George Collas, captured by American Eagle, libel sought 19 Nov 1776.It was bought by the MA Board of War and renamed Versailles.

Capture:88-89, British brigantine captured 18 Sep 1776 by the Hawke under John Lee, sent to Newbury under Master Stanfield, recaptured 1 Nov 1776 by British Milford and taken into Halifax. Force:5:III:1530, 1527, ND7:2, 618, ND8:638, British brigantine, Capt Stanfield, Liverpool to Antigua, 150 tons, taken by American Hawke and retaken by British Milford, 1776.

R77:110, ND7:1189, ND8:74, 219, British ship, Capt John Peacock, Jamaica to London, captured 13 Feb 1777 or 28 Mar 1777, .by United States, afterwards lost, 1777.

R77:110, ND8:812, 816, British ship, Capt Brown, London to Newfoundland, captured by MA Tyrannicide, Massachusetts, 4 May 1777.

ND7:618, ND8:163, 638, British brigantine, captured byAmerican Hawke, recaptured by British Milford, 28 Dec 1776.

ND1:1388, 1393, probably British brigantine, Capt Isaac Sharpe, 11 Aug 1775, James River to London, with tobacco and staves.R77:110, ND9:392, 422, British sloop, Capt Isaac Sharp/Sharpe, Whitehaven to Grenada, captured by American Retaliation, 12 June 1777.

R77:409, ND9:562, 600, British brig, Capt Wilkes/Weeks, Greenland to Liverpool, captured by American Revenge, 11 Aug 1777.Mc:103, Neeser:152, British brig, captured Sep 1777 by the Revenge of Dunkirk, Capt Conyngham, but the prize was retaken by the British. ND10:197, 296, R78:40, ND11:612, 613, British brig, Capt Weeks, Greenland to Liverpool, taken by Cont. Navy Cutter Revenge and retaken by British privateer, Revenge, Capt Daniel Campbell, condemned at Grenada Nov 1777.

ND10:911, British brig, Capt John Adron, captured by American Enterprize, 14 Oct 1777.

Venus (HMS).
ND8:743, ND9:577, ND11:212, British ship, Capt William P. Williams, RN, captured and recaptured several vessels.DaviesXIII:895, XIV:269, XV:63, 164, XIX:500.

C268-269, CTP:135, British brig, Capt Samuel Duan, captured in Oct 1778 by the American armed vessel Revenge, with assistance of the CT sloop Industry, Capt Jonathan Salisbury.

McM:41, CTP:180, British sloop, Capt John Jasitways, prize of CT sloop Randolph, Capt Nicoll Fosdick, 5 Sep 1780, sent into New London.C113.

Lux:45-46, British ship bound from Newfoundland captured on 24 Sep 1781 by the South Carolina and disposed of, probably in Havana.

CTP:107, British privateer sloop, captured 5 Sep 1780 by the CT sloop Hancock.

McM:210, McMA:50, British brig, Dartmouth, England, to Newfoundland, prize of MA Tyrannicide and Massachusetts, 1781.Some sources show the capturing vessel as the South Carolina.

Peabody:231, British brig captured in 1781 in the North Atlantic by the Grand Turk, Capt Simmons, and sold in Salem in 1781 for just over 1037 pounds.This brig was probably renamed and reused.

ND4:36, 68, CT brig, went aground while trying to avoid capture at Newport in Feb 1776, and was discovered in this predicament and was burned down to the water.

ND5:1064, ND6:947, NR:485, LCP:266/267, LM PA brigantine, 6 guns, 25 men, Capt William Raddon, Jul 1776.

ND8:1036, frigate, Spanish Navy, active 1777.

American vessel, Capt Nathaniel Ketchum, captured by British June 1777.

Allen:315, MA privateer brigantine, 12 guns, 65 men, Capt Samuel Dunn, Jr, 7 Jul 1777, owners Samuel Dunn and James Swan.

ND10:951, ship, Capt John Smith, probably American, active 1777.

Coggins:106, MD Navy barge acquired in 1778.Silverstone:18, brig.Paullin:451, it had been captured by SC Notre Dame, Hornet, Eagle, Sep 1777.Coggins:106.

Connor:281fn (1878), brig of Philadelphia captured 1778 and crew sent to Forton Prison.

NR:485, LCP:266/267, LM PA schooner, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt James Clifton, Oct 1779, owner Charles Jones of Philadelphia.

Allen:46, 315, MA privateer brigantine, 16 guns, 75 men, Capt Richard Whellen, 9 Aug 1779, and 13 Aug 1779, owners John Walker, Jr, and others of Boston.

R80I:358-359, Boston brig with 2 guns, Capt Henry Branston, captured 1779.JA7:125, possibly the brig mentioned.

Kaminkow:235, American vessel, captured Dec 1779, with some crewmen to British prison.possibly one of the above.

Allen:315-316, NR:485, LCP:266/267, one or two MA LM privateer brigantines, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt Nathaniel Harmon, 18 Apr 1780, owners Daniel McNeill and others of Boston; Capt Michael Leslie of Boston, 8 Nov 1780 (Record 305); Capt John Young of Boston, 23 Dec 1780 (Record 325).

JA10:55, Rice:I:118n, French frigate, 1780, said to be with de Ternay and Rochambeau.Villiers:304, escorted convoy to Martinique, 1782.One report shows that a French vessel of this name was shipwrecked 5 Aug 1791.

DaviesXIX:90, American vessel with dispatches from France captured by privateer of Liverpool Terror, Apr 1781.

NR:485, LCP:266/267, C167, 314, LM NH brigantine, 4 guns, 35 men, Capt Eleazer Johnson, Jr, May 1779, NH Capt William Tresethon with 10 guns, 20 men in Dec 1779, Capt Henry Moore, May 1781 (Record 28).

NR:486, LCP:266/267, LM MD ship, 16 guns, 70 men, Capt James Buchanan, Jul 1781. Owners were Archibald Buchanan and others of MD.

NR:486, CTP:239, LCP:266/267, LM CT brigantine, 10 guns, 60 men, Capt Joseph Conkling, Sep 1781 (Record 807), burned in Arnold’s raid on New London.NLHS:I:IV:31 also shows Capt Weldon.

Mill:212, brig from Nantucket operating in West Indies taken 1 June 1781 and crew to Mill Prison, Nov 1781.

Capture:89, Allen:316, NR:486, LCP:266/267, privateer ship built in Weymouth in Oct 1780, 10 guns, 80 men, George Waithe Babcock, commander, 11 Jun 1781 (Record 368), owners Thomas Harris and others of Boston, captured 16 Jul 1781 by HMS Danae.

SchV:55, American, 14 guns, 45 men, captured in 1781 by the British Belisarius in America. Kaminkow:235, American Capt James Ward, captured before May 1781 by the British Terror.C325.(This may indeed be two separate vessels.)

R81II:287, American privateer, 83 men, 16 guns, captured in 1781 by British Surprise, Danae.

Kaminkow:235, captured or court case or prison entry, June 1781, possibly one of the above.

NavCronIV:373, Dutch navy, 36 guns, Capt Count de Rechteren, at Dogger Bank, Aug 1781.

H:197, American vessel, taken by British Belisarius in January 1782, probably one of the following.

VANavy:172, privateer schooner, 18 guns, 75 men, Capt John Cunningham, 1782.

NR:486, LCP:266/267, LM VA schooner, 14 guns, 75 men, Capt Thomas Ogborne/Osborne, Mar 1782. Owners were Baker & Blow of Richmond.

Allen:316, NR:486, LCP:266/267, one or two MA LM brigantines, 6 guns, 15 men, Capt Peter Silver of Salem, 15 Aug 1780; Capt Henry Higginson of Salem, 13 Oct 1781 (Record 120), owners at that time of Daniel and Robert McNeill and others of Suffolk County.

Allen:316, Paine:459, NR:486, LCP:266/267, MA privateer ship, 10 guns, 20 men, Capt Thomas Nicholson of Salem, 3 Jul 1782 (Record 156).

M:68, MD schooner in Mar 1783.Eller:235, This schooner operated with the barges and may have been listed as one.

Eller:245, French schooner, Capt Delisle, in the Chesapeake in 1783.

R82II:166, 168, Dutch navy frigate, Capt J. Van Mert.VanMaanen, Dutch war vessel, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 24 guns, 156 men, Capt A. W. Willink, built 1768, active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch privateer, Admiralty of Zealand, Capt Koelberg, active 1782.

NR:486, CTP:240, LCP:266/267, LM CT boat, 1 gun, 12 men, Capt George Spooner, Jun 1782 (Record 781).

Appeals:xxxxii, 162:6:56, vessel and cargo in Devalmais, Claimant vs Tucker.The French vessel, Capt or owner Sieur DeValmais of France, was captured 21 May 1779 by the frigate Boston, Capt Samuel Tucker, and it was libeled in the MA Middle District.FordXVI:175 shows the libeler to be John Tucker, 1780.

ND7:1023, ND8:771, ND9:162, 379, ND10:615, MA State ship, Capt Joseph Chapman, 1777, arrived at Nantes, France, and was later sold.It was the former British ship Venus, renamed 23 Jan 1777.

Der Verwagting.
Mc:238, Dutch/Holland ship, captured by British, recaptured by Continental squadron, Aug 1779. VanMaanen, Dutch guard or pilot vessel, 16 guns, 60 men, possibly returned to the Dutch and operating in 1782.

Vestal (HMS)
ND6:450, ND9:900, ND10:613, FW3:630, SchV:46, British vessel, 20 guns, Capt James Shirley, being built 21 June 1776, foundered on the Banks of Newfoundland, Oct 1777, with all hands. Ford1781:62, JA10:195, 356, 445, possibly a frigate. Davies:XVI:2790, XVIII:166.JA10:195,356, 477.Volo:269. Silverstone:20. Chapelle:64, frigate.

ND5:899, ND6:7, ND7:1104, ND8:102, ND9:974, ND10:63, 75, Coggins:100, PANavy:348, C25, 59, fire brig in PA Navy, Capt Edward Bingley in Oct 1776 and Capt John Christie, Oct 1776. Volo:269, British bomb vessel.Silverstone:19.

Vicomte de Veaux.
ND11:415, 430, 541, 629, 750, French ship, 24 guns, formerly Anonyme, Capt Pierre Donat de La Garde, captured by British St Albans, Solebay, 23 Feb 1778.

M&S:167, ND8:735, 1046, ND9:125, 146, Lafayette’s own ship, 14 guns, 73 men, Capt Le Boursier, in which he sailed to America, in Jul 1777. Malo:966, privateer in 1781.SchV:63, privateer, captured in 1782 in the Channel by the British Stag, Capt R. P. Cooper.R82I:118, this may be the French ship from Brest, Capt Jean Baptiste Tierenier, shown captured Dec, 1781.LCAR:Item #794, “Victoire,” port book of the Victoire, 1777, with information on some of the officers who sailed with Lafayette.Buel:295.

JA8:359, French ship of the line from Toulon, 74 guns, on Mediterranean cruises in 1778, on the way to America in 1780 to join the de Guichen fleet, in de Grasse fleet in 1781, on the way back to France in April 1782.

Victor (HM)
ND9:227, SchV:49, British brig, 14 guns, lost in the 18 Oct 1780 hurricane in the West Indies, crew perished.On 6 Jul 1777, under Lt Michael Hyndman, RN, engaged Hancock, Boston, captured Dolly, 18 Jul 1777. DaviesXIV:142, 143.JA5:285.Volo:168.

ND7:812, French boat, working out of Nicholas Mole, used to carry messages, 1777.

La Victoria.
Spanish polacre, moved from Canary Islands to New Orleans, 88 recruits, 53 with families.They embarked 22 Oct 1778.

La Victoria.
C&C:103, Spanish frigate, 21 men, used in 1781 at Pensacola.

ND8:859, British brigantine, formerly the Polly and Nancy, purchased 20 May 1777.

Appeals Case 59, British ship, 420 tons, Capt Lewis Bowen, captured in Jul 1779 by Capt John Foster Williams of the brigantine Hazard, and Capt John Cathcart of the brigantine Tyrannicide, libeled in MA Middle District. FordXV:1159, case appealed to Congress, Oct 1779.

Buel:141, French polacre moving goods from West Indies to Philadelphia in 1779.

Appeals Case 70, British barge, Capt Daniel Colliers, from New York which captured the schooners John and Hepsabeth, then the three were captured by the American cutters Fox and Hazard.

Williamson:269, Tory barge/flatboat captured by Capt Whaley in Nov 1782 and lost the next day back to the British.

Paullin:87, Cont. vessel, but no other info.

Rider:27, ND1:741, 777, ND2:1373, whaling sloop of Providence, RI, Capt John Kelly, owner John Browne, captured by British Rose, Swan, 22 June 1775.CC:M247, R71, #58, whaling sloop, 86 tons, Capt John Holly, taken at Newport, May 1775.

ND3:1110, ND4:1479, sloop, Capt William Rhodes, owner Zepheniah Brown, RI to CT, 3 Feb 1776 and 11 Mar 1776.ND4:1482, sloop, Capt Benjamin Lindsey, RI to NY, 16 May 1776.

Force:5:III:1526, American vessel captured in 1776 by British Liverpool.
ND5:156, schooner.

ND6:1148, RI brig, Capt Bartolemis Susaris, bonded for trip to West Indies, 7 Oct 1776.

ND11:449, American schooner, captured by British Badger, Capt Charles H. Everitt, 1777.(There is some indication there were two schooners captured.)

ND11:453, American sloop from Cape Nichola with molases, coffee, captured by British Winchelsea, Capt N. Bateman, early 1778.

Appeals:xxxxv, 162:7:59, the ship vs the Board of War for MA.Ford1779:1139.

Nemours:42, English vessel with cargo of flour and meat, captured by the French in Oct 1779, taken by Comte d’Estaing.

Allen:316, MA privateer brigantine, 10 guns, 50 men, Capt Jonathan Nutting, 24 Apr 1780, owners Jonathan Nutting and Ebenezer Woodward.

Dandridge:191, VANavy, barge/flatboat in VA Navy, 1780.

M880:4, sloop, Capt John Twyford, supported Yorktown, Oct 1781.

M:64, MD prize barge, re-manned by VA volunteers in 1782.

R82II:274, American whaleboat captured 16 Jul 1782 by British Argo, Hussar.

Vidame de Chalons.
.JA6:8, 10, French ship, 1778.

Appeals Cases, R14, Darby vs brig Erstern, Dutch vessel, Capt Gadgens, c 1781.

La Vierge du Carmel.
ND6:613, Spanish Navy brigantine, active 1776.

JA6:267, Dutch ship, 1778.

SchV:48, British armed ship, 20 guns, 150 men, Capt T. Goldborough, burned in 1780 off South Carolina.ND8:408, ND9:250, ND10:653, Cmdr Henry John, armed transport ship/sloop off New York, 5 June 1777.DaviesXIII:650, it was the former Empress of Russia/Grand Duchess of Russia. Silverstone:92, burned as unfit, 1780.Coggins:94.

Vigilant (HMS).
DaviesXIV:104, 243, 263, XVI:819, XVIII:127, former American privateer Defense, 1777.

Vigilant (HM).
ND11:556, armed ship, 10 guns, 50 men, Commander Brabazon Christian, in the Delaware River 9 Mar 1778.DaviesXV:66, 164, XVII:34, 245, HMS.

ND9:436, American privateer ship, Capt Richard Witear, captured 28 June 1777 by British Levant.

Allen:317, MA privateer brigantine, 6 guns, 18 men, Capt Nicholas Malescot, Jul 1779.FordXIX:260, on a trip to Guadeloupe in Aug and Sep 1779, Capt Malescot became sick and remained there. Owner was James Macduff of Boston.Capt Billat, the former Lt, took command.He also took on board Capt Samuel Waters and his crew of the Brilliant, which had been sold in Guadeloupe.On his return trip, Capt Billat encounted storms and British vessels and was forced to put into Teneriffe.After leaving, he encountered a British vessel which Capt Waters and his crew were able to capture, using the long boat saved from the Brilliant.

Rice:I:118n, Lawrence:25, 46, 49, French transport with de Ternay and Rochambeau in 1780, one of thirty.

DelaI:27, DE:936, Delaware state schooner, Capt Charles Pope, Nov 1781.

La Vigne.
ND7:780, 804, 795, apparently a British brigantine, Capt James Pratchell, captured 22 Feb 1777 and sold by the Reprisal.

La Ville de Bayonne.
R77:407, ND9:647, ND10:875, 879, a French ship/brigantine, Capt Pierre Regnier, Topsham to Naples, 18 Aug 1777, captured by Oliver Cromwell, libelled in MA Middle District, 9 Oct 1777.

Ville de Bruges.
DaviesXIX:62, 160, Flemish ship, Ostend to St Eustatius, taken by British privateer, and condemned at St. Christophers, Mar 1781.

