Granville Hough's Ship Listing G


by Granville W. Hough


In the following listings of vessels, boats were small open vessels propelled by oars or sails and included whaleboats, longboats, cutters, barges, flatboats, shallops, and similar vessels. They operated close to shore. Brigs and brigantines were two-masted vessels, most capable of transatlantic voyages. A brig could be rigged as a brigantine. Galleys were low, single-decked vessels propelled by oars or sails which were used for coastal and river defense. Schooners were small vessels of two or more masts rigged fore and aft, capable of carrying guns and fighting at sea. Sloops were small single-masted vessels rigged fore and aft. Pilot boats were light sloops required in harbors. Ships were ocean-going vessels of three or more masts, though large brigs or schooners were sometimes listed as ships. Ships used for prisons by the British and by the Americans were generally de-masted hulks. Prison ships are included as their records of prisoners are valuable.

Gaff Fish/Fisffh.
Capture:33, a Casco Bay schooner, master and owner ??? Eaton/Yeaton, captured by British tender of the Allegiance 28 May 1781 and taken to Halifax.

ND7:229, ND11:83, British/Nova Scotia sloop, captured a MA privateer near Bay of Fundy 21 Oct 1777.

McPA:305, American schooner captured by Tories in the Chesapeake, then recaptured by PA vessels, Aug 1780.

Galatea (HMS).ND5:1372, ND6:1239, ND7:964. ND8:370, ND10:400, ND11:126, British warship, 24 guns, 300 men, Capt Thomas Jordan, RN, captures and condemns Mermaid, 4 Apr 1777.The Galatea captured many other American vessels, Oct 1777.ND3:370, ND4:1010, this may be the frigate Galathea (HMS), Lt William Augustus Merrick, at Deptford 6 Apr 1776.M:15, 36, 45.DaviesXII:246, XIII:1697, 1794, XIV:61, 203, XV:42, 109, XVII:234, XVIII:236, XX:62, 153.JA9:320.Fowler:144.Paullin:350.Coggins:166, sailed for Penobscot 3 Aug 1779.

Volo:112, American Cont. sloop of war, 18 guns.Fowler:117.

Villers:305, French frigate at St Domingue in 1782, escorted convoy from Cap Française back to France.

ND9:349, British armed schooner, Capt Richard Pearson, at Bay of Fundy 29 Jul 1777.

SchIV:345, 358, Spanish warship, 70 guns, in Second Armada, then in Nov 1780 at Cadiz.It took part in 13/14 Sep 1782 attack on Gibraltar.

ND11:869, 946, Spanish Navy ship of the line, 70 guns, was fitting out in Ferrol, Spain in Jan, 1778, and it and two snows were ready in late Jan to sail to Cadiz, Spain.SchIV:371, 384-385, damaged in Feb 1781.C&C:111, Spanish warship taking part in 1781 in Battle of Pensacola.

Galley Lion.
NR10:1209, American privateer operating off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1782.

El Gálvez/Gