Granville Hough's Ship Listing L


by Granville W. Hough


In the following listings of vessels, boats were small open vessels propelled by oars or sails and included whaleboats, longboats, cutters, barges, flatboats, shallops, and similar vessels. They operated close to shore. Brigs and brigantines were two-masted vessels, most capable of transatlantic voyages. A brig could be rigged as a brigantine. Galleys were low, single-decked vessels propelled by oars or sails which were used for coastal and river defense. Schooners were small vessels of two or more masts rigged fore and aft, capable of carrying guns and fighting at sea. Sloops were small single-masted vessels rigged fore and aft. Pilot boats were light sloops required in harbors. Ships were ocean-going vessels of three or more masts, though large brigs or schooners were sometimes listed as ships. Ships used for prisons by the British and by the Americans were generally de-masted hulks. Prison ships are included as their records of prisoners are valuable.

Syrett (1989): 141,French vessel in North American waters.

La Baudause.
Silverstone:91, French vessel, 32 guns, captured British sloop Weazle near St Eustatius 30 Jan 1779.

La Charlotte.
Formerly the Generous Friends. Force:5:III:1528, ND8:628, 859, British Navy Victualler, Capt Duncan, Shetland to Cadiz, 420 tons, captured at St. Maloes 12 Jan 1777 by British Reprisal, ; renamed La Charlotte.(The Reprisal was more likely a French vessel.)

La Charlotte.
ND8:859, American ship, 90 tons, sole ownership declared 22 May 1777.

La Charmine.
Silverstone:91, French vessel, 38 guns, captures Active 1 Sep 1778.

Buel:300, French ship apparently belonging to Basmarein & Raimbaux et Cie, bill of lading in shipment of 23 Jan 1779.

La Conference.
DaviesXVI:2478, Prussian ship taken by British, 1779/80.

La Contesse Denery.
LCP:148/149, MD LM brig, Capt Piere Adelon, 11 June 1778.

ND6:1125, American schooner, captured by British Renown, 2 Oct 1776.

Lady Adventure.
Greenwood:122, cartel ship returning American prisoners from England to Philadelphia in 1782.DaviesXIX:2005, British transport.

Lady Caroline.
ND6:850, 879, 1170, ND7:811, American schooner, Capt John Douglas, captured by British Squirrel, 18 Sep 1776.

Lady Catherine.
ND3:818, American sloop, used by Willing, Morris, & Company, Jan 1776. Ford1776:930.

Lady Catherine.
ND1:1240, ND2:166, ND7:66, ND2:92, 166, CC:M247, R72, #59, Philadelphia/VA ship, Capt George Ord, 1776 and 1777, took powder from a magazine in Bermuda.

Lady Charlotte.
ND5:1022, ND6:294, British tender in Lord Dunmore’s forces, captured 19 Jul 1776 at Gwyn’s Island by a primarily land force of VA soldiers.

Lady Chatham.
CC:M247, R185, #168, British ship captured by Capt John Paul Jones and sold in France in the summer of 1778.

Lady Crosbie.
Mwhipple:126, Mc:124, British brigantine, master Philip Saward, captured in Charlestown, Jan 1780, taken into American service and renamed the General Lincoln.

La Curieuse.
ND6:397, French corvette, Capt Saulx de Rosnevet, sailed for Santo Domingo 30 Sep 1776.

La Dedaigneuse.
ND6:384, French Navy vessel sent to Versailles, 13 Feb 1776.

Lady Elizabeth.
ND11:932, American merchantman, Capt Scott, captured by British vessel and carried into Quebec 24 Jan 1778.

Lady Erskine.
CTP:54, 107, 151, 153, British privateer sloop, 10 guns, Capt Edward Drew,captured by the CT sloops Hancock, Beaverin May 1779, sold at auction in June.C152.

La Favorite.
ND6:622, ND7:588, French corvette, Lt de Kersen (French Navy), French Navy vessel sent to Martinique 31 May 1776.

La Fortunée.
Syrett(1989):194, French vessel in North American waters.

Lady Gage.
ND1:16, 51, 55, ship arriving in New York, 9 Dec 1774, Capt Thomas Mesnard, with arms and gunpowder.ND4:1423, sailed from Sandy Hook 6 May 1776.DaviesX:document numbers 1437, 1782, ND9:576, a British vessel taken by Americans about Mar 1776 and retaken by British, Apr 1776, Capt Thomas Mesnard in 1775 and 1777.DaviesXII:118-119, XIII:785, 973, retaken and used for refuges, possibly this vessel.

Lady Gage.
ND11:159, British ship, 14 guns, 45 men, 290 tons, Capt Royal Loring, captured by American Cumberland and libelled 19 Jan 1778.DaviesX:1437, 1782, see next entry for its recapture by the British.

Lady Gage.
ND5:213, ND6:496, 1124, Capture 48, ship, Capt John Mount c 2 Oct 1776, captured in the river Amboy at Elizabeth Town 27/28 Mar 1778 by the British Phoenix, Asia.ND4:213 shows the capture by Halifax, 28 Mar 1776.

Lady Gates.
ND7:841-842, brigantine, Capt Maddatt Engs, 1777.

Lady Gates.
NR:366, LCP:148/149, LM PA brig, 21 guns, 40 men, Capt John McNachtane, Sep 1778 (Record 987), Capt John Parke, Feb 1779, Alexander Henderson, Jul 1779 (Record 1045), George Stewart, Dec 1779.

Lady de Graafe.
Tuchman:57, 97, American privateer of 18 guns.

Lady Greene.
CTP:142, C286, NLHS:I:IV:29, CT privateer brigantine, 110 tons, 14 guns, 80 men, Capt Joseph Smith/Swift, took one prize 22 Dec 1781, the British brig Unity.

Lady Greene.
Allen:198, MA privateer brig, late 1781 or early 1782, captured a British brig of four carriage guns.

Lady Hammond.
McM:282, ND10:1209, British privateer brig, Capt Gideon Ellis, 70 tons, Halifax to West Indies, prize of MA Chace, Dec 1781, tried 8 Jan 1782.

Lady Hammond.
McMA:193, British brig at Halifax, bound for Nevis, captured 28 Sep 1781 by the MA Rambler.

Lady Jane.
Force:5:III:1529, British vessel, Grenades to Quebec, captured 1776. ND7:251, 809, British brig, Capt Taylor, cargo to be auctioned 28 Nov 1776.

Lady Jane.
R78:39, British vessel, Capt Hawkins, West Indies to Halifax, 1777.

Lady Juliana.
McM:346, R76II:238, 267, ND5:480, 1027, ND6:671, ND7:300, British ship, Capt Christopher Stephenson/Stevenson, Jamaica to London, 250 tons, prize of PA Chance, Congress, May 1776, or 3 Sep 1776.Fitted out for voyage to France 22 Sep 1777.Force:5:III:1529, Capt Stevenson, Jamaica to London, 250 tons.

Lady Keith (HMS).
ND3:1296, ND4:555, at Jamaica 28 Mar 1776.ND5:888, ND6:671, Capt L’Montais, purchased 23 Sep 1776.ND7:344, ND8:62, British armed schooner, Capt Francis L’Montais, captures American Flora, 8 Mar 1777.He had taken two prizes into Hispanolia 1 Dec 1776.

Lady Lee.
NR:367, LCP:148/149, LM MD schooner, 4 guns, 14 men, Capt Robert Dashiell, Oct 1780.

La Licorne.
ND6:394, French frigate, Capt de Peynier (French Navy), French Navy vessel cruising Martinique, 31 May 1776.

Lady de Miralles.
NR:366, LCP:148/149, LM MD brigantine, 18 guns, 34 men, Capt Joseph P. Faribault, Sep 1779.

Lady Margaret.
McPA:305, British ship, 220 tons, from Glasgow, prize of PA privateers, 1780.

Lady Mary.
ND9:591, British ship, Capt Gray, captured by American privateer at Musquetto Shore, 21 Aug 1777.

La Renommede.
ND6:1284, French frigate, Capt Francis de Montell (French Navy), active 1776.

Lady’s Adventure.
ND8:343,American trnsport, Capt James Cooper, off Nausau 14 Apr 1777.

Lady Spencer.
C245, Continental vessel, Capt Charles Pond.NLHS:I:IV:29, CTN:150, CT privateer snow, Capt Michael Melally and Capt Charles Pond.

Lady Susan.
McM:455, ND5:1022, ND6:1011, ND9:653, British sloop, Capt William/Bridger Goodrich, Continental prize of the Lexington, Capt John Barry, 27 Jul 1776, and sent to Philadelphia.

Lady Trumbull.
CTP:143, privateer sloop, Capt Eliphalet Buddinton, assisted in the capture of the British brig Thomas & William, 29 Jun 1779.

Lady Washington.
ND4:1438, ND5:567, Allen:198-199, MA privateer schooner, 4 guns, 12 swivels, 20 men, Capt Joseph Cunningham, 7 May 1776, owner John G. Frazier of the Parish of St John, County of King William, VA.C97.Volo:172.

Lady Washington.
Smith:36, Maclay:72, Malo:938, C115, Continental sloop, 4 guns, 20 men, 30 tons, Capt J. G. Fraser of Boston, used as part of Washington's New York fleet in April 1776.ND6:1187, GWA:703,Paullin:518, does NOT show a sloop but does show a galley, served 1775-1776.

Lady Washington.
ND8:1012, Army row galley, Capt Robert Cook, materials listed 22 May 1777.CTRev:594, galley, General Waterbury, Lake Champlain, Fall 1776.GWA:703 does NOT show a Lake Champlain vessel of this name but does show the Washington, 8 guns, a galley. M:301, NY galley, 1776. Silverstone:15, 10 gun galley borrowd from NY Committee of Safety for defense of New York.ND6:1187, ND9:320, ND10:37, 118, 184, 193, Cont. Army row galley at Fort Montgomery, Capt Robert Cook and Abraham Lewis, scuttled in Rondout Creek, c 1777.Volo:56.Chapelle:79.

Lady Washington.
ND6:1149, ND8:133, 142, 157, C123, RI or MA privateer sloop, 8/10 guns, 10 swivels, 70 men, Capt James Godfrey, Aug 1776, Capt Ishmael Hardy, active, 10 April 1777. ND8:157, ND10:685, Allen:200, MA privateer sloop, with 12 guns, 40 men, under Capt Richard Weeden, in 12 Aug 1777.Its captures were the Judith, and the Wetherill. Owners were Samuel Brown and Samuel Vernon of Providence, RI.Volo:181, row galley, Capt John Grimes.

Lady Washington.
ND7:248, brigantine, Capt Harper, stranded at Cape Henry, 22 Nov 1776.

Lady Washington.
R77:234, ND8:1060, American ship, Capt William Preston, from Newberry, captured by British Lark in 17 Apr 1777.JA8:91, probably the ship mentioned.

Lady Washington.
Williamson:178, 228, MD privateer brig, Capt Joseph Greenway, later destroyed by British raiders, 1779.C21.Possibly JA6:375, 8:91, mentions Capt Newton Cannon.

Lady Washington.
NR:367, LCP:148/149, LM MD sloop, 6 guns, 12 men, Capt Nathaniel Cooper, Oct 1778.

Lady Washington.
Allen:200, MA sloop, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt Benjamin Dunn, owners Henry Mitchell and others of Boston, 23 Sep 1778.

Lady Washington.
JA10:413, American merchant ship, Capt Josiah James, 1780.

Lady Washington.
NR:367, LCP:148/149, LM PA ship, 16 guns, 60 men, Capt Samuel Young, Nov 1779.FordXVI:332, Capt Young, on the way to St. Eustatia, threw out a packet of bills of exchange to prevent their capture by Apr 1780.Ford1780:332.

Lady Washington.
Kaminkov:228, C227, French privateer, MA Capt John Oliver, captured by the privateer Alderny, Jan 1781, and some crewmen to British prison.

Lady Washington.
NJNavy:216, 217, in 1782/83 a gunboat of NJ, Capt John Storer.

Lady Washington.
Allen:100, NR:367, LCP:148/149, LM MA privateer brigantine, 6 guns, 15 men, under Capt William White of Boston 20 Jul 1782 (Record 167), and under Capt Naler Hatch of Boston 16 Jan 1783.

Lady William.
ND3:1189, ND4:304, ND5:827, ND6:134, schooner, Capt Gickie, probably British, captured by Syren 5 Feb 1776.Searcy:49, 50, possibly the vessel mentioned.

Lady’s Adventure.
Cog:136-139, 166, discussed.

Lady’s Favorite.
Allen:198, MA privateer schooner, Capt John Guliker, 28 Oct 1778, owners Thomas Adams of Boston and David Clark of Newton.See also Favorite.

FW5:867, Sailors of this brig made depositions about some event at St Christophers Island of the West Indies some time before 8 Nov 1782.Whether it was with their vessel or one they observed in the harbor is not clear.

La Fabrique.
ND9:111, French sloop, Capt Louis de Roux, active 1777.

Griffin:127, American cruiser captured by the British in 1778.Williamson:113, probably the Chesapeake Bay privateer in 1776.

Lafayette/Marquis de Lafayette.
Griffin:171, 174, R83II:191, an old Indiaman but good sailor, 26 guns on her one deck and 12 or 14 guns on her fore castle and Quarter deck, with about 200 men, ship chartered by Dr. Franklin to Jacques Donatien Le Ray de Chaumont, Captain ??? Gallatheau, left convoy of John Barry in March 1781, and was later captured by the British near Newfoundland as of Jul 1781.Ford1781:319, 1139, Ford1782:40n.

La Felicite.
ND7:1253, apparently a French vessel returned to France 20 Feb 1777.

La Flore.
Silverstone 91, French vessel, salvaged by Americans, renamed La Flore, probably in 1778.

La Fortune.
ND7:859, ND11:129, American ship/sloop, 180 tons, Capt Francois Serge, captured by British Lord North and condemned 21 Aug 1777.ND 7 shows the ship sold 22 May 1777.It is possible there were both a sloop and a ship.

La Grace.
DaviesXIII:1387, British vessel, Capt Giraud, taken in West Africa, 1777/78.

La Graleuse.
Silverstone:92, French vessel, 24 guns, captures sloop Zephyr 23 Aug 1778.

ND6:621, ND7:535, French frigate, Capt Thomas d’Ovres, sailed for Guadalupe, 30 Sep 1776, off coast of Martinique 20 Dec 1776.

ND8:858, American victualer, Capt Roderick Wilson, sails to Plymouth 22 May 1777.

La Licorne.
ND6:394, French frigate, Capt de Peynier, active 1776.

La Luisiana.
C&C:92, 95, Spanish frigate transport, 9 guns, 29men, used in 1781 in Battle of Pensacola.

La Luz.
C&C:95, Spanish frigate, used in 1781 in Battle of Pensacola.

La Margurette.
ND8:859, American schooner, sole ownership declared 22 May 1777.

La Maria.
ND10:723, American ship captured by British Seaford, condemned and libelled 26 Apr 1777.

La Maria.
LCP:148/149, NR:368, ND11:220, LM NH brigantine, Capt Mark Dennett, 12 guns, 60 men, given bond as a privateer 30 Jul 1777 (Record 13).

La Maria.
DaviesXVI:144, French ship taken by British, 1779/80.

La Marie Francoise.
ND8:1055, American sloop, Capt Pascal Ferbon, captured by British Brune, 6 May 1777.

L’Amiable Felice.
ND7:491, American schooner, Capt John de Silver, permit to sail to Martinico 16 Dec 1776.

L’Amiable Louise.
ND7:1184, American schooner, Capt Samuel de Vic, captured by British Pelican 12 Feb 1777.

L’Amiable Marie.
ND6:650, French sloop, Capt Peter Douville, near Sandy Hook, 2 May 1776.

ND6:384, ND7:816, French frigate, Navy vessel cruising near Versailles 26 May 1776.Silverstone:92, French, 32 guns, captured Sphynx in West Indies 20 Oct 1779.

ND8:999, ND10:791, 792n, ND11:450, French ship captured by British Winchelsea, Capt N. Bateman, 23 Dec 1777, possibly a court action 19 Mar/May 1778.

La Nancy.
ND10:724, American sloop, captured by British Beaver, libelled & condemned 30 June 1777.

ND6:749, ND7:679, ND10:724, McM:381, British ship, prize of MD Enterprise, Capt James Campbell, 1776.Force:5:III:1529, Capt Jones, Jamaica to Liverpool, 100 tons.R76II:344, British vessel, Jamaica to Liverpool, captured 1776.

Lancashire Witch.
ND10:724, British LM vessel captures American Unity, 23 Oct 1777.

Lancaster Hero.
R78:39, British vessel, West Indies to London, 1777.

Land Packet.
ND2:1349, probably British??? brig, 60 tons, Capt Joshua Moore, Tortola and Turks Island to Roanoke 5 Apr 1775 with rum and sugar.

Silverstone:92, captures British Unicorn, 20 guns, off Tortuga 3 Sep 1780.

VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 44 guns, 250 men, launched in 1755, Capt Mauregnault in 1782.

Howe:433, ND7:1182-83, ND10:116, Allen:201, MA privateer schooner, 6 guns, 50 men,operating Aug 1776 under Capt Jacob Oliver of Beverly, and probably under Capt Jacob Allen in 20 Aug 1776, owners John Codman of Boston and others from Cape Ann; and under Capt Samuel Robinson, 22 Oct 1776, owners David Pearce, John Smith, and others, captured, 11 Oct 1777.

Williamson:269, Tory galley captured in Nov 1782 and made part of Capt Whaley’s force, then retaken by the Tories.M:64/6, this may be the MD barge.

PANavy:316, 318, New York privateer captured in 1779 by the General Greene under Capt James Montgomery.

FordXI:683, 685, Annual Register 21:182, Comm:22-28, French warship, 80/90 guns, Capt Comte de E’staing, brought to American the French minister plenipotentiary, Gérard.JA6:13, 7:142, de E’staing’s flagship, 1778, crew listing.Later in the de Grasse fleet, fought at Les Saintes, later at St Domingue.DaviesXVI:818, French ship, 1779/80.Syrette(1989):98, 108, 195.

Allen:101, Paine:457, NR:368, LCP:148/149, LM MA privateer schooner, 6 guns, 25 men, Capt Jeremiah Hegerty, 16 Mar 1781 (Record 431), owners John Moriarty and others of Salem; then probably under John Augusta Dunn of Salem 3 Jul 1781 (Record 463), then under Capt Reuben Yearman/Yoemens of Salem 2 Nov 1781 (Record 144).

ND11:1066, French snow, 6 guns 44 men, 250 tons, Capt Louis Dronet, captured by HMS Carysfort 2 Feb 1778 and sent to St. Augustine.

La Nymphe.
Syrett(1989):186, 217.

Allen:201, privateer, 6 guns 25 men, Capt Benjamin Hammond in 1781 and probably Capt Zenas Cook who recaptured a sloop in June 1782.

La Providence.
ND1:1077, ND11:451, probably an American schooner or polacra, taken up for river service 6 Aug 1775, captured by British Winchelsea 18 Aug 1777.

La Providenceel LaFortune.
ND11:850, French bateau, Capt Eugene Pourree, said to be in American service riding in Mississippi River 31 Mar 1778.

R78:39, British vessel, Capt Harris, Jamaica to Honduras, 1777.

R78:39, British vessel, Capt Mathers, West Indies to Florida, 1777.

ND11:1066, British brig, 120 tons, Capt H. Pearch, captured American Union 7 Mar 1778.

La Ravie.
NR:368, LCP:148/149, PA privateer brigantine, Capt Augustine Bonamy, Sep 1780.

La Renommee.
ND7:813, French Frigate, Capt Francis de Monteil, active in 1776/77.

ND2:1346, probably British brig, Capt John Fulton, from Glasgow and Rotterdam to Roanoke, in ballast, 29 Apr 1775.

ND5:758-759, British/Tory sloop, claimed owner James Dunlop of VA, captured and libeled in VA, Jun 1776, to be sold 26 June 1776.

FW3:602, SchV:46, ND5:1371, ND6:1424, ND7:955, ND8:1060, ND9:32, ND10:123, ND11:95, British vessel, 14/32 guns, 220 men, Capt Richard Smith, R.N., destroyed at RI 7 Aug 1778 to prevent capture.M:77, moved prisoners from Halifax to New York in Oct 1777.DaviesXII:246, possibly this vessel as an HMS, XIV:60, 178, XV:63.JA6:142.Silverstone:91.

VANavy:163, British vessel captured in 1776/77 by the VA sloop Liberty.

British snow fishing vessel from Newfoundland, captured Oct 1777, out from Bilboa.

 ND8:966, ND10:875, 664, British brig, Capt Kentisbear/Kentishvere, captured 14 May 1777 by Oliver Cromwell.
R77:407, a British vessel belonging to Liverpool, Capt Kentisbeer, 1777.

Lark/Charming Patty.
ND10:1209, sloop, Capt Knowlton, captured by John Preble and David Allen, trial 27 Mar 1777.

FordXII:1061, Appeal filed 26 Oct 1778 from NJ case of Yelverton Taylor vs sloop Lark.

McPA:296, British brig, from Cork, prize of PA privateers at Martinique, 1777.R77:108, this may be the vessel under Capt Richard Smith.R77:407, it may also be the vessel under Capt Whalley.

McM:96, CTP:211, British sloop, Capt John Gibbons, prize of , CT sloop, Right and Justice, 12 Sep 1780.

Lark/Charming Polly/Patty.
NR10:1209, Appeals Case 86, British sloop, Capt Abraham Holton, Knowlton, 70 tons, Penobscot to Passamaquoddy, taken by John Preble & Capt David Allen of the Cato, 27 Mar 1781.

DaviesX:408, 2348, Dutch owned ship, Capt J. Fulton, at Dartmouth from St Eustatia, Nov 1776.

ND7:568, American brig, to be sold at Newburyport 2 Jan 1777.

ND10:758, ND11:453, brig from Baltimore, with shingles, etc, captured by British Southampton, Capt Will Garnier, 19 Dec 1777, trial probably 14 Feb 1778.

Foote:105, schooner of Salem to Casco Bay, 1777, captured by British sloop of war Hunter, recaptured by Americans in the sloop General Gates.
in 1778.

Allen:202, MA privateer schooner, 12 swivels, 30 men, Capt William Munday, 18 Mar 1778, owners Jerathmeel Peirce and John Dutch of Salem.Paine:457 shows 10 swivels with Capt N. Tilden in 1782, probably the same schooner.

NR:369, LCP:150/151, LM MD boat, 4 guns, 6 men, Capt Joseph Dority, May 1778.

NR:369, LCP:148/149, LM MD schooner, 5 guns, 8 men, Capt William Coward, Aug 1779.

NR:369, LCP:150/151, LM MD sloop, 4 guns, 8men, Capt Thomas Waters, Mar 1780.Eller:470, this may be the sloop, cargo sold except salt, from St Eustatius, left in Elizabeth River with HMS Charon.

Appeals Case 85, small sloop, Capt Daniel Peagram, captured along with the brig Hope 23 Oct 1781 at Hampton Roads.

Allen:202, NR:369, LCP:148/149, LM MA privateer brigantine, 4 guns, 13 men, Capt Robert Stonehouse of Boston 28 Jun 1781 (Record 466), then probably under Joseph Tilden of Boston 1 Oct 1781 (Record 117), then under Capt Offin Boardman, Jr, of Newburyport 11 May 1782 (Record 177).

Allen:202, NR:370, LCP:150/151, CTP:144, LM MA privateer sloop, 10 guns, 15 men, Capt Thomas Newson of Wethersfield, CT, 13 Jun 1782 (Record 505.Owners were in CT.NLHS:I:IV:29, mistakenly shows the name of this vessel as Lash, a misreading.

Kaminkov:228, American vessel captured May 1781, or crewmen to British prison.

Lark, Betsey.
Allen:202, MA schooners, 12 swivels, Capt N. Tilden, 1782.Capture:48, schooner captured prior to 8 Jul 1782, probably taken to Penobscot.Richard Meagher filed claims.

La Rose.
ND8:1056, American vessel, Capt Couster Augustin, captured by British Preston, 15 Mar 1777.

Kaminkov:228, American vessel captured Mar 1781, possibly at St. Eustatius, with crewmen to British prison.

La Seine.
ND8:490, ND10:773, American ship, 14 guns, 37 men 250 tons, captured by British Seaford 5 Mar 1777, condemned and libelled 28 Apr 1777.

DaviesXIII:784, French privateer, 1777-78.

DaviesXIII784, French privateer, 1777-78.

LaSoye Planter.
VirginI:61-62, British transport ship, Capt William Smith, from New York to Corke, and was captured by American Freedon 12 Nov 1776, and sent to Boston; however, the ship was very leaky and was re-directed to the West Indies.Part of the British crew had been left on the ship and they overcame the prize crew and put into St Croix, where the Commandant forced the release of the American prisoners.The disposition of the ship was not noted, but it apparently went back to the British.DaviesXIII:770, Capt R. Nicholson, 1777-78.

DaviesXIII:2167, French ship, captured by British, 1777-78.

La Tempete.
ND8:1054, American vessel, Capt John Baptiste, captured by British Brune, 9 Feb 1777.

La Tourterelle.
ND6:395, French frigate, Capt Beaussier Chateauvert, French naval vessel cruising Santo Domingo, 31 May 1776.

La Trinite.
DaviesXVII:245, French frigate at Siege of Savannah.

R82II:168, Dutch navy, Capt Jan Sneider, 1782.

ND6:574, British ship, condemned 28 Aug 1776.DaviesXII:209

CC:M247, R59, #45, p 371, British ship, captured and in Guadeloupe court case, 1780.

Force:5:III:1529, British vessel, Capt Whitney, Liverpool to Newfoundland, captured 1776.DaviesXIII:335, one vessel of this name took a prize, c 1777/78.ND8:742 seems to show a ship captured by Samuel White.

SchV:48, British vessel, 28 guns, Capt T. Lloyd, destroyed in the hurricane on Martinico, part of crew perished.ND11:129, Antilles schooner, Capt James Robinson, captured several American vessels.DaviesXIII:335, captured a prize, 1777-78.

Force:5:III:1529, Emmons:40/41, ND6:731, 770, 855, 820, British brigantine, Capt George Layburn/Leyborne, Barbados to Newfoundland, 100 tons, captured by American Andrew Doria, 1776.

R78:39, British vessel, Capt Maitland, Newfoundland to a market, 1777.


NR:370, LCP:150/151, LM MD schooner, 4 guns, 8 men, Capt Clement Harrison, May 1779, and probably with 8 guns 18 men, Capt William Wand, May 1780.FordXIII:73, Appeals Cases, R15, Steelman vs schooner Laurens, pending in appeal, 1780, from NJ.FordXIII:73, this may be the schooner discussed in Cont. Congress, Jan 1779.Ford1779:73.

LG:611 French flute in service with the colonies of India, 1777, wartime service not known.

La Vierge du Carmel.
ND6:613, Spanish brigantine, engaged British vessel 27 Sep 1776.

La Vigne.
ND7:795, American brigantine, Capt James Pratchell, captured by British Reprisal 17 Dec 1776.

R82I:97, ship at Mauritius, Jan 1781.NavChronIV:410, French flute/transport with de Suffrien off Pondicherry in Feb 1782.R83I:188, taken by British at Madras, 1782.

ND10:737, sloop, probably American, protest on building it, 14 Dec 1777.

DaviesX:290, 1514, 1686, Danish ship Capt Aaron Martin, St Thomas to Copenhagen, suspected of illegal activity by the British, May 1776.

C65, Cont. Navy frigate, Capt John Barry, 1777, destroyed in Hudson River in Mar 1778 to prevent capture.

ND6:820, ND7:165, 642, brigantine, Capt George Leyburn, captured by Andrew Doria, 14 Sep 1776.

R78:39, British transport, Glasgow to Quebec, with troops and clothing, 1777.

Neeser:12, privateer ship.

Force:5:III:1529, 1526, ND1:1337, ND2:709, ND3:1343, ND4:843, British discharged transport, Capt Robert Johnson, taken by Americansand retaken by British Perseus, 1776.

R80I:354, French brig from Marseilles, captured Dec 1779.

McM:39, CTP:223, British sloop, 80 tons, Capt Robert Olds, prize of CT vessel, sometime reported as the schooner Suffolk, 8 Feb 1783, libeled in New Haven 14 Feb.

Le Beauvsisin.
DaviesXVI:220, apparently a French vessel taken by the British as a prize, 1779/80.

Le Bien Heureux.
ND8:1054, French or American ship, Capt Gaspar Giurlavi, captured by British Brune, 15 Apr 1777.

Le Cesar.
Silverstone:91, French warship, captured Stanley, Aug 1778.

Le Courer.
Silverstone:92, French vessel, captured and renamed Courier. Syrett:38, engaged Belle Poule 17 June 1778.

Le Despenser.
ND1:16, ND2:244, DaviesX:2066, XII:27, 145, XIII:642, 2005, XIV:72, 237, XV:167, probably French packet, Capt Pond, sailed from Charles Town 12 Dec 1774, arrived back 24 Sep 1775, operating in 1777-78.

Le Dillon.
ND8:796, British ship, Capt Lefevre, captured by American privateer, 26 Apr 1777.

CTP:63, British schooner Lee, captured 18 Apr 1780 by CT schooner Bunker Hill, Capt Sanford Thompson. C309 shows this to be a recapture.

Lee, 8 guns.
Bryant:83, schooner of the MA colonial marine.MA LM possibly in action 17 June 1776 against British convoy.

McM:366, NH ship, 13 Jul 1776.

Ford1776:736, brig, mentioned.

Lee, 16 guns, 74 tons.
ND2:637, ND3:1234, ND4:117, 608, ND5:908, ND6:1055, 1482, ND7:1241, ND8:178, ND9:957, ND10:349, ND11:12, Maclay:65, 66, 90, Miller:19, a Continental schooner captained by John Manley, captured British ordnance brig Nancy 27 Nov 1775.Paine:457, Smith:34, ND7:851, 1217, ND8:178, this schooner had been hired to be part of Washington's New England Navy, Capts John Manley and Daniel Waters and John Skimmer with 10 guns, 34 men..Coggins:106, formerly the Two Brothers, returned to owners in Nov 1776 or Dec 1777, then advertised for sale 1 Jan 1778.Hearne:281, under various captains, captured Annabella, Betsy (3 vessels), Capling, Charles, Concord, Dolphin, Elizabeth, George, Hawke, Industrius Bee, Jenny, Little Hannah, Lively, Nancy, Polly, Rainbow, Ranger, Sally, Two Sisters. Ford1775:420, 424.Volo:162, 164, 174, Fowler:27.Silverstone:14.Paullin:518, shows Capt John Waters, schooner served 1775-1776.Nelson:182.

Allen:202, MA privateer schooner, 8 guns, 45 men, Capt Nathaniel Odiorne of Portsmouth, NH, Nov 1776, owners John Coffin Jones, Jonas Marquand, and others of Newburyport.

ND11:289, 291, MA privateer schooner, Capt William Addiscott, captured British Lively, 7 Feb 1778.

Allen:203, ND11:301, MA privateer schooner, 6/10 guns, 23/50 men, 75 tons, Capt John Hyer, 4 May 1778, owners Paul Dudley Sargent, Joseph Barrell, Thomas Adams, and Daniel Martin, all of Boston. MAS1:298, this may be the schooner commanded Apr 78 by Capt John Hyer.

Allen:203, MA schooner, 10 guns, 50 men, Capt William Steward 4 Nov 1778, owners Job Prince and Thomas Adams; then under Capt James Thompson, 3 Jun 1779, owners Daniel Martin and others of Boston.Ford1776:835, 870.

Lee, 6 guns.
GWA:703, Smith:29-30, Emmons:4, Smithsonian4651, Fowler:204, row galley, 6 guns, 7 men, Capt Davis, in Lake Champlain fleet of 13 Oct 1776, destroyed there.Coggins:205, shows the Lee as a cutter.ND7:123, 955,ND8:986, ND9:332, shows the galley/sloop captured by British fleet 14 Jan 1777 and taken into their service, also Captains Davis and Alexander D. Broughton.Paullin:518, served 1776-1777.Chapelle:106, 113.

VANavy:159, ND7:856, VA pilot boat, 1777.One vessel named Lee was renamed Vindictive.

ND9:257, 296, American sloop, Capt Richard March, captured by British Senegal, 10 Jul 1777.

ND11:357,American sloop, Capt Jacob Bennett, Maurice River, NJ, to Hispaniola, captured by Experiment’s tender Hawke, 6 Feb 1778, in Delaware Bay off Maurice River, 6 Feb 1778, and sent as a prize to New York.

Coggins:103, Silverstone:20, galley in SC Navy, 1776, used in defence of Charlestown, c 1779.

M:44, 48,  Coggins:106, Searcy:135, galley in GA Navy, built 1777, captured in Mar 1779 by British forces including a galley Comet at Yamasee Bluff, near Savannah.ND8:268, 917, C30, Capt John Braddock, Apr 1778.C215, one galley Lee on the Savannah River in GA was captained by Jacob Mulligan of SC in Dec 1778, captured later by British Comet.DaviesXVI:392, 673, American galley, captured at Abercorn, GA, c 16 Apr 1779.(It seems there is some confusion on the dates of capture.)ND10:141, this may be the former American galley Lee under British Capt David Stow.

ND7:856, pilot boat purchased for navy use, 3 Jan 1777.

1775-1776. GWA:702, Capture:19, ND10:393, 570, Cont. schooner captained by John Skinner/Skimmer, 10 carriage guns, 18 swivels, 4 cohorns, 34 men, which captured the brigantine Charles, 23 May 1777, and the snow, Lively, 30 Aug 1777, also Industrious Bee, Dolphin, c 1776/77.

Allen:204, NR:370, CTP:144, LCP:150/151, LM CT schooner, 10 guns, 14 men, Capt James Hopkins, May 1780, owners Adams & Dexter of Boston.CTRec:605 and NLHS:I:IV:29 show Capt John Hopkins.

Griffin:169, 174, mentioned in Congressional Committee reporting on lost ships in 1782.This ship was later taken by the British.

Howe:429, Allen:204, NR:371, LCP:150/151, LM MA privateer schooner, 6 guns, 30 men, Capt John Conway of Marblehead, 25 Mar 1782, then operating 12 Jul 1782 under Capt William James of Beverly/Marblehead (Record 157).McM:251, the Lee was said to be owned by John Stevens.

Leendert & Matthy’s.
Sands:203, privately owned Dutch vessel captured by the Tory privateer Goodrich, which was forced to leave her in VA.After the destruction in York River of the British Charon, she moved to the Gloucester side of the river.Her cargo, intended for Amsterdam, was awarded to the French who sold it at a profit in Philadelphia.The ship probably went to the French as well.

ND11:1127, American brig from Charlestown, SC, Capt Zacharias Bomcan, entered Bay of Cadiz, 11 Jan 1778.

Le François.
DaviesXIII:1802, French vessel, Capt La Fontaine, captured by British, 1777-78.

SchV:60, French vessel, 36 guns, probably from Brest, driven ashore on the coast of France in 1780 and destroyed by the British Nonsuch. A vessel of this name, 26 guns, from Brest, refitted 1778.

CC:M247, R110, #83, American vessel, Capt Savage, in 1778 moved military supplies from Bordeaux, France, to VA.

Le Hazard.
DaviesXIX:876, French ship captured by British, 1781-83

Le Heureux.
DaviesXIII:1086, French vessel, 1777-78.

Le Heureux Success.
DaviesXIX:1297, French vessel captured, 1781-83.

Force:5:III:1529, British vessel, Capt McDaniel, Jamaica to Liverpool, 300 tons, 1776.R76III:156 shows Capt Galley, Jamaica to London.ND6:1295, 1430, ND8:520, 539, 546 shows Leghorn Galley. ND6:1465, ND7:734, ND8:546, ship, Capt Alexander McDonald, captured by American Wasp, but destroyed by fire at Philadelphia, 23 Jan 1776.

Appeals:xxxxii, 162:2:13, in Polk, the claimant, vs Baldwin.

Le Guilliaume.
ND7:1151.American brig, captured by British Abraham 8 Feb 1777.

R76II:344, British vessel, Capt Carew, Antigua to Lancaster, captured 1776 and released.

Le Jason.
ND7:1266, ND8:1054, American brig Capt Bayonne/Bogonne, captured by British Brune, 3 Feb 1777.

Le Joli Couer.
ND7:534, British snow, Capt B. Eyran, captured by American Perseus, and recaptured by Falcon, 20 Dec 1776.

Le Levrette.
Rice:I:118n, cutter with de Ternay and Rochambeau in 1780 to Cape Finisterre.C&C:111, 113, this may be the French brigantine, used at Pensacola in May 1781.

Le Levrier.
Capture:49, schooner, Boston to Cape Français, master Elicane/Etienne Morin, captured before 13 Jul 1782 near George’s Banks by HM frigates Perseverance, Ceres.See Ranger, Cont. Navy cutter, Capt Conyngham.

DaviesXV:44, XV:44, ND11:339, 835, French LM snow from Bordeaux, 44 men,Capt Louis Drouet, taken by British Carysfort off Charleston, Feb 1778.

ND6:504, American ship, men and guns listed 26 Jul 1776.

R77:407, British vessel, from Mountsbay, plundered, 1777.ND10:894, Capt W. Traladra, captured by Civil Usage, 15 Oct 1777.

ND10:170, schooner, Capt Thomas Hunt, captured by Lady Parker, Pigot, 1777.

ND8:947, schooner, Capt Gross, arrived at Boston 11 May 1777.

Sheffield:Apr 10, 1880, British vessel captured by RI Rochambeau under Capt Oliver Read, 17 Mar 1783, after hostilities had ceased.(There may be confusion with the next vessel).

Sheffield:Jun 5, 1880, British vessel captured by RI Success under Capt John Hopkins in Feb 1783.

ND11:1113, MA merchantman, Capt Joseph Cornstock, captured by British Swift and sent into Plymouth, England, 22 Mar 1778.

Le Roissignol.
ND6:304, French corvette, Lt Dussault (French Navy), cruised Guadoloupe 31 May 1776.

Les Graces.
ND8:1055, American vessel, Capt Jean R. Duffaut, captured by British Daphne, 9 May 1777.

Le Siren.
ND6:397, French corvette, Capt Lingodes de Rochefort, French naval vessel relieved by La Curieuse 18 Dec 1776.

ND4:264, American or French schooner, permitted to load supplies at Philadelphia 9 mar 1776.

Le St. Guillaume.
ND7:1139, American sloop, Capt Pierre Davide, captured by British Pelican 7 Feb 1777.

NR:371, LCP:152/153, LM PA ship, 12 guns, 56 men, Capt Thomas Emerson, Apr 1782 (Record 949).C103.RM9:469, 520, the ship was apparently sold in London in 1784.

NR:192.C67, MD brigantine, 12 guns, 30 men, Capt Robert Collings, Apr 1782.RM6:481, at Basseterre, near St Christopher, it took a valuable British vessel, which was confiscated and sold by the French harbor master at Basseterre in Christopher. FordXXIII:628, 629, Letitia owners Charles Young and Bertles Shee took a petition to Congress to gain recompense.

ND6:394, French Corvette, Capt Compte le Begue, French navy vessel cruising Caico Islands, 31 May 1776.

ND10:899n, British LM ship, Capt J. Martin, recaptures Dover. Cog:40.

Levant (HMS).
Allen:146, M:267, British LM ship from Jamaica to Bristol, England, 24 guns, 97 men, engaged the American General Hancock and blew up, destroying the ship, Sept 1778.C139.Possibly ND1:479, ND3:533, 1396, ND4:1050, ND5:1356, ND6:407, 448, ND7:692, ND8:707, ND9:437, ND10:939, ND11:891n, 14 guns, 85 men, Capt George Murray, RN.DaviesXIII:1016, 1777-78.

Le Veillant.
Silverstone:91, French vessel, 64 guns, captured Thunderbay 17 Aug 1778.

Le Vengica.
ND11:328, American/Georgia sloop, Capt John Latreyte, vessel recommended for LM 12 Feb 1778.

R80I:358, French privateer schooner, Capt Jean Reung, from Port-au-Prince, captured in 1779.

FW3:602, SchV:48, British vessel, 50 guns, Capt R. Lambert, foundered in 1779/1780 on her passage from Jamaica, crew saved.DaviesXIII:1295, British navy transport, 1777-78.

Force:5:III:1524, ND5:137, American vessel, master and owner B. Woodcock, Milford to St Croix, captured and burned 17 May 1776 near Montauk, Long Island, by British Cerberus.

Le Victoreaux.
ND8:859, American brigantine, 110 tons, declares sole ownership 22 May 1777.

NR:371, LCP:152/153, LM PA sloop, 6 guns 12 men, Capt Townsend White, Oct 1779.

ND10:855, American cutter, Capt Cunningham, see Revenge.

ND11:519, American schooner, Charlestown to the Mississippi River, captured by crew 17 Feb 1778, and taken into New Providence, Bahamas, Capts Rowan and Pickles put ashore at Matanzas, Cuba, Mar 1778.

ND7:244, ND9:125, 806, 822, Cont schooner, Capt John Stevens, 1777.McM:305, schooner, prize re-capture for PA, 1780.

Lewis’s Mill Boat.
NJNavy:212, American boat captured by British, then in 26 Sep 1777, recaptured in PA waters in the vicinity of Philadelphia by the Gloucester County NJ militia.

Lewis/First Row Galley.
VANavy:157, ND5:1164, ND6:1369, ND7:1196, ND8:422, ND9:757, ND11:1163, Dandridge:187, Coggins:102, galley in VA Navy, 1776-81, Capts Celey/Celery Saunders in Sep 1776, B. Edgar Joel, and John Stevens, Lt in command, 1777, converted into a schooner in 1779, sunk 27 Mar 1781 to prevent capture.ND7:244 and Dandridge:186 shows a schooner.GMB:19 shows it to be a schooner in trade in 1779, Capt Stevens. Silverstone:20.

ND7:956, British vessel, sailors sent to Lake Champlain, Apr 1777.

McM:304, British sloop, captured 1779 by PA sloop Comet.

Lexington, 16 guns, 1776-1777.
GWA:701, ND4:1462, ND5:981, ND7:1109, ND8:783, ND9:671, ND10:888, ND11:519, Force:5:III:1526, C29, 134, Continental brig of Oct 1776, Capt William Hallock, Cape François to Philadelphia, captured 5 Jan 1777 by British Pearl, but quickly retaken by American crew.
Smith:70, Continental Navy brig, 16 guns, 70 men, sent in 1776 to West Indies for supplies.FW3:836, SchV:53, Kaminkov:228, Cutler:186, Buel:313, Howard:62, Malo:943, Clark:64fn, Herbert:64, 110, Capt Henry Johnston/Johnson, captured off the coast of France near Ushant 19 Sep 1777 by the British Alert, Capt Bazeley, and 51 man crew sent to Mill Prison, where 6 escaped, 1 died, and 26 joined the British.The brig was taken to Dover.ND8:783, shows 16 guns, 110 men captured by Pearl 19 Apr 1777.Griffin:127, captured by the British 19 Sep 1777, then re-captured by the Americans in 1778, then recaptured by the British in 1778.M:244, probably the vessel previously called the MD Wild Duck. C50.ND6:1367, Capt John Barry captured the first British prize, the tender HMS Edward 17 Apr 1776.Ford1776:213, 561, Ford1777:58, 173, Ford1782:81.JA5:308, 6:217.Volo:92, 109, 110, 132,Capt John Brown at one time.Fowler:132-135.Silverstone:9, 91.Paullin:518, served 1776-1777.Chapelle:53, 78.Coggins:102, in service 1776.

Lexington’s prize.
Mill:74, 137, Mc:205, Lexington was privateer brig whose prize was taken Apr 1777 and prize crew sent to Mill Prison.Name of the prize has not been identified.

Allen:204, one or more MA privateer schooners, 12 swivels, or a few guns, and 12/25 men, Capt Joseph Cook in Apr 1778, owners Elias Hasket Derby and others of Salem; Capt David Masury 8 May 1778, Capt Benjamin Cook in 1778.DaviesXIII:753, 996.

Allen:204, MA privateer schooner, 4 guns, 12 men, and Capt Nicholas Lamprell 10 Apr 1779, owners Jonathan Ingersoll and others of Salem.

FordXII:66, 168, American armed brigantine, Capt Johnston, ordered fitted out to carry dispatches to France, Jan 1779.

Allen:205, Paine:457, NR:371, LCP:152/153, one or more LM MA privateer brigantines, 6/14 guns, 15/50 men, Capt David Smith, Jr, Apr 1780 (Record 136), and again in Nov 1781, owner Elias Hasket Derby; also under Capt Benjamin Crowninshield of Salem 9 May 1781 (Record 519).

R82I:238, American vessel, 85 tons, 10 men, taken in 1781 by the British Nymphe, Amphion.

LG:542, French cutter with Suffren’s fleet in Indian Ocean, 1782.

ND8:859, American ship, 150 tons, declared sole ownership 22 May 1777.

Silverstone:91, French warship captures sloop Senegal 18 Aug 1778.

L’Heyreuse Famille.
ND6:158, French brigantine, Capt Anthony Marmajou, lists cargo 12 Aug 1776.

Malo:968, 969, French prize vessel which ran aground, 1781.

Appeals:xxxxii, 162:13:105m the schooner vs Harper.

ND1:1367, 1378, ND3:477, probably British ship,110 tons, 9 men, Capt Charles Thomson, active 13 Apr 1775, Annapolis to Falmouth with wheat and flour, also from Gibraltar in ballast.

Mc:1, British or Tory vessel, captured by MA militia in New York, May 1775, Capt John Sloan taking command.Silverstone:16, schooner, 8 guns, part of Lake Champlain squadron captured 11 May 1775.

Force:5:III:1529, British vessel, Capt Phillips, Newfoundland to West Indies, taken and retaken, 1776.

ND1:1296, British tender-type sloop3 men, cast away in Bach River 2 Sep 1775.

McM:381, ND6:749, Nova Scotia schooner, from Montserrat and Antigua prize of MD privateer Enterprise, Capt James Campbell, captured 1776.

CTN:141, British sloop, captured in summer 1777 by the CT Navy Schuyler.

R78:39, British vessel, Capt Wilkins, Corke to New York, taken & retaken, 1777.

ND8:5, probably British sloop, Capt D. Loring, released from captivity 1 Mar 1777.

ND8:161, 1033, British sloop, Capt Thomas, captured by American Racehorse at Jamaica 20 Mar 1777.

ND10:714, British hospital ship off Gloucester 12 Dec 1777.

ND10:140, British schooner, former Cont. Army schooner, transports supplies Oct 1777.

ND11:470, probably British schooner, Aurora’s tender, captures American Fly on 28 Feb 1778, and takes her into Antigua.

McM:437, British brig, prize of the Black Prince of Dunkirk, 1779.

British vessel, captured Nov 1781 by VA privateer brigantine Jolly Tar.

U:121-127, admiralty case.

ND1:185, American sloop, to be sold at pubic auction 18 Apr 1775 at Burwell’s Ferry, VA.

DaviesXI;68, 126, Johnson:110, American armed schooner, 8 to 10 guns, Capt O. Bowen, 1775.It may have been the former Elizabeth. It removed the gunpowder from the British merchant ship Philippi, 8 Jul 1775.C29.Possibly Coggins:12.

ND1:410, Eller:174, 181, 184, ship, Capt Outram, loaded in York River with tobacco from VA merchants to go to Europe, 1775, later purchased for defense of the York River, Capt Thomas Lilly.ND4:204, 569, 672, ND6:1409, VA cruizer for York River, Capts George Goosley, Thomas Lilly, active in 1776.Eller:201, disposition unknown.Eller shows a sloop, a schooner, and a brig, all named Liberty, in the VA Navy, plus the sloop re-rigged as a schooner and named Hornet.There is one extra vessel below.Silverstone:20.

ND1:907, probably American ship, John Martin appointed as Master of Ship 17 Jul 1775.

ND1:1246, 1296, sloop, Capt David Bemus/Bewes, owner Thomas Arden, Jr, applied to sail from New York to Madeira 28 Aug 1775.

CC:M247, R71, #58, stores from the brig, Capt Woodman, taken at Newport, June 1775.

C132, SC schooner, 10 guns, 10 swivels, Capt Joseph Habersham, Jul 1775.

ND2:1325, American sloop, examines river at Fort Constitution, 7 Dec 1775.

ND3:776, sloop, Capt Christopher Lippitt, sailed for West Indies 13 Jan 1776.

8 guns. GWA:703, ND1:367, ND9:174, 225, Cont Army schooner, Capt Mathias Primer, captured by British at Skenesborough, NY.ND2:87, 162, schooner with General Schuyler 20 Sep 1775 during the attack on St. Johns.ND3:129, schooner, arrived at Crown Point and could go no further in delivering British prisoners to General Schuyler, Dec 1775.Smith:29-30, Continental schooner, Capt James Stewart, in the Lake Champlain fleet of 1776.  Emmons:4, ND5:1229, ND6:224, 981, Arnold’s Fleet schooner, Capt Primiere, destroyed at Lake Champlain, 1776.DaviesXIII:1123.Volo:211.Chapelle:54, 112.Coggins:205.

ND4:570, American ship, Capt Monro, mentioned sailing into St. Martin 6 Apr 1776.

ND3:1107, American brig, Capt Benjamin Cole, from the Straits with cargo of salt, captured by British Senegal, sent to Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Jan 1776.

Morrissey:???, brigantine from Casco Bay at St Pierre, seeking powder, Apr 1776.Capture:49, this may be the ship captured before 2 Aug 1777.ND4:188, brig from Casco Bay, loaded with gunpowder at Martinique in Mar 1776.

ND4:515, ND6:1268, SC brigantine, Capt Philip Conway, moving rice to West Indies, arrives at Charleston 25 Mar 1776.

ND5:490, Allen:205, MA privateer sloop, hastily manned at Edgartown, MA, Capt Benjamin Smith,for the capture of a British transport, which it did, Mar 1776. It captured the British Harriot 12 June 1776.C284.

ND5:1229, ND6:1062, Fowler:174, others, CT Navy schooner, 8 guns, 35 men, Capt Premiere, 30 Sep 1776.

ND5:1183, MD (Annapolis) boat, Capt Robert Berry, moved gunpowder for MD counties, 22 Jul 1776.

ND4:1310, ND5:785, probably American sloop, Capt Abraham Aderly, taken over off Delaware Capes by British armed schooner Hichinbrook, 30 May 1776.

ND5:815, sloop delivering supplies to Forts Montgomery and Constitution, Jun 1776, Capt Henry Palmer.ND5:318, sloop, Capt Henry Palmer, in service of Fort Constitution, NY, May 1776.

Coggins:102, ND4:672, ND5:1298, ND6:245, 728, 1227, 1409, ND7:994, brig in VA Navy, 1776, Capt George Goosley, and Capt Thomas Lilly, brig remained in commission until 1787.ND9:210, ND10:728, 917, in 1777 Capt Thomas Herbert.VANavy:154, it captured British ship Jane, armed vessel Ida and Ann, ship Portland, and vessel from Ireland Liberty. Coggins:100, VANavy:163, ND7:850, 1053, sloop in VA Navy, 1776-77, Capts Walter Brooke and William Ivey.It captured the British vessels, Lark, Oliver, Susannah, and the sloop Speedwell. The Liberty was re-rigged as the schooner Hornet. C34.Silverstone:20.Coggins:102

ND6:749, American schooner, captured by ??British Enterprise 8 Sep 1776.

ND6:811, American sloop, cargo listed 13 Sep 1776.

Allen:205, ND6:96, MA Salem schooner privateer, 6 guns 25 men, Capt Ebenezer Peirce, owners Samuel Webb, Samuel Flagg, and others, at Lake Champlaign 7 Aug 1776, still active 24 Sep 1776. ND6:1471, Paine:457, Greenwood:4, Maclay:72-73, six gun schooner from Newburyport which captured a brig at Fort Howe, N. S., in 1776.Griffin:56, this may be the schooner captured in 1777.ND9:332, 340-41, captured and burnt by British Victor, 1777.

ND9:210, American schooner, Capt Nathaniel Low, at Boston 3 Jul 1777.

ND5:1051, ND6:1479, ND7:1196, ND8:1016, VANavy:152, boat, sometimes schooner-rigged, Capt James Barron, which captured in 1776 the British troop transport Oxford and the British sloop Dorothy, and in 1779 the British tender Fortunatus. Coggins:102, ND10:40, 325, 628, ND11:1171n, armed boat in VA Navy, Capt James Barron, 1776, 1777.Dandridge:186 shows a schooner.ND5:758, C305, one Liberty Capt was Richard Taylor, VA Navy, Mar 1776. .C198, another Liberty Capt was Alexander Masinburg/Massenburg of VA, Jul 1776.Eller:201, sold in 1789.Possibly Paullin:518, served 1776-1777.

Dandridge:186, sloop in VA Navy.Eller:173, this may have been the sloop purchased in 1776 for Potomac defense.C165, Capt Aaron Jeffries, Nov 1776.Eller:201, disposition unknown.

C118, SC privateer ship, Capt William Galvan in Nov 1776. ND7:467, SC privateer ship, Capt William Galvan, 1777 (commission dated 29 Nov 1776).

R77:232, ND8:1055, American ship, Capt Abraham Jones, from Wilmington, DE, captured by British Brune  30 April 1777.

ND10:893, MA brig, 16 guns, off Penpaiff, Carolina, 9 Oct 1777.

ND8:784, 806, American ship, Capt Thomas Sherman, captured by British Culloden, 29 Mar 1777.

ND8:1062, ND7:892, 1063, American brig, Capt Solomon Phillips/Phipps, captured by British Cerberus, 30 Jan 1777.

PANavy:351, Silverstone:19,armed provision sloop for PA Navy, 1777-78.

ND8:58, PA Navy sloop, Capt George Wert, in action 7 Mar 1777.C321, Capt George Wert/Vert, Sep 1777.

American schooner, Capt William Freen, captured 9 May 1777 by British Lark.

ND9:416, American privateer brig/ship, Capt Lee, captured by British vessel, 20 June 1777.

ND9:364, PA armed trading vessel, captured by British Perseus, 31 Jul 1777.

Capture:49, American brigantine, captured by HMS Cerberus, by 2 Aug 1777, had clearance to go from New Haven to Martinico.

ND9:233, American sloop, Capt Ezekiel Wellecut, captured by British Roebuck, 24 Oct 1777.

ND11:449, American sloop, loaded with rum and dry goods, captured by British Racehorse, Capt Thomas Cadogan, 1777.

ND10:882, 394, 90, ND11:347, American sloop, Capt Nicholas B. Seabrook, mentioned in testimony of Jan 1778 by Capt Patrick Barry regarding the Seaflower.

ND11:417, MA brig, Nehemiah Somes, 1st Lt, absent a long time in Feb 1778 and family was destitute, wife wrote MA Board of War 24 Feb 1778.

ND11:493, Dominican/American brig captured U/I sloop 2 Mar 1778.

NR:372, LCP:152/153, LM PA sloop, 4 guns, 8 men, Capt John Warner, Aug 1778 (Record 983).

ND9:575, Allen:206, MA privateer brigantine, Capt Thomas Herbert, Jan 1778.ND11:407, VA Navy brig, Capt Thomas Herbert, captured British Portland 5 Nov 1777 and took her to Portsmouth, NH.

ND11:763, American brigantine, Capt Seth Storer of Saco, was apparently captured by British vessel 23 Mar 1778near Antigua.

ND11:228, 453, American schooner, loaded with salt, captured by British Badger, Capt Michael . Everitt, 28 Jan 1778.

ND9:210, ND11:351, American schooner, Capt Nathaniel Low, brought mail to Boston in Feb 1778.Ford1778:264, Ford1779:941.

CTP:145, CT privateer sloop, Capt Edward Howell, assisted in capture of British privateer sloop Macaroni, 16 Feb 1779.

Appeals Case 105, FordXII:1087-1089, VA schooner, Capt Middleton Belt, owner John Harper & Company, was captured in June 1779 by a VA Tory Goodrich privateer, but Capt Belt ran the schooner aground in Currituck Co, NC, where it was captured by local NC militiamen and subsequently looted by local persons while under guard of the militia.

NR:372, LCP:152/153, LCP:152/153, LM PA schooner, 8 guns, 15 men, Capt Henry Hawkins, Apr 1779 (Record 1021).

NR:372, LCP:152/153, LM PA brig, 6/12 guns, 35 men, Capt Charles Clunn, Aug and Dec 1779, Capt John Stillwell, Aug 1780, Capt Peter Briamant, Dec 1780, and possibly a Capt James ?Oellers? in Dec 1779.

Lux:181n23, ship

R80I:351, French merchant sloop taken 1779 at Grenada by British.

NR:373, LCP:152/153, LM PA schooner, 4 guns 12 men, Capt Jacob de Hart, Jul 1781.

NR:373, LCP:152/153, LM PA Navy schooner 1 gun, 6 men, Capt John Sansum, Oct 1781.

Allen:206, NR:373, LCP:152/153, MA privateer schooner, 4 guns, 25 men, Capt William Preston of Newburyport, 17 Mar 1781 (Record 640).

M880:3, Eller:180, 184, 196, VA/MD schooner, Capt Brumagham, moving supplies on the Chesapeake during Yorktown, Oct, 1781.

Allen:206, NR:373, LCP:152/153, LM MA privateer ship, 4/6 guns, 12/20 men, Capt William Russell of Newburyport, 22 Dec 1781 and 23 May 1782 (Records 595, 192).JA10:353, possibly the MA merchant ship mentioned.

VANavy:167, NR:373, LCP:152/153, VA LM privateer whaleboat, 1 swivel gun, 20 musketmen, Capt John Young, Apr 1781.RM8:361, this may be the vessel to remain in the Virginia Navy in June 1783.Paullin:416, retained as revenue cutter in 1783.

RM9:521, apparently an American vessel, Capt Bertram, moving messages from France to America in 1784.This must be one of the vessels listed above.

Le Licorne.
JA6:267-68, French frigate, 1778.SchV:57, 32 guns, 230 men, captured 18 June 1778 in the Bay of Biscay by the British fleet under Admiral Keppel, crew sent to Forton prison.Volo:100.Syrett:36.

Navy frigate, 22 guns.C&C:111, 113, 22 guns, at Pensacola, May 1781. ND6:394, this may be the frigate in 1776, Capt de Peynier.

M880:3, RI schooner, Capt Christopher, moved cargo for the French in support of the operations in Yorktown, Oct 1781.

ND8:1036, Spanish Navy frigate, attacks Port Royal Harbor 27 May 1777.

RQ:30, French brigantine at Pensacola, May 1781.

Life Guard.
Howard:25, ND5:169, CTN:45, 276, CTP:276, small sloop taken from a Tory off CT coast, 20 May 1776, outfitted for use by Capt Samuel Smedley to cruise to the westward.

Allen:206, MA privateer brigantine, 60 tons, 4 guns, 20 men, Capt Bradbury Saunders, 22 Feb 1780, petitioner Daniel Sargent of Boston.

ND10:399, French ship, Capt Pierre Barrière, at Charleston, SC, 4 Nov 1777.

ND6:385, Britishship, Capt Menard, active off Island of Inague 16 Feb 1776.

ND1:62, probably British ship, Capt T. Cochran, arrived at Providence from Grennock, Scotland 3 Jan 1775.

ND2:1346, probably British ship, 130 tons, Capt William Dunlap, from Glasgow to Roanoke, in ballast, 1 Apr 1775.

ND7:63, British sloop, captured by American Army detachment 5 Nov 1776.

RI2II:273, American sloop captured in 1782 by British Chatham.

Lilly Ann.
CTP:268, 269, ND3:605, CTN:9, 43, CT brigantine purchased from John Grigg of Greenwich by David Waterbery, Jr, 14 Dec 1775, later renamed Defence.

McM:440, British sloop, prize ransom of the Black Prince of Dunkirk, 1779.

VANavy:167, NR:374, LCP:152/153, LM privateer cutter with 2 guns, 22 men, Capt William Wootton, Sep 1781.

(General) Lincoln.
ND11:739, American Northward (MA) schooner, Capt John Margeson, owner Philip Moore of Boston, 10 guns, 50 men, privateer in West Indies, arrived at New London, 13 Mar 1778.

Lincoln Galley.
Allen:206, ND10:451, 616, ND11:63, 212, 234, MA Navy galley, 4 swivels, Capt Joseph Ingraham, 1779.Coggins:104, galley of MA Navy, in service 1779-81.McMA, probably the Lincoln galley taking messages between Boston and Penobscot in Jul/Aug 1779. MAS1:457, another Capt was John Curtis in 1781.

ND6:397, French Navy vessel, Capt de l’Archantel, relieved another vessel 27 Dec 1776.

M:333/4, Lux:5-12, French privateer leased to the state of SC.This likely became the South Carolina. Silverspoon 10.

ChapelleHL:136, Dutch xebec, built at Toulon in 1771.

R82I:97, Danish ship at Mauritius, Jan 1781.

ND11:186, American sloop, Capt James Mitchell, Newburyport to Surinam, captured by British Apollo, Venus, 22 Jan 1778.

Lion and Lyon are placed together in the following:

Force:5:III:1529, ND7:757, British vessel, Capt Harvey/Hervey, Newfoundland to Spain (market), 130 tons, 22 Nov 1776, captured by American Sturdy Beggar.

ND11:790, British ship, ordered to be removed from Crosswicks Creek, NJ, and to relocate, 25 Mar 1778.

Sheffield:Apr 10, 1780, British vessel captured by RI Capt Oliver Read of the Rochambeau. DaviesXVIII:60, transport, 1780, possibly this vessel.

Capture:52, British brigantine, Master Henry Potbury,captured by an American letter-of-marque from Salem on 16 Jul, then sent to Salem, then recaptured off Cape Sable by British schooner Halifax Rover, Capt Thomas Freeman who took her into Annapolis, N. S..

McM:188, Jamaica schooner, prize release of MA, 1781.

CTP:108, British brigantine from White Haven, England, Capt Henry Moore, captured 2 Apr 1783 by CT brigantine Hancock, Capt Joseph Conkling.

Force:5:III:1524, ND5:213, ND6:1124, Capture:52, American schooner, master Moses Barlow, Capt François to Dartmouth, with ammunition, salt, and molasses, captured east of Long Island 1 May 1776 by the British Cerberus. ND4:1378 shows this vessel captured by Diligent, 2 Jul 1776, possibly a recapture.

ND3:534, ND4:977, ND6:386, ND7:762, American ship, Capt John Wilson, in Bay of Biscay, 24 Jan 1776, then in London with letters from Philadelphia 27 May 1776. Lion. Augur:68-69, 70, ND10:59, ND3:490, contraband runner, Capt John Wilson, 1776/7, working with Willing, Morris, & Company.

ND8:1062, R77:236, American ship, Capt Ladwich Champlain, from New London, CT, captured in 11 Dec 1776 by British Mermaid.

R77:236, ND8:1063, American ship, Capt Isaac Harlow, from Dartmouth, captured 19 Apr 1777 by the British Mermaid.C277, brig sent into Halifax.

NR:380, CTP:45, 148, LCP:156/157, ND6:1005, ND7:607, ND8:457, ND9:179, ND10:590, NLHS:I:IV:29, LM CT sloop, 10 guns, 80 men, Capt Timothy Shaler, Nov 1776 (Record 667), took one prize Elizabeth in Jan 1777, herself captured soon afterwards 19 Apr 1777 by the British Mermaid, and was to be sold at Little Egg Harbor, NJ, 26 June 1777.

ND10:355, 686, MA privateer brigantine, Capt Ishmael Hardy, captures Maesgwyn 30 Oct 1777. Allen:206, 207, Paine:457, ND11:854, Salem, MA privateer brigantine, 18 guns, 130 men, Capt Ishmael Hardy of Salem, 19 Aug 1777; Capt Benjamin Warren in Nov 1777; Capt John Carnes, Jun 1778.JA6:122.Owners were Jonathan Peele, Jr, John Fisk, and others of Salem.

ND10:1145, ND11:933, frigate, Capt Samuel/Francis4 Nicholson, became Cont. Navy frigate Deane.

Ford1777:206, sloop.

American schooner, Capt George Hales, captured 15 May 1777 by British Ambuscade.

R77:234, American vessel with her prizes, of Egg Harbor, NJ, captured by British in 1777.

ND8:1020, ND10:832, M:228, PA Navy guardboat, 1 gun, Capts Henry Martin, Mordicai Hill, used to defend the Delaware in 1777.Coggins:99, PANavy:342, ND8:307, 1020, ND10:598, 832, C196, armed guard boat, PA Navy, 1777-81, Capt Henry Martin in May 1777.C8, this may be the Lion commanded by Capt Joseph Ashburn when he was capturedand sent to Mill Prison 31 Aug 1781.

ND11:790, ship under control of Cont Navy Board, Middle Dept, sent up river to prevent capture, Mar 1778.(This must have been the Delaware River.)Ford1777:1004, 1067, Ford1778:694.

DaviesXV:72, Selby:180, 181, FordXI:694, ND11:629, 660, 797, French ship, formerly the Beaumont, Capt John Michel, 40 guns, going to York River, VA with goods to exchange for tobacco, Jul 1778.SchV:61, Buel:298, 40 guns, 216 men, loaded with 600 hogsheads of tobacco, captured by the British Maidstone, Capt A. Gardner, twenty guns, in 1778 off Cape Henry.

Paullin:390, Cont. armed galley, in service, Mar 1779.

Kennett:16, Rice:I:118n, French ship of the line, from Toulon, 64 guns, in Mediterranean cruises in 1778.It was in de Ternay’s fleet for carrying Rochambeau’s French Expeditionary Force to America in 1780, but it sprang a leak and did not go.

Allen:207, NR:374, LCP:152/153, MA privateer brig of 10 guns, 45 men, Capt Jonathan Mason, Jr, of Salem, 3 Jul 1781 (Record 346).Paine:457, showed Capt Mason, and Capt Warren were commanders of the same vessel at different times. R81II:287, C3, this is the privateer brig of 42 men, from Salem, captured by the British in Sep 1781, crew to Mill Prison in England.

NR:380, LCP:156/157, Allen:207, LM MA ship, 22 guns, 120 men, Capt Wingate Newman of Newburyport 14 Jul 1781 (Record 471, MAS lists crewmen,)and Capt William Tuck of Salem, 14 Mar 1782 (Record 536).R81II:287, if there were two ships, one may have been captured by the British Maidstone in 1781.

Capture:26, privateer sloop from CT which captured the brigantine Elizabeth.

R82I:97, American or French ship at Mauritius, Jan 1781.

Kaminkow:228, Mill:211, Capt John Green, ship taken 29 June 1781, crew sent to Mill Prison, arriving 31 Aug 1781, and perhaps some as late as Oct 1781.C127.

C185, American vessel captured by British, with crew members arriving at Forton Prison 2 Aug 1781.

NR:380, CTP:148, LCP:156/157, NLHS:I:IV:29, LM CT galley, 2 guns, 30 men, Capt Robert Craig, Oct 1782 (Record 864).(This may be the same galley as in the next entry.)

NR:374, CTP:145, LCP:152/153, LM CT galley, 2 guns, 25 men, Capt Aaron Meech, Nov 1782 (Record 866).

Howe:412, Capture:52-53, NR:380, LCP:156/157, LM, former British ship called the George, 400 tons, 26 guns, 90 men, captured off Newfoundland in 1779 by the privateer Ranger, taken to Beverly, fitted out as a letter of marque ship with 26 guns and 90 men and sailed from Salem, MA, 8 May 1782 for Hispanola, Capt William Tuck, captured the same day by the British frigate Blonde off Cape Ann.

Silverstone:92, French vessel, 32 guns, captures sloop Ceres off St Lucia 18 Dec 1778..

MAS13:101, this MA vessel was on its 3rd cruise, 8 Jan 1779 to 6 Mar 1779, under Capt John Reeks.It was associated with the Hazard.

Little Alexander.
ND11:130, American schooner, Capt William Walker Humphrey, captured by British packet Hillsborough, Capt George Blackhall, condemned 15 Jan 1777 at Antigua.

Little Bachelor.
Allen:207, NR:374, LCP:152/153, LM MA (or NC) privateer sloop of 4 guns, 20 men, Capt Miller Johnston of Boston, 6 Dec 1782 (Record 250), owner John Lawhorn of NC.

Little Ben.
NR:374, LCP:152/153, ND10:704, LM MD schooner, 14 guns, 50 men, Capt William Nichols, 2 Oct 1777.

Little Benjamin.
M880:4, VA vessel, 1st Mate William McCullock, Master Jacob Howell, captured May 1778 by British Experiment, and crew sent to British prison ship Felicity.

Little Betsy.
R77:407, ND9:574, ND10:354, British brigantine, Capt Thomas Freeman, captured on its way, London to Venice, by Oliver Cromwell, 30 Oct 1777, libelled in MA Middle District.

Little Betsey.
Allen:207, ND11:417, MA privateer brigantine, 150 tons, 14 guns, 70 men, Capt Jean Baptiste Hugounene of Martinique, 24 Feb 1778. <

Little Charles.
ND11:156, American sloop, Capt Jeremiah Dickenson, captured by British Galatea, 17 Jan 1778.

Little Dan.
Allen:207, NR:374, LCP:154/155, LM MA privateer schooner, 4 guns, 25 men, Capt Daniel Young of Cape Ann, 9 Aug 1781 (Record 393).

Little Davey.
NR:375, LPD:154/155, LM MD schooner, 4 guns, 10 men, Capt Thomas Kell, Aug 1779.

Little Davy.
NR:375, LPD:154/155, LM MD schooner, 4 guns, 10 men, Capt Richard Johns, Jan 1781.

Little Dick.
ND7:1149, American schooner, Capt Joseph Evans, lost in Nassau, Bahamas, 7 Feb 1777.

Little Dick.
Appeals Case 100, sloop, Capt James Deas, moved part of the cargo from the sloop Polly to New London, CT, and the Polly moved the rest.It belonged to Richard Smith, merchant of New London, who was allowed to bring it in by special act of the state General Assembly, Jan 1783.

Little Dick.
CTP:141, C157, British sloop, Capt Dey, valuable cargo, captured 1 Feb 1783 by the CT galley John, Capt George House.

Little Fanny.
Salley:69, SC sloop, Capt John Darrell, 1777, moving indigo.

Little Hannah.
ND3:835, ND4:1175, ND5:305, ND6:59, brig, 1776.GWNavy:91-92, Mc:283, British brig from Antigua, Capt Robert Adams, captured 8 Dec 1775 by the Lee, Capt Manley.Nelson:237, captured by British and taken to Cambridge.

Little Hester.
ND2:1349, probably British sloop, 10 tons, Capt Daniel Wilmot, Jamaica to Roanoke, in ballast, 1 May 1775.

Little Hope.
ND11:54, British schooner, stuck in ice, probably in the Deleware, captured by Major Edwards and 8 militiaman from Burlington, ND, in Jan 1778.

Little Joe.
CTP:9, 145, 266, Captive:49, CT privateer schooner, Capt Giles Latham, chartered to move salt from St Eustatia in 1777, libelled 15 Feb 1780. C180, the schooner got frozen in ice and was captured by British privateer Lucy, crew sent to prison in Halifax.

Little John.
R77:108, ND8:82-83, 802, 1056, ND7:872, British schooner, Capt William Smith, Mississippi to Leeward Islands, Jan 1777, taken by Americans and retaken by British Pearl, Perseus, 6 Jan 1777.

Little John.
 ND11:120, British sloop, Capt William Lawrence, captured 14 Jan 1778 by American Mary & Elizabeth, and libeled and sold in MD 1 Jul 1778.

Little John.
ND8:871, American privateer, captured by British sloop of war off Madeira Islands, 22 May 1777.

Little John.
ND4:1383, Force:5:III:1525, American vessel, master J. Darrel, Bermuda to Philadelphia, captured 2 May 1776 by British Roebuck.

Little John.
ND9:108, 109, ND11:184-185, American brig, Capt Joseph Pratt, (reported as William), owner H. Darley of Boston, captured by British Milford in the Bay of Fundy, 14 June 1777.

Little John.
Allen:207, MA privateer sloop, 50 tons, 6 guns, 8 swivels, 30 men, Capt Charles Anderson, 23 Aug 1779, petitioners John Wait and others of Boston.

Little Molly.
NR:375, LCP:154/155, C230, LM PA Navy schooner, 6 guns, 10 men, Capt Uriah Smith, Dec 1777 and Sep 1779, Capt Nathaniel Palmer, Apr 1780, Capt Samuel Ball, Sep 1780 (Record 1059).

Little Polly.
ND4:109, French (Martinique) brig, Capt Anthony Marmajou, master and owner, given permission by Cont. Congress to trade American goods for gunpowder, 28 Feb 1776.Ford1776:176.

Little Porgy.
Kaminkow:228, Capt John Brown, captured before Dec 1779.It was said to be an English ship captured by the Oliver Cromwell and set free to return to England.C37.

Little Porgy/Porgia.
Kaminkow:228, Allen:208, NR:375, LCP:154/155, C7, Mill:213,LM MA privateer brig, 10 guns, 60 men, Capt Wm Armstrong of Newburyport, 30 Apr 1781 (Record 453), captured 3 Nov 1781 by British Guernsey, several persons sent to Mill prison in 3 Jan 1782.

Little Robert.
NR:61.Ford1787:453, 604-606.

Little Sam.
NR:375, LCP:154/155, LM MD sloop, 10 guns, 12 men, Capt William Weems, Jr, Feb 1779.

Little Thomas.
ND5:778, ND6:1268, SC/Bermuda schooner, Capt Thomas Nelmes, owner Edward Blake, permit to ship rice to Bermuda, Oct 1776. ND3:896, 1071, Capt Edward Blake, to enlist men at Bermuda, Jan 1776.

Little Tom.
Captive:49, schooner, master Richard Adams,from Newbury, captured 3 June 1779 off New England by HM sloop Howe, schooner Buckram.

Mc:290, 303, McMA:85, R77:407, ND8:1040, ND9:910, ND10:22, British troop transport, Capt William Johnson, London to New York, captured 29 May 1777 or 18 June 1777 or 5 Oct 1777, by the Hancock and the frigate Boston, Capt Hector McNeill, and sent to Boston.

Little Vincent.
Maclay:60, Portsmouth, NH armed privateer, 1777, owned by Jeremiah O’Brien.

Little Vincent.
Allen:208, Sherman:167, NR:376, LCP:154/155, Howe:431, LM MA privateer sloop, 10 guns, 16 men, operated from MA, Capt René Chaloche of Boston, 27 Apr 1781 (Record 452); and Capt Israel F. Ober/Obier of Beverly, 2 Dec 1781 (Record 106).

Little Vincent.
Allen:208, MA privateer brig, 8 guns, 25 men, Capt Nathan Poor/Pond, 1781.

Little Weasel.
Allen:208, MA privateer schooner, 4 guns, 10 swivels, 20 men, Capt Abel Gore, 7 Aug 1778, owners Mungo MacKay and William Shattuck.

Little William.
CTP:107, British schooner from Bermuda, Capt Samuel Daniel, captured 31 Aug 1779, by CT sloop Hancock.

Little William.
ND10:597, sloop, off Charleston, 25 Nov 1777.CTP:137, British victualler sloop captured Nov 1780 by CT armed boat Jenny, Capt Daniel Hale.

British or Tory schooner, captured 27 June 1775 by Sunbury citizens, but released.

ND2:1215, probably British schooner, captured by American Captains Broughton and Selman.

Lively (1).
GWNavy:189, 235, British merchant brig captured 29 Oct 1776 by Captains Skimmer and Tucker.

ND1:1205, ND2:374, ND3:1008, ND4:812, ND5:228, ND6:1424, ND7:953, ND8:956, ND9:34,ND10:294, British sloop/ship, 20 guns, 100/160 men, Capt Thomas Bishop, R. N., at St Georges Bank 22 Aug 1775,then stationed at Penobscot 9 Oct 1775, later in Howe’s fleet. DaviesXI:75, 141 XII:111, 246, shown as HMS.Volo:36.Probably Coggins:20…

A vessel of this name, owner Thomas Bishop, Esq, mentioned among the vessels left behind when the British evacuated Boston April 1776.

ND7:1306, Force:5:III:1529, R77:407, British brig, Capt Nicholas Martindale, 150 tons, captured at Newfoundland, 29 Oct 1776, by the Hancock, Capt Tucker, & Franklin, retaken in 1777.   ND8:1006, ND9:724, ND7:137, 567, British brig, captured by American Franklin and Hancock, refitted and renamed Robert, Capt Nicholas Martindale, c 1777.