Ville de Paris.
ND11:990, Comm:109-116, Miller:78, French Navy ship of the line, 100/110 guns, Capt Chevalier de Peynier, fitted out in 1778, de Grass flagship in 1781 and 1782, crew listing.All other ships of the line at Toulon were ordered fitted out in 1778.SchV:50, 58, NavChronII:106, after the Battle of the Saints, this warship was captured by the British but it foundered on its passage to England from Jamaica, with the crew and the French prisoners on board all perishing, probably in Oct, 1782.Volo:241.Lambert:139 shows this vessel wrecked at the Battle of Chesapeake Bay, 5 Sep 1781, but there is no other evidence of this.

Lawrence:26, apparently a French vessel, no other info.DaviesXVI:673, British galley, 1779/80.

Force:5:III:1530, ND8:31, 571, 604, British ship, Capt James Pratchell, Bordeaux to Hill, 160 tons, captured by American Reprisal, 1776.

ND1:1318, ??? sloop, Capt David Price, dispatches delivered 6 Jul 1775.

Viper (HM).
ND2:1250, ND4:1225, ND5:228, ND6:449, ND7:965, ND8:983, ND9:35, ND10:722, ND11:124, British sloop, 10 guns, 80 men, Capt Samuel Graves, RN, to New York 3 Dec 1775, thence to Annapolis 24 Apr 1776 to relieve the Merlin.This may be the sloop which captured several American vessels, including Mary, 12 Dec 1777.DaviesXI:141, XII:111, 246, XIII:560, XIV:61, 180, XV:66, XVI:997, 1900, possibly this vessel.JA5:23, possibly this sloop.U:84, royal sloop.

Viper (HM).
ND9:301, ND10:827, ND11:556, British armed schooner, 10 guns, 50 men, Lt Edward Pakenham, RN, damaged by river ice 29 Dec 1777, in the Delaware River 9 Mar 1778. Volo:178, 269, 14 guns.

FW3:602, SchV:47, British vessel, 16 guns, Capt Lord Hervey, lost in 1779 in the Gulf of St Lawrence, crew saved.JA5:23, XVII:147, 238, XVIII:63, 207, HMS, possibly this sloop.

Appeals:xxxxv, 162:6:54, FordXV:1188, MA case, vessel vs J. Bradford, appealed to Congress, Oct 1779.The British ship Viper, 120 tons, Capt Philip Cowl, was captured 4 Jan 1779 by the Cont. frigate Dean, Capt Samuel Nicholson.DaviesXVI:997, 1900.

Silverstone:92, British cutter, wrecked 11 Oct 1780.

Force:5:III:1524, Allen:317, ND6:1019, ND10:226, MA privateer schooner, 6 guns, 8 swivels, 50 men, Capt Benjamin Wormell, 9 Sep 1776, owners William Spooner, Stephen Bruce and others of Boston. captured on a cruise from Boston 26 Sep 1776, by British Perseus.
CTRec:606, NLHS:I:IV:31 show this vessel as a CT privateer schooner.MAS lists crewmen as prisoners.

1 gun.ND8:1015, Coggins:99, M:228, PANavy:343, armed guard boat, Capt Stephen Beasley, owner Hak & Dunn, PA Navy, 1777-81, used to defend the Delaware.ND9:735, Capt Robert Tatnall, 11 Aug 1777.Silverstone:19.Paullin:350, began service Mar 1779.

Allen:317, one or more MA privateer schooners, 14 guns/swivels, 30/50 men, Capt Benjamin Chapman, 14 Apr 1778, owners Henry Rust and Israel Hutchinson; Capt Joseph Pitman, 30 Sep 1778, mostly same owners.

NR:487, LCP:268/269, LM MD brig, 14 guns, 30 men, Capt John Hanson, Aug 1780.Maclay:208, Mill:212, Kaminkow: 235, Capt John Hanson, privateer of 18 guns in action 1780, taken 12 Sep 1781 by the British General Conway and crew sent to Mill Prison, 7 Dec 1781.Capture:78, captured the brig Success, but lost her to recapture.C138-139.

NR:487, LCP:268/269, LM CT boat, 1 gun, 10 men, one of three, Jay, Hawk, Viper, Capt by Ebenezer Jones in Dec 1781 (Record 810) and Isaac Jones in May 1782 (Record 813). (See Jay.). CTP:240, CT Armed Boat, Capt George Spooner of Norwich.

Allen:318, NR:487, LCP:268/269, LM MA privateer schooner, 2 guns, 25 men, Capt Benjamin Hilton of Salem, 23 Jul 1782 (Record 172); Capt Thomas Coburn of Salem, 30 Sep 1782 with 8 guns, 25 men (Record 67).

Allen:317-318, NR:487, LCP:268/269, LM MA privateer ship, 16 guns, 120 men, Capt William Williams, 9 May 1780, owners John R. Livingston and David Dickson of Boston; Capt Jonathan Neall of Salem, 9 Apr 1782, with 65 men (Record 576) and Capt Benjamin Hilton of Salem, 23 July 1782.Paine:450, shows Capt Neall and a Capt Hilton commanded the same ship.

Lawrence:174, apparently a French vessel, no other info.

Virgen del Carmen.
ND7:713, ND8:925, ND9:27, Spanish ship, possibly Capt Doudal, which filed a complaint against British Capt Maximilian Jacobs, 27 Oct 1776.Ford1786:256n, 287.A3:XIV:12, mentioned in 1784.

DE:922, schooner belonging to Thomas Saltar, Northern Liberties of Philadelphia, sold to Henry Neal of Lewes Town of Sussex County, DE, 22 Mar 1781 for 82 ounces and ten pennyweights of pure gold.

Allen:318, NR:487, LCP:268/269, one or two MA privateer brigantines, 16 guns, 30 men, Capt Isaac Green Pearson, 28 Jan 1779, owners Lee & Jones of Newburyport; Capt Jonathan Coolidge of Newburyport, 20 Dec 1780 (Record 607).

Kaminkow:235, C153, British ship captured by Americans and taken to Philadelphia, then assigned to PA Capt Peter Hodgkinson, recaptured before Mar 1782 by the British New Adventure. FW5:148, this was the PA brig which helped capture two British merchantmen in Danish waters before Feb 1782.NR:488, LCP:268/269, LM PA brigantine, 4 guns, 13 men, Capt Peter Hodgkinson, Jun 1781 (Record 887).Ford1779:501, Ford1780:289.Paullin:350.

ND1:266, 345, 471, 534, probably an American vessel, arrived in VA 25 May 1775.

ND2:1347, probably American ship, Capt Alexander Thompson, entered Roanoke, NC, from Glasgow 28 Aug 1775.

VANavy:163, Dandridge:186, S:29, shows a sloop, built at Gosport, VA, in action 1777.

28 guns, 200 men, 1777-1778.
GWA:701, Fowler:3, 94, many others, Howard:63, Buel:87, Smith:246, SchV:53, C221, ND3:90, ND4:1488, ND5:497, ND7:1033, ND9:984, ND10:757, ND11:180, 175, 203, Continental Navy frigate, Capt James Nicholson in Jan 1778, taken by the British in Chesapeake Bay in Mar 1778 by the British Emerald and Conqueror and used against the Americans at Charleston in 1780 as the HMS Virginia.M880:4, Lt Thomas Pownell was Lt of Marines on board at the time of capture.FordX:328, 363, loss investigated by Navy Board of Middle District plus two outside members, Apr 1778.Vessel taken into British service and sold after the war ended.FW3:836 shows 30 guns, with possible capture at or by St. Albans, Capt Onslow.Ford1776:423, Ford1777:16, Ford1778:328.JA6:104, 144, 10:181.Volo:112, 132, 32 guns or 28 guns.Silverstone:4, run aground 31 Mar 1778, British captured it.Paullin:517, served 1777-1778.Chapelle:65-67, 99.Coggins:166, 203.

JA6:204, armed brig, 1778.

Coggins:102, VANavy:162, ND5:879, 1182, ND11:364, ship (frigate) in VA Navy, 1778-79, Capt James Nicholson and later Capt James Barron, burned at Portsmouth, May 1779. Dandridge:186, VA ship. Ford1778:740.Possibly Silverstone:20.Paullin:407, added to fleet in 1777.

M&S:189, 191-192, ND11:364, VA tobacco ship intended to carry tobacco to France as partial payment for supplies furnished, Aug .1778, but it was found to be unfit for service and undermanned.ND11:59, this may be the trading vessel mentioned needing repairs, Jan 1778.