R76III:156, British vessel from Tobago, captured 1776 and retaken.ND6:588, 1172, ND7:273, this may be the snow, Capt William Carter, captured by American Rover, then recaptured by British Milford. Prisoners were sent to Marblehead, 25 Nov 1776.

Force:5:III:1529, British vessel, Capt Horner, captured 1776.

ND10:89, British brig, Capt Richard Stamberg, captured by Pluto, 9 Oct 1777, libelled in MA Middle District.

ND10:46, British schooner, Capt David Fletcher, captured 6 Oct 1777 by Blackbird, Fancy, Friends Adventure, Spy, libelled in MA Middle District.

ND10:871, St. Christopher/British sloop, privateer, Capt Joseph Smith, captured several American vessels 3 Oct 1777.

ND7:966, British ship, seamen sent to Lake Champlain, Apr 1777.

ND7:917, British vessel with 14 guns foundered near Jamaica, 10 Jan 1777.JA6:308, possibly this vessel.

ND10:349, British snow, Capt William Frears, captured by Lee, but recaptured by Diamond, 1 Sep 1777.Force:5:III:1529, Captive:49-50, British snow captured 30 Aug by the privateer Lee, Capt John Skinner, then sent to Bristol, retaken 23 Sep off Boston.  ND11:291n, British snow, Capt John Carter, Bristol,England to Halifax, captured by MA privateer schooner Lee, Capt William Addiscott, Feb 1778. British brig, Capt John Carter, Chester to Leghorn/Malaga, 160 tons, taken 5 Feb 1778 or 31 May 1777 by the Lee, Capt Skimmer.ND7:273, ND11:289, Capt William Carter, 1777.Captive:49-50, shows Capt John Carter’s vessel as a snow and the recapturing vessel to be Capt Fielding’s tender called the Buckram. It was taken into Halifax.

Lively (2).
GWNavy:235, British brig captured 30 Aug 1777 by the Lee. R77:109, this may be the vessel shown, Capt Ray, 1777.(These records of the Lively are confused and confusing.)

R77:407, British vessel, Capt Morris, Antigua to New York, dismissed, 1777.

SchV:42, British vessel of 20 guns, Capt R. Biggs, captured by the French fleet in the Bay of Biscay in 1778.Possibly U:162, 167.

 CTP:220, British pettiaugre, Capt Lindley Murray, prize of CT schooner Suffolk, Capt Ebenezer Dayton, 5 June 1778, one of four British vessels captured near Blue Point, Long Island.

CTP:103, 256, ND10:1207, British sloop, 40 tons, Capt Ambrose Cleveland, St Augustine to Liverpool, N. S., captured 12 May 1779 by CT schooner Gull, Capt Gurdon Burnham, tried 15 Jun 1779.

Felknor:25, New York City British privateer, captured in May 1779 by the Argo, Capt Silas Talbot.

FW3:602, British vessel, 20 guns, captured by Americans or French before Apr 1780.DaviesXIX:1039, XX:229, HMS, probably this vessel.Volo:257, 264.

English vessel, 20 guns, said to be taken during the Siege of Savannah in 1779, then reused by the French as L’Ivelly.Comm:131-133, in de Grasse fleet of 1781, with crew listing.It was at Chesapeake Bay, 1781.(This may be a confusing entry for the vessel captured in the Bay of Biscay the previous year.Searcy:48, 49, 57, 60-67, probably the vessel mentioned at Savannah.

CTP:264, British schooner, 35 tons, Capt John Corney, captured after 22 Sep 1782 by Capt Jabez Fitch and Capt Ebenezer Jones, Fairfield privateers.C256.

Clark:I:139, SchV:45, NavChronII:107, British sloop of war cruising off Cuba captured an American ship, but the American crew rose up against the British crew and overcame them, then took the ship into Havana, in 1782.

ND1:246, probably American sloop, Capt John Tillingshast/Tillingsboot, insurance policy drains on supplies, 29 Apr 1775.

ND1:1383, probably American sloop, 25 tons, 3 men, Capt Timothy Wadham, from New Providence to Annapolis with limes, pineapples, and mahogany lumber, 1775.It made non-British cargo declaration at Baltimore 18 Jul 1775.

ND1:368, schooner, Capt Holton Johnson, Salem to Philadelphia, cleared immediately for London, 19 May 1775.   ND3:288, schooner, probably Capt Johnson, owner ??? Higgins, captured by Capts Broughton and Selman, but released back to owner, Dec 1775.

ND1:102, sloop, Capt William Green, from St Eustatia, with contraband goods, seized by HMS Rose, 22 Feb 1775.

DaviesX:51, a British or American vessel, Master A. Thompson, considered to be a smuggler.

Coleman:52-53, apparently an American schooner which arrived in St Catherine’s Sound, GA, with illegal goods on board.The collector at Sunbury, James Kitching, seized the vessel, and sent the comptroller, Isaac Antrobus, on board to de-commission it.The Liberty Boys of Sunbury ordered Antrobus off the schooner, and were able to sail it away.

ND9:111, 193, 287, PA privateer brig, Capt Woolman Sutton, provisioned at Havana, captured three vesssels, June 1777, including Union.

ND5:994, schooner, privateer, probably American, active c 1777.

ND7:496, ND8:1063, American ship, Capt Benjamin Jenkins, captured by British Galatea, 16 Dec 1776.

ND7:810, British schooner, Capt Holmes, captured by Americans, 28 Dec 1776.

ND8:82-83, American sloop, Capt Jonathan Parsons, captured by British Unicorn, 24 Nov 1777.   Force:5:III:1524-25, ND11:126, American sloop, master Jonathan Parsons, Philadelphia to Newberry, captured in 1776 by British Unicorn, Capt John Ford, and condemned 9 Jan 1777 at Antigua.

Allen:208, LCP:154/155, NR:376, FordXVII:466, one or more MA privateer schooners, 2 guns, 20 men, Capt Michael Dupuy/Dupre of Marblehead in Jul 1777 (Record 329), owner Nathaniel Tracy of Newburyport; possibly under Capt Thomas Benson of Salem in Oct 1777, owners Samuel Page and Walter Price Bartlett of Salem; possibly under Capt Thomas Simmons in Dec 1777, with owners Page and Bartlett; and possibly under Capt Robert Brookhouse in Apr 1778, owners Samuel Page and Josiah Orne.Moved supplies from Bilbao for Gardoqui & Sons to America, order of Arthur Lee, 1777/78.  ND11:1080, probably the MA privateer schooner, Capt Michael Dupre, active, Mar 1778.

Captive:49, Allen:209, privateer schooner of Salem, MA, Capt David Ropes, 13 swivel guns, 40 men, owners Peter Lander and John Dutch, captured 10 Nov 1778 off Jeddore, N. S. by the British sloops Gage and Howe. (This may be one of those listed above.)C264.Billias:54, 55, 75.

NR:376, LCP:154/155, LM MD schooner, 8 guns, 12 men, Capt John Baldwyn, Oct 1778.

NR:376, LCP:154/155, LM MD brigantine, 12 guns, 30 men, Capt James Belt, May 1779.  NR:376, LCP:154/155, LM PA brig, 14 guns, 35 men, Capt James Belt, Nov 1779.Kaminkow:228, Capt James Belt, captured Aug/Oct 1780 by the British Jupiter.

Allen:209, Mill:139-140, MA privateer brig, 6 guns 16 men, Capt John Adams, 13 May 1779, owner Samuel Page; Capt John Leach, 20 Dec 1779, owner Samuel Page; Capt Benjamin Dunham, 7Aug 1780, owner Samuel Page and others;taken Sep 1780, crew sent to Mill Prison.Kaminkow:228, this may be the ship, court case Dec 1780 or prison entry date.Howe:430, privateer brigantine in operation in 1779.

Ford1780:466, Ford1781:98, French corvette from Brest, 24 guns, to Martinique, Oct 1778, then served in de Guichen’s fleet, then de Grasse’s fleet,captured 29 Jul 1781.

Allen:210, LCP:154/155, MA privateer schooner, 8 guns, 35 men, Capt George Ashby of Salem, 23 May 1781 (Record 350).

NR:377, CTP:145, LCP:154/155, LM CT sloop, 14 guns, 70 men, Capt Edward Latham, Mar 1781 (Record 792), took three prizes, itself captured off Montauk Point 8 Jul 1781.C180.NLHS:I:IV:29 shows also Capt Ezek Hopkins, Jr.

Captive:49, Allen:210, LCP:154/155, sloop, 8 carriage guns, 30 men, Capt John Augustus Dunn of Salem (Record 125), captured 8 May 1781 in Annapolis, N. S., Basin by British Buckram.

M880:4, schooner, Capt Thomas, from Rappahannock, supporting Yorktown, Oct 1781.

Paine:457, LCP:154/155, Salem, MA, brig, 8 guns, 35 men,Captains in turn George Ashby, John Augustus Dunn, and Nathaniel Brookhouse in Mar 1783.C98 shows Capt John Augusta Dunn captured 8 May 1782 by British armed schooner Buckram in Annapolis Basin.

Howe:424, privateer schooner, in action, 1782.

Howe:401, schooner under Capt Clouston taken in 1782 by the British frigate, Pandora.

NR:377, LCP:154/155, LM PA ship, 14 guns, 30 men, Capt Nathaniel Goodwin, Aug 1781 (Record 901).Captive:49, Allen:210, master Nathaniel Goodwin of Boston, 5 Jul 1781 (Record 469), captured before 18 Apr 1782 by HMS Pandora.

Robertson(1979):70, sloop of Nantucket, MA, also called Nick, captured by British in 1782 and taken into Jamaica.

McM:474, NJ privateer, 1782.

LCP:154/155), MAS1:42, MA sloop, 10 guns, 35 men, Capt Daniel Adams, active 20 Apr 1782 (Record 579).C1.

Klotz:83-84, one of the first American vessels to test post-war commercial relationships with Spain.It was probably one of the wartime vessels listed above.

Lively Bark.
DaviesXIII:294, American ship, captured off Delaware, by British Sloop Dispatch, May 1778.

Lively Buckskin.
R82I:238, American vessel, 70 tons, 11 men, taken in 1781 by British Nymphe, Amphion.

Lively Lass.
NLHS:I:IV:7, British ship of London, captured by CT privateers Revenge, Capt Joseph Conkling, and the American Revenue, sent into Boston, May 1778.

Lively Locus.
ND4:1175, British Sloop, Capt Moses Wayman, captured and libeled in MA by Apr 1776.

Live Oak.
ND4:172, ND5:211, ND7:645, British brig, Capt John Wallace, Lt, R. N.,from Glasgow, detained in Savannah Harbor, liberated 4 Mar 1776 by Capt Barkley and Major Grant, captured later by RI Navy privateer Diamond. Force:5:III:1529, ND7:139, 644, British brigantine, Capt James Wallace, Jamaica to London, 260 tons, captured 1776 by RI privateer Diamond.This may be the Live Oak, loaded with shoes, which were distributed to sailors noted in MAS.

Live Oak.
ND7:46, 60, 1273, ND11:800, British ship, 14 guns, 180 tons, Capt Leslie, Honduras to London, captured and libeled in NH, 24 Feb 1777.

Live Oak.
Force:5:III;1529, British vessel, Capt Duncan, Honduras to London, 120 tons, 1776.

Live Oak.
ND4:825, American brig, Capt Foster, captured by HM sloop Raven, Capt John Stanhope, near Savannah, 14 Apr 1776.

Live Oak.
ND10:1044, American brig, captured by convoy of Vice-Admiral Montague, 28 Nov 1777.

Live Oak.
ND9:81, brig, Capt Andrew Worth, Nicholas and John Browne owners, to make a trip to Charleston, c 1777.

Live Oak.
Maclay:90, Allen:210, Paine:457, NR:378, LCP:154/155, LM wartime MA privateer sloop, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt Samuel Tucker, 8 Nov 1782 (Record 235).

Live Oak.
ND9:724, brig, Capt Nicholas Martindale, renamed Robert.

ND4:957, frigate, French, Capt de Bausset, active in 1776.

Live Point.
ND3:584, sloop, Capt Moses Weyman or Samuel Webb, taken prisoner on trying to resupply British Army in Boston, sent to Plymouth jail 3 Jan 1776.

FW3:602, SchV:46, ND1:1347, ND2:1249, ND3:1008, ND4:1226, ND5:229, ND6:1424, ND7:965, ND8:1062, ND9:250, British HM frigate, 28 guns, Capt H. Bellew, R.N., lost in North America in 1777, crew saved.ND10:227, ND11:125, ran aground in Delaware River 29 Oct 1777. DaviesXII:62, 246, XV:71, ND10:506, British vessel, Capt Bellew, wrecked on Long Island, 11 Feb 1778.M:76/7, 204, 225, 233, 244, 265, 284.(There may have been two or more vessels of this name.The records are very confusing.)JA:5:23.DaviesXIII:560, HMS, XIV:38, 258, Volo:129, 174, 264, possibly this vessel.Nelson:322, British frigate, left MA Bay and was captured by Watts, Lynch.

GWNavy:180, 181, British vessel, captured by the Warren. ND10:270, British privateer vessel captured 24 Oct 1777.Coggins:206, British vessel, 28 guns, captured Warren 26 Aug 1776.

R77:109, British vessel, Capt Baird, Gibraltar to London, 1777.

CTP:207, ND10:1206, British sloop, 45 tons, Capt Jabez Cobb, sea coal, captured 17 Apr 1778 by CT schooners Retaliation, Fessey, tried 28 Apr 1778. C116.Silverstone:91.

McM:224, British schooner, Halifax to Antigua, prize of MA Pilgrim, 1781.

C122, British privateer, 16 guns, captured 7 Aug 1781 by the South Carolina, Capt Andrew Gillon.

Paullin:384, apparently an Cont. vessel, engaged the galley American 8 May 1776.

Allen:210, MA privateer sloop, Capt Nehemiah Story of Manchester, 17 May 1780.MAS listed crewmen.

Morison:271, American merchant ship, moving tobacco from VA to Groix Roads, 10 Feb 1780, escorted in last part of journey by Capt John Paul Jones in the Alliance. This ship saved a load of wine from a recaptured French barque (held by a Guernsey privateer), when the barque had to be sunk.

Robertson(1959):107, 154, letter sent by this sloop from Curaçao to Philadelphia in 1779, but the sloop was captured by Jamaican privateers on the way.

NR:378, LCP:154/155,C335, LM PA schooner, 4 guns, 20 men, Capt Townsend White, Oct 1779, Capt John Kelly, Nov 1780 (Record 1075).RM1:346, Robert Morris referred to this schooner as “my schooner,” in Jul 1781.FordXVIII:852, in Sep 1780, Robert Morris given the right to shares in a prize taken by this vessel, in consort with two or three other vessels.

Lizard (HMS).
ND1:1355, ND2:743, ND3:1008, ND4:1227, ND5:230, ND6:1424, ND7:964, DaviesXI:65, 175, XII:112, 246, British frigate, 20 guns, 150 men, Capt John Hamilton, R.N., at Quebec as of 27 Jan 1776.In 15 Jan 1777, it was in Howe’s fleet.ND10:409, it may have beeen the ship off Charleston, SC, 5 Nov 1777.This is possibly one of the small vessels in the St Lawrence River near Quebec City in 1776 which had been taken and retaken, at one time commanded by Lt John Starke.(See next entry for possible duplication.)