Coggins:102.Ship added to VA Navy in 1779 and used in defense of Sullivan’s Island at Charleston in 1780.

NR:487, LCP:268/269, LM MD brigantine, 12 guns, 24 men, Capt Joseph Greenway, Apr 1780.

McM:320, pilot boat, 1780.

VANavy:172, privateer brigantine, 2 carriage guns, 8 swivels, 24 men, Capt Joseph Greenway, 1780.

Allen:237, 318, NR:488, LCP:268/269, MA privateer ship, 10 guns, 25 men, Capt Hopkins to Philadelphia, late 1781; Capt William Claghorn of Bedford, 12 Feb 1782 (Record 548), owners Jonathan Nutting and others of Boston.

ND1:1387, probably American ship, Capt John Aselby, 30 Dec 1774, James River to Bristol.

Virgo Potens.
C&C:104, Spanish frigate, 16 men, used in 1781 at Pensacola.

Virtuous Orphan/aka Duck Creek Privateer.
DE:946, armed privateer schooner, Capt Thomas Forest, Mar 1778.

ND9:113, 195, 951, ND11:1170, SC LM sloop, Capt Downham Newton, captured several British vessels in 1777.

El Vizcayno.
C&C:104, Spanish frigate, 13 men, used in 1781 at Pensacola.

R82II:168, Dutch navy, 1782, Admiral ??? Hartsincke.

Vliegende Vis.
VanMaanen, Dutch privateer, Admiralty of the Maze, 12 guns, Capt Schelvis, active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch pilot boat or guard boat, Admiralty of the Maze, 6 guns, 40 men, Capt Kloot, active 1782.

VanMaanen, Dutch privateer, Admiralty of Zealand, 14 guns, Capt Jarry, active 1782.

ND3:1142, ND4:1228-29, ND5:1124, ND6:868, Johnson:155, American Schooner, Capt Stephen Cleaveland, Salem to Winyaw, SC, captured at sea, 1 Feb 1776, by British Scarborough and sent to GA. (It is also said she was brought into Bedford 12 Apr 1776.) Then, on a trip to Boston with rice captured at Savannah in Mar 1776, under Capt Edward Marsh, she put into Martha’s Vineyard, where she was recaptured. Allen:19, Buel:309, British armed schooner, tender for the HMS Scarborough, captured by Capt Nathan Smith of Tisbury in a whaleboat, Apr 1775, off Martha’s Vinyard, probably in Homes Hole..She was libeled in MA Court. (It seems these records are for two different vessels.)

Lewisohn:17, schooner recapture in 1776 taken to Plymouth, MA.ND8:283, ND11:450, schooner captured by British Glasgow, Capt Thomas Pasley, 5 Apr 1777.

El Volante.
ND9:930, ND10:717, 718, Spanish Navy frigate, 15 Sep 1777 and later at New Orleans.A2:VI:49, 1776, A2:VII:35, and many others, 1777, and A2:VII:10, 69, c 1778. Beerman:82-85, in Jan 1780, it took part in the Battle for Mobile.

CTRec:606, CTP:311, NLHS:I:IV:31, CT privateer sloop, French-armed, Capt ??? Daniel, captured British sloop Ranger of 8 guns, 35 men, in June 1776.Some sources show the year as 1778.

R80I:354, French schooner from Martinique, captured 1779.

PANavy:320, ND8:307, ND9:974, C14, 25, 32, Coggins:100, M:227, PANavy:349, fire brig, Lt William Rogers in Mar 1777, Capt John Brice in Mar 1777, .and Capt William Brice, 1777, used to defend the Delaware.Silverstone:19.

Smith:162-163, ND9:940, ND10:656, 729, 789, ND11:80, M:353, Sally:113, DaviesXIII:1858, SC Letter of Marque ship, Capt Eliphalet Smith, captured by Brune 2 Dec 1777.It is also shown that Capt Phillip Sullivan was captured 18 Sep 1777 by British Brune, and the vessel’s value was determined 12 Dec 1777. ND11:80, the LM vessel under Capt Sullivan was discharged and goods delivered to owners 9 Jan 1778.It was said to be with the Randolph in its engagement with the British Yarmouth off Barbados on 7 Mar 1778.There may have been two vessels.

Allen:319, NR:488, LCP:268/269, LM MA privateer galley, 1 gun, 25 men, Capt William Hart of Boston, 13 May 1782 (Record 509).

Allen:319, NR:388, LCP:268/269, LM MA privateer schooner, 8 guns, 20 men, Capt Litchfield Luce of Boston, 18 Jul 1782 (Record 161).

VanMaanen, Dutch guard or pilot vessel, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 8 guns 50 men, Capt Van der Mey, active 1782.

R81I:308, Dutch brig, Capt John Deweades, from Amsterdam at Demerary, captured 1781.

R81I:309, Dutch ship, from Middleburg, Capt Petterse, captured in 1781 at Demerary by British privateers.

De Vriendchop. .
Peabody:238, Dutch galliot with salt from Lisbon to Pappenburg on 3 Sep 1782 boarded .by the MA privateer Grand Turk but allowed to pass.

VanMaanen, Dutch privateer, Admiralty of Zealand, 16 guns, Capt Toulon, active 1782.

Vromo Ester Cornelia.
R4:1131, ND4:1131, Dutch ship with gunpowder for Bordeaux, Capt Hans Momse, request by British to French to turn it back, 20 May 1776.

De Vrouguer… .
R81I:308, Dutch ship, Capt Mart. Sclossen, from Amsterdam, captured in 1781 at Demerary.

Le Vrow Catherine.
RipI:344, Dutch galliot, Capt Peter Hansen, captured by British, 1780.

Vrow Elizabeth.
ND10:1094, probably a Dutch vessel, Capt Heeling, crews land at Torbay 12 Dec 1777.

Vrouw Margarita.
ND:11:689, Dutch ship, Capt Geele Joches Ruyter, captured by British Experiment, Capt James Wallace, 30 Jan 1778, reclaimed 12 Mar 1778.

ND10:561, 562, .probably a Dutch ship, formerly Juno, Capt Adriaan Laernoes, captured by British Maidstone, 21 Nov 1777.

H:193, Dutch East Indiaman, taken by British in Feb 1783.

Vry Van Dwingelandy.
RM8:848, 9:914, Dutch ship which took rice from Charleston, SC, as payment for debt in late 1783.Ford1785:557.

Vulcan (HM).
SchV:50, Sands:216-217, British fire ship, 8 guns, Capt George Palmer, burned 10 Oct 1781 in the Chesapeake.It is said this vessel was one of several set on fire by hot shot from American shore batteries at Yorktown; however, the account of the captain indicates he, with four other fire ships successfully forced some of the French blockade to go aground. Possibly ND3:983, part of deck plan..DaviesXVII:149, fireship, XX:173, HMS.Silverstone:93, burned and sunk 10 Oct 1781.

Force:5:III:1525, ND4:427, American vessel, master S. French, river Elke to Patuxent, captured 20 Mar 1776 by British Otter.

ND6:258-60, sloop, captured 1776 and disputed 24 Jan 1777.Appeals:xxxxv, 162:1:5, the sloop vs Joyne.Ford1776:986.

Vulture (HM).
Possibly ND4:1222, Lt Charles Loder Carne, RN.ND5:1372, British sloop, Capt George Young, 1 June 1776.ND6:449, ND7:965, ND8:233, ND9:34, ND10:548, ND11:184, British sloop, 8 guns, 125 men, Commander James Feattus, RN, captured American Hannah, May 1777, and Two Friends, 20 Nov 1777. DaviesXII:252, 278, XIII:697, XIV:58, 180, XV:66, XX:171, 174, JA6:10, HMS, possibly this vessel.Volo:269.

1 gun.Coggins:99, PANavy:343, ND5:858, ND6:7, ND7:1052, ND9:168, armed guard boat, PA Navy, Capt William Greenaway in Jul 1776, Capt Jacob Hanse in Feb 1776.C128, 137.ND11:104, this may be one of the boats whose crew deserted in Cooper’s Creek and turned the boat over to the British, 1778.Silverstone:19.

Allen:319, NR:488, LCP:268/269, LM MA privateer brigantine, 4 guns, 12 men, Capt Abraham Tappan/Toppan of Newburyport, 29 Jan 1782 (Record 597).

Allen:319, NR:488, LCP:268/269, Rand:832, LM ME privateer schooner, 4 guns, 18 men, Capt William Chaloner of Machias, 19 Oct 1782 (Record 223).

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