Lizard (HMS).
ND11:556, British warship, 28 guns 200 men, Capt Thomas Mackenzie, RN, captured several American vessels. M:353.DaviesXIV:58, XV:43, 66.Volo:264.Nelson:162

Allen:210-211, ND3:939, MA privateer armed sloop, 32 tons, Capt Joshua Hempstead, Jr, Jan 1776, Capt Benjamin Gorham, 8 Feb 1776, owner M. Stewart, to deliver soldiers to PA, then go to NC.

NR:378, LCP:154/155, ND11:457, LM PA boat, Capt John Harvie, Feb 1778.  VANavy:167, privateer boat, 1778, owned by John Campbell, John Harvie, & Comp.

ND10:664, 706, Allen:211, one to three MA privateer schooners, 4/6 guns, 8/10 swivels, 25/30 men, Capt William Steward, Sep 1777, owners Mungo MacKay and Thomas Adams of Boston ; Capt John Blackler, 27 Mar 1778; Capt John Barnard, Jul 1778, owners Mungo MacKay and William Shattuck.Under Capt Steward, captures included Ainslie, Sally.

NR:378, LCP:154/155, LM MD schooner, 4 guns, 10 men, Capt Paul Hussey, Mar 1780.

L’Jeune Bale.
ND11:448, American sloop, captured by British Racehorse, c 1778.

ND11:449, American schooner, captured by British Badger, Capt Charles H. Everitt,c 1777.

Lockhart Ross.
Capture:50, British ship captured by two French warships 20 Jul 1781 and sent to Boston, then recaptured the next day by two British vessels, Danae, Surprise, and sent to Halifax.

Rice:I:118n, French transport with de Ternay and Rochambeau in 1780, one of thirty.

ND4:957, French frigate, Capt de Bausset, at the Road of St Pierre, Martinique 6 Mar 1776.DaviesXIII:1112, French ship taken by British, 1777-78, possibly this one.

Fisher:766, probably a captured British vessel on which ME mariners served briefly.ND10:124, sloop, Capt Barzillai Swain,captured by Flora, 30 Oct 1777.ND6:476, 1071, shows Capt Hall, of the ship London. Volo:264.

Coggins:199, British vessel, 98 guns, finest vessel afloat captured by French Navy Squadron.

ND1:1025, 1191, VA tobacco trader, Capt Robertson, 20 Aug 1775 from VA to England.

ND11:739, New England brig, Capt Backliff, privateer in West Indies, arrived at New London 13 Mar 1778.ChapelleHL:118, merchantman, built in New York in 1778 or 1779.

R82I:117, French navy, 249 men, from Brest, Lt de frigate ??? Videau, captured in Dec 1781.

ND8:680, French ship, Capt Curronat, 1777.

Lonely Lass.
McM:27-28, British ship, prize of CT in MA, 1778.

McM:330, Antigua schooner privateer, 30 tons, 5 men, prize of PA Holker at Martinique, 1781.R82I:238, taken by British Pearl in 1781.

M:122, ND8:959, ND9:21, R77:109, DaviesXIV:73, British Army Transport bark, Capt James Gragson/Grayson, Whitehaven to Quebec, captured 8 Apr 1777 by MA privateer Tyrannicide and sent to Portsmouth, NH, libel filed against this vessel 24 Jun 1777.

Lord Amherst.
ND6:604, ND7:803, ND8:878, ND11:452, DaviesX:2110, XII:247, XIII:263, 964, XIV:63, 168, XVII:113, British ordnance transport, Capt John Geed, ordnance vessel captured AmericanDovec 1778.

Lord Camden.
ND1:1384, American ship, 200 tons, 12 men, Capt James Rogers, Cork to Baltimore with servants and passengers, 7 Aug 1775.ND9:444, FordXI:522, American ship, Capt George Geddes, owner Jacob Winey, captured by British Prince of Wales, 29 June 1777.Subsequent history is not clear, but it may have re-captured by the American Franklin, Commander John Turner.C300.Kaminkow:228, McD:309, PA ship of this name, Capt Henry Stoughton, re-captured before Jan 1781 by British Surprize Vestal.

Lord Chatham.
Mc:224, ND4:129, Morison:135, 166-7, Fowler:152, British ship, 300 tons, captured Apr 1778 by the Ranger, Capt John Paul Jones, and sent into Brest, France. JA6:61, 7:189,and many others.

Lord Chatham.
ND1:1393, ND2:711, VA brig, DaviesX:299, 300, Capt Nicholas Maingy, moved tobacco and staves from James River, VA to England and the Guernsey Islands, 12 Aug 1775.

Lord Dartmore/Dartmouth .
Howe:336,ND6:776, British vessel, 300 tons, seized at Danvers and libelled in Apr 1776 or 11 Sep 1776.

Lord Dungannon.
Capture:50, British brigantine captured 5 Mar by two privateers, Cumberland and Fanny, then sent to Boston, recaptured 6 April by British HMS Blond, and taken to Halifax.

Lord Grosvenor.
Mwhipple:92-97, British brig, Capt William Tyler, captured by Capt Abraham Whipple, then lost to the privateer Nancy from Jersey, then recaptured.

Lord Howe.
ND3:619, ND5:950, ND6:1343, ND7:1027, ND8:633, British transport, Lt Thomas Pringle, R. N., to be treated as an armed vessel, 20 Jan 1776, later in St Lawrence River, sailors later detached to serve on Lake Champaign.Davies:XII135, 246, HM armed ship transport.Volo:42, 157, DaviesXIV:62.Fowler:202.

Lord Howe.
Force:5:III:1529, ND4:1104, ND5:1110, ND6:153, CTP:279, ND10:812n, DaviesX:812, 1523, XIII:184, 679, XVI:1506, 1533, British ordnance transport from Glasgow, Capt Robert Parke, R. N., 200 tons, captured 18 Jun 1776, by the Lynch, Capt Ayers, and taken to Boston. GWNavy:233, Mc:129, British/Scottish transport ship of 200 tons captured 18 June 1776 by the Franklin. CTN:45, CTPR75/76:419, shows the capture by the CT Navy Defence, Capt Seth Harding, who had with him four schooners. Ford1778:598n.

Lord Howe.
Force:5:III:1529, ND6:1002, ND7:810, British sloop, Capt Elisha Coffin, captured at Newfoundland, 28 Dec 1776, libel against vessel 15 Oct 1776.

Lord Howe.
ND3:1324, British tender, being fitted out in Elizabeth River, VA 16 Feb 1776. Possibly ND4:755, Lt John Orde, RN, 7 Apr 1776.

Lord Howe.
NJNavy:212, ND11:230, British transport brigantine, 6 Jan 1778 a prize of NJ militia. R78:39, probably the transport captured in the Delaware in 1777/78.

Lord Howe.
FordXI:730, 791, British vessel, captured by fleet of Comte d’Estaing, included PA citizen Henry Straker, who had gone to Barbados in 1775 as part of a family business and had been unable to get back to the U. S.He had sailed on the British vessel while Philadelphia was in British hands and intended to pass into American jurisdiction once in Philadelphia.After his capture, he took the oath of allegiance.

Lord Howe.
ND10:733, ND11:80, British privateer vessel captured by American Retaliation, 13 Dec 1777.

Lord Howe.
CTP:54, British sloop, Capt William Price, captured Oct 1778 by CT sloop Beaver, Capt William Havens. C144-145.

Lord Howe.
CTP:240, British pilot boat for New York, captured in Jun 1779 by the CT sloop Washington, Capt Benjamin King, and privateer Gates.

Lord Howe.
Sands:203, British transport, Capt Thomas Woodhouse, sunk in the Battle of Yorkstown, Oct 1781.

Lord Howe.
Howe:352, British ship taken in 1782 by the Pilgrim in Boston Bay. McM:219 shows 1781.FW5:810, this may be the British frigate taken into Cadiz by Americans, holding both British and American sailors.The Spanish king allowed its cargo to be sold, and prisoners taken over by Americans.It does not sound like the same vessel.

Lord Hyde.
Sheppard:149, DaviesX:397, 2243, XII:84, 178, XIII:642, XIV:49, XV:116, 200, XVI:563,2876, British packet, 22 guns, 100 men, captured by the Thorn, Capt Samuel Tucker, 1780/81.

Lord Lifford.
ND6:1470, ND7:809, ND8:400, ND10:838n, ND11:148n Mwhipple:71, British brig, master John Jones, taken 28 Dec 1776, by the Columbus under Abraham Whipple and cargo sold 31 Oct 1776.Force:5:III:1529, Montserrat to Corke, 120 tons, 1776.

Lord Marchmont.
ND2:1348, British schooner, 70 tons, Capt George Oakes, from Antigua to Roanoke, 3 Mar 1775, with rum and sugar.

Lord Mulgrave.
Sands:203, British ship, 324 tons, Capt Andrew Easterly, was reported sunk by the British in the Battle of Yorkstown, Oct 1781; however, General Washington designated her to carry paroled British officers back to New York, which she did 5 Nov 1781; however, she was blown south to Charleston where her paroled officers were exchanged for French prisoners.She sailed back to the Chesapeake in 1782 but went aground on Willoughby Spit in Norfolk and was reported as a total loss.

Lord North.
 ND7:1003,  ND9:434, R77:109, British brig, Capt W. Martin, bound for Corke, captured by American Freedom, 1777.ND11:129, Antilles privateer ship captures American Fortune and condemns her 21 Aug 1777.

Lord Rockford.
ND6:667, Dandridge:49, British vessel, used as a prison ship, Capt Lambert, in 1776 in New York.

Lord Sandwich.
Possibly ND4:1004, British transport, 317 tons, 28 Mar 1776.ND7:261, M:133, British cartel exchanging prisoners in 1778.MAS, British prison ship in Newport, RI, which in Mar 78 moved prisoners to Bristol.

Lord Sandwich.
Mc:352, British packet captured Sep 1779 by the frigate Deane, Capt Samuel Nicholson, and sent to Boston.Possibly ND3:666.

Lord Sandwich.
Howe:350, British merchant ship captured in 1780 by the Pilgrim.

Lord Stanley.
Force:5:III:1529, 1527, British vessel, Capt Strickland, Leghorn to Dublin, 150 tons, taken by Americans 6 Nov 1776, then retaken by British Hope, 1776.ND7:56, may be a British snow.ND8:202, ND9:817, one British vessel of this name was used as a prison transport ship in 1777 and as a prison vessel at Halifax Harbor 26 Mar 1777.

Lord Stirling.
Allen:211-212, NR:378, LCP:154/155, LM MA privateer schooner, 4 guns, 30 men, Capt Wingate Newman of Newburyport, 16 Feb 1782 (Record 598); Capt Paul Stevens of Newburyport, 5 June 1782 (Record 194).

Lord’s Gift.
ND8:807, British brig captured by American Freedom, 21 May1777.

Le Lorging.
R77:407, British or French vessel, Yarmouth to Genoa, 1777.

Los Amigos del Pays.
LCP:154/155, PA LM ship, Capt Juan Josef de Asbula, (Record 958).

ND3:1041, vessel, Capt Payne, MD to Falmouth, arrived 20 Jan 1776.

ND6:162, Force:5:III:1426, American brig, master J. Colston, Macchias to Tortola, captured 13 Aug 1776 by British Viper.

ND5:747, probably American vessel, arrives at St. Dominique 25 June 1776.

Louis Le Grand.
Allen:212, Paine:457, Salem, MA privateer ship, 18 guns, 100 men, 1782.

Louisa Ulrica.
ND11:753, 806, American or allied vessel, Capt Peter Arvidson, captured by British Senegal, 18 Mar 1778.

ND11:394, French schooner, Capt Pierre Guilband, captured 20 Feb 1778 by British Daphne, libeled 11 Mar 1778, condemned 8 Apr 1778.

R76III, Emmons:40/41, British ship, Capt Cowman, Jamaica to London, 180 tons,captured by the Andrea Doria under Capt Biddle.

ND8:611-12, probably British ship, Capt John Wellen, 1777.

R77:236, American vessell, from Cape Nichola, Capt Benjamin Jenkins, captured by British in 1777.

ND11:1127, American schooner from Boston, Capt Peter Doliver, in Bay of Cadiz, 15 Feb 1778.

Lovely Betsey.
ND3:1055, Capt Robert Farquhar, owner, permit from SC Council of Safety to go into Kayawa River to load rice, 30 Jan 1776.

Lovely Julia.
Coggins:103, Silverstone:20, schooner in SC Navy, 1776.

Lovely Lass.
R77:109, British vessel, Capt Polluck, Glasgow to Jamaica, captured 1777.

Lovely Lass.
CTP:51, 208, British ship London to New York, Capt Wade, captured 11 May 1778 by CT sloop American Revenue, assisted by sloop Revenge.C55, 69.

Lovely Lass.
Possibly ND5:595, Robertson(1959):84, 87, 145, ND4:804, ND6:1169, sloop owned by Kingston, Jamaica, merchants trading with the American colonies, Capt James Bodrick, captured in 1776 by British Maidstone and condemned in Admiralty Court.

Lovely Lass.
ND5:833, schooner, Capt James Smith, probably American, at St Eustatia, 29 June 1776.

Lovely Lass.
ND5:648, American schooner, Capt John Taylor, owner Mr. Donaldson, permit 14 May 1776 to go down Delaware River and Bay.ND5:833, loaded out at St Eustatia for return, 29 Jun 1776, and showing Capt as James Smith.

Lovely Lass.
Capture:50, ND10:67, Newbury to West Indies, master Abram Toppan/Topper, captured 8 Oct 1777 east of Cape Ann by HMS Flora.

Lovely Marie/Maria.
R80I:352, French polacre from Marseilles, captured in Dec 1779.

Lovely Mary.
ND6:1439, ship, Capt John Coghlan, probably British, at Bristol 28 Oct 1776.

Lovely Meriam.
ND8:1054, R77:232, American ship, Capt Seth Ewill, from St Eustatia, captured by British Brune 18 Jan 1777.

Lovely Nancy.
Appeals:xxxxii, 162:4:38, FordXII:1065, the schooner vs Samuel Ingersoll, NJ case appealed Oct 1778.

Lovely Nelly.
Force:5:III:1529, ND6:1471, ND7:809, British brigantine, Capt William Sheridan, captured with libel filed 19 Nov 1776.

Lovely Peggy.
Mc:521, ND10:949, R77:407, British brig, Capt Fitzgerald, Waterford to Newfoundland,captured by the Continental sloop Independence 7 Sep 1777 but retaken by the British.

Lovely Rose.
Robertson(1959):64, 69, in 1779 owned by a Frenchman of St Eustatius, condemned in court.It had previously been captured and sold in Jamaica.

Lovely Sally.
NR:379, LCP:154/155, LM PA brigantine, 12 guns, 45 men, Capt Nicolas Vallance, Mar 1782 (Record 935).

ND8:162, ND11:449, American schooner captured by British Badger, Capt Charles H. Everitt, 20 Mar 1777.

Lowestoffe (HMS).
ND6:450, in port and ready for commissioning, 21 Jun 1776.ND8:830, ND9:329, ND10:553, ND11:452, British ship, Capt William Locker, RN, captured several American vessels, including the Resolution, 29 Nov 1777.Volo:264.Miller:35.

Lowestoffe’s Prize.
ND10:632, ND11:72, brigantine, formerly the American Resolution, Lt Charles Jordan, R. N., apparently captured 26 Nov 1777.

Griffin:169, 174, mentioned in Congressional Committee report on lost ships in 1782, later captured by the British.

Mc:146, ND7:645, ND8:187, 319, British ship, Capt Basil McConnell,captured 26 Apr 1776 or Oct 1776 by the Cabot, Capt Elisha Hinman.Force:5:III:1529, Capt Cowman, Jamaica to London, 180 tons.

Loyal American.
Allen:212, MA privateer sloop, 10 guns, 45 men, Capt William Grinnell of Boston, 4 Feb 1778, owner Philip Moore, merchant of Boston.JA6:277.

Loyal Briton.
ND2:19, ND5:706, British brigantine, Capt Frederick Sterling, seized by Machias colonists.

Loyal Briton.
ND9:736, ND10:1204, British brig, 100 tons, St John River to Boston, captured by Capt Stephen Smith, trial 6 Aug 1776.Possibly ND5:706.

Loyal Convert.
Fowler:200, 201, 202, ND6:1344, ND7:955, ND9; 49, ND10:141, gondola, 7 guns, Midshipman Ponsonby Cox, R. N., captured from Americans in the St Lawrence River, then used by British on Lake Champlain in Oct 1776.Its seamen were sent to Lake Champaign, Apr 1776.DaviesXII:238.Volo:211, Capt Edward Longcroft.Chapelle:102, 114.Coggins:54.

Mc:110, Neeser:152, British privateer brig, captured Nov 1778 by the Revenge of Dunkirk, Capt Conyngham, and sent to Martinique.

SchV:44, British vessel, 14 guns, Capt R. Williams, captured 30 Jul 1781 by the French in the Chesapeake.Dandridge:187, VANavy:161, Capt John Hardyman, prize taken from British by the French and sold to VA, in operation 1781-86 as a transport.Silverstone:92.Paullin:415.

Loyal Subject.
ND11:689, British LM brig, Capt Andrew Syme, captured several American vessels.

ND4:1304, British schooner, Capt Daniel White, 15 tons, captured and libeled in MA, May 1776.

Mc:367, ND9:862, ND11:280, British schooner, Capt Henry Atkins, captured 21 Aug 1777 by the sloop Providence, Capt John Peck Rathbun, and sent to New Bedford, MA.ND11:782, this schooner may later have been a Continental trading schooner.Those who held shares in Loyalty also held shares in an unidentified vessel designated Wreck.

NR10:1209, British sloop, Capt Talone, 40 tons, Penobscot to Halifax, taken by the MA privateer Scammel, trial 25 Jun 1782.

PCOII:13, American schooner, Oct 1778, Capt Whippey, active moving flour from MD to Boston.

Allen:212, MA privateer, Augil 1779, captured the Sally, Capt Lucas, Newfoundland to Oporto, and sent her to Boston, according to London newspapers.

Kaminkow:228, American vessel, Capt William Randall, captured before Sep 1782.

Appeals Case 64, PA cutter involved in Nov 1779 case of Gardner vs brig Seahorse.

ND4:68, sloop, 20 tons, Capt Alexander Huling, owner John Browne of Providence, bond issued 24 Feb 1776 for voyage in ballast to Philadelphia.

Luck and Fortune.
NR:379, LCP:156/157, LM PA boat, 1 gun, 20 men, Capt Enoch Willets, Sep 1781 (Record 910).

ND1:245, ship, Capt Roberts, from Portsmouth, arrived at Antigua in 17 days, 29 Apr 1775, then he went to Jamaica.

ND7:1215 shows a Capt Bishop for a British schooner Lucretia.

ND2:1350, 1358, American sloop, 22 tons, Capt William Barron, St Eustatia to Roanoke, in ballast, 10 Aug 1775.This seems to be the same sloop which had departed earlier 5 June 1775 under Capt E. Humphreys for Antigua with shingles and staves.

McM:317, PA brig, 1777.

ND11:451, American brig captured by Winchelsea, c 1778.

R77:233-234, ND6:616, 1144, ND8:1058, American sloop, Capt Jacob Surly/Serley, from Bourdeaux, France, captured by British Chatham on 14 Jan 1777.

Mill:137, Kaminkow:228, privateer sloop, Capt Seth Cleaveland and Daniel Rhodes, taken Jul 1778, and 2 of its crew to Mill Prison.It was from South Carolina, retaken by Americans a few days later, and recaptured again by the British Grasshopper, Cygnet, Seaford 18 Jul 1778.C61.

Capture:50, Mc:366, R77:407, ND7:733, ND8:163, ND9:22, ND10:567, ND11:229, British brigantine, Capt Nathaniel Watson, Corke to Quebec, captured 19 May 1777 by the privateer sloop Providence, Capt Jonathan Pitcher, then sent to Boston, but recaptured under Capt Nathaniel Watson on 5 June 1777, by British ships Amazon, Orpheus, Juno near Cape Cod.Capt Watson may have recaptured Suffolk, 9 Nov 1776.

R77:407, British vessel, Capt Nichols, Liverpool to Jamaica, 1777.

McM:438, British brig, prize ransom of the Black Prince of Dunkirk, 1779.

McM:341, British/Tory sloop of SC, prize of PA sloop Comet, 1778.

ND2:1376, American schooner, Capt Benjamin Eddy, captured with sugar and molasses, by the British Swan, & HMS Lively, Sep 1775.

CTP:7, CT sloop, Capt Richard Reynolds, New London to West Indies for salt, 16 Dec 1776.

Capture:51, ND10:124, ND11:184-185, schooner from Boston, SC to Boston, master Nathaniel Thare/Rose, captured on Georges Bank 12 Sep 1777 by British HMS Scarborough, Lark.

Capture, ND11:184-185, sloop captured 28 Aug 1777 off Seguin Island by British HMS Rainbow’s tender the Spitfire.Master and people were put on shore.

ND9:193, American schooner, Capt Thomas Ridley, captured by British Daphne, 28 May 1777.

ND11:622-23, Capt Richard Reynolds, captured by British Glasgow, Capt Thomas Pasley, 12 Mar 1778.

ND11:674, NR:370, CTP:146, LCP:156/157, NLHS:I:IV:29, LM CT sloop, 4 guns, 20 men, Capt Thomas Sellew/Sallew, Dec 1777 (Record 683), took four or five prizes, and was itself captured in 1779.

Capture:51, schooner, Plymouth to St Francis, master Seth Smith, captured 16 Dec 1778 off St George’s Banks by British armed sloop York.

CTN:125, 127, CT sloop, Capt Giles Sage of Middletown, CT, captured 6 Feb 1779, by the British Navy sloop Mars and sent into New York.C268, the American captives took over the Mars and went back to CT, taking the Mars to Guilford, but the Lucy was gone.

Capture:51, schooner, Dartmouth to Plymouth, master ??? Holmes, captured 20 June 1780 off Cape Cod by LM schooner Lucy of Liverpool, and the captured vessel was sent to Liverpool.

Allen:212, Paine:457, NR:379, LCP:156/157, Salem, MA privateer brigantine, 12 guns, 25 men, Capt Stephen Clay of Boston, 8 Nov 1780 (Record 308), owners Benjamin West and others of Salem.

ND9:355, schooner, Capt George Rapall, captured by British Amazon, 31 Jul 1777.

ND6:653, Capt Darling, probably American whaler, arrives at Newport 2 Sep 1776.Earlier, an American whaler had been at Santa Lucia, West Indies, with 400 barrels of oil.

La Luisa.
A2:VI:48, 73, and A2:VII:42, probably a Spanish schooner visiting New Orleans in 1776 and 1777.

Smith:240, Kaminkow:229, McPA:351, Morison:291, 304, C60, PA brig, Capt Joseph Clark, captured by the British Farmer before Dec 1780.The Luke had attempted in 1780 to sail from France to America along with John Paul Jones in the Ariel but had to turn back after being dismasted.Ford1781:319.

LG:619, French corvette from Brest, 6 guns,in D’Orvilliers fleet in 1779.

Kaminkow:229, C149, American vessel, Capt James Heydon, re-captured by British Alemena and Kite, before Aug 1782.

Lusanna and Susanna are frequently read as the same.Also see Susanna.

NR10:1205, British brigantine, Capt Mathew Wood, 70 tons, London to Halifax, captured by the McClary, 8 Dec 1777.ND9:587, Lt Walter Long

JA5:366, American brig, 1778.

Lux:178n20, ship,

La Luz.
A3:XI:28, 29, frigate, probably Spanish visited New Orleans c 1781.

DaviesXVI:226, 1342, Barnes:xxxiv, American privateer ship, Capt Thomas Bell, at L’Orient, France in 1780.Barnes:82, this ship may also be recorded as Lusanne. Several carpenters from this vessel worked on the Ariel after it was wrecked in a storm.

NR:379, LCP:156/157, LM MD schooner, 6 guns, 17 men, Capt Peter Sharpe, Sep 1780.Eller:277, captured in the Bay in Nov 1780 by the New York privateer Trimmer, Capt Phillips.

Mill:209, ship taken 4 Apr 1781, crew to Mill Prison 6 Jul 1781.Kaminkow:229, court case probably May 1781.

Luzerne, 20 guns.
Morison:272, 293, Clark:I:year 1782, a ship, Capt Green, which left Havana with the Alliance, Commodore Barry, and they engaged three British ships.

Force:5:III:1529, ND3:1041, ND7:439, 453, 839, 915, ND8:742, British ship, Capt Thomas Deane, Jamaica to Liverpool, captured by American schooner Harlequin, Capt James Handy, 1776/77. It was libeled, condemned 4 Apr 1777, and sold to MD.C137.Possibly U:120-121.

CTN:45, 51, ND8:339, 353, 1019, ND9:360, ND10:639, CTP:296, 297, 301, British barque, 10 guns, Liverpool to Pensacola, captured 12 Mar 1777 or 22 May 1777, by CT Navy Defence, Capt Samuel Smedley. ND10:812, bark, captured by Defence and sold 31 Jul 1777.R77:407, ND11:660, Capt James Evans, Liverpool to Jamaica, 1777.C283.

ND10:598, probably British ship, Capt Moore, active 1777.

ND10:1209, British schooner, Capt Lewis, 14 tons, Nova Scotia fisherman, taken by the Wadsworth, trial 22 Feb 1781.

ND4:1173, American schooner, 5 men, sailing from Salem captured by British Hope 20 Apr 1776.ND6:1125, shows capture by Lively, Milford, Hope, delivery & entry 20 Oct 1776.

Capture:52, ND5:1095-96, schooner, bound to West Indies, captured before 24 June 1776 off Cape Ann, probably by British Renown, Capt Francis Banks, taken to Halifax and condemned.

ND5:858, ND6:7, Silverstone:19, PA Navy victualler, Capt James Simpson, sailors paid 1 Aug 1776.

ND8:8, American sloop, Capt Ezekiel Dennis, returns from Hispanolia 1 Mar 1777.

ND8:161, ND11:449, American sloop captured by British Winchelsea, Capt N. Bateman, Jan 1777 or 20 Mar 1777 at Jamaica.JA5:246.ND11:449, 453, this may be the same sloop named as Lidia, Capt Ute, from New London, captured by Winchelsea, c 1778.

ND8:797, ND10:1131, CC:M247, R110, #83, American merchant ship, Capt William Andrews, active moving military supplies from Cadiz, 20 Dec 1777.FordXVII:466, supplies from Gardoqui & Sons of Bilboa to America, by order of Arthur Lee, 1777/78.

ND8:125, ND9:132, MD state ship, Capt John Kilty, cruised Potomac River 15 Mar 1777.

American schooner captured 27 June 1777 by British Senegal.

ND9:144, American sloop which had been captured by British, recaptured by American Wasp and sold at Chincoteague Inlet, MD, 19 June 1777.Ford1777:480

Schooner employed by the CT Navy sold at the Coffee House in Philadelphia 11 Dec ???

ND10:590, CTRec:605, NLHS:I:IV:29, CT privateer sloop, 4 guns, 15 men, Capt Joseph Williams, 1777.  NR:379, CTP:146, LCP:156/157, LM CT sloop, 4 guns, 15 men, Capt Joseph Williams, Nov 1777 (Record 670), took at least one prize 13 Aug 1778.C188, CTP:173,another Lydia Capt was Jabez Lord of CT.

ND10:230, 628, ND11:3336, NC privateer sloop, Capt Benjamin Appleton, captured U/I ship with slaves, 1777, then herself captured by British Daphne 20 Oct 1777.

ND10:571, 796, ND11:311, MD Navy trading ship, Capt Ignatius Fenwick, captured by British Richmond, Solebay, 9 Feb 1778, and sent to New York.

Coggins:100, Paullin:389, PANavy:351, C280, 321, victualing schooner in PA Navy, PA Capt James Simpson, Dec 1776, Capt Philip Vert/Wert, Sep 1777, sold 11 Dec 1778.

Capture:51-52, Allen:212, MA privateer brigantine from Boston, 4 guns, 20 men, from Hispaniola to Salem, master Joshua Grafton, captured 6 Apr 1778 off George’s Banks by HMS Diamond, owners Samuel Page and Waler P. Bartlett.

Allen:212, MA privateer schooner, Capt Thomas Simmons, Apr 1778.

McM:349, PA privateer ship, purchased in1779 at St Eustatia by Capt Thomas Truxton and sent with rum and salt to Philadelphia, but she got to Virginia.Truxton changed her name to Independence.

Ford1780:466, vessel.

Capture:52, schooner captured in Nantasket Road before 27 June, year not stated.Kaminkow:229, this may be the ship captured April 1781.

NR:380, LCP:156/157, LM PA brigantine, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt Joshua Allen, Aug 1781 (Record 904).

NR:380, LCP:156/157, LM PA schooner, 4 guns, 18 men, Capt Peter De Russy, June 1782 (Record 963).

TLG(1783), American sloop, captured 7 or 9 Jan 1783 in the West Indies by HMS Jupiter (or the HMS La Fortuneé. Prize shares were paid out in Jul 1783.

ChapelleHL:79, Cont. sloop, built 5 May 1753.

10 guns, 1775-76. GWA:702, ND3:1077, ND4:608, ND5:908, ND6:1145, ND7:1242, Smith:34, Allen:212, Fowler:57, C20, 35, schooner hired to be part of Washington's New England Navy, 1775, Capt Nicholas/Nicholson Broughton, then Capt John Ayers.Maclay:64, 65, also called The Three Johns, carried 6 guns and 70 men, made 10 prizes in 1775. ND8:866, ND9:391, ND10:1013, 1014, ND11:866, MA schooner packet, Capt John Adams, captured by British Foudroyant, 10/19 May 1777, or 21 Nov 1777. C299.Ford1776:835, 870.Billias:93.Volo:152, 161, 174, Cont. schooner.Silverstone:14.Paullin, served 1775-1776.Chapelle:54.Nelson:286.Coggins:206.

C50, Continental brig, 16 guns, 100 men, Capt John Carnes, June 1778.

Morison:161n, ND1:1267, ND2:1150, HM sloop of war, Capt Alexander Scott, captured by Continental privateer Cromwell in May 1776 and taken into Philadelphia.

Lynx (HMS).
ND3:570, ND4:705, ND5:1373, ND6:409, ND10:722, British sloop, 10 guns, 40/80 men, Capt Robert Keeler, RN, captured American Good Intent, Hunter, 3 Apr 1777.

Lynx (HMS).
ND8:872, ND9:387, British sloop, Capt Francis Parry, RN, cruised against American privateers 10 June 1777.

 Villiers:282, shows a navire of St Malo, port of Brest, in police d’assurance.Other references show a French frigate involved in the Siege of Savannah, 1779.

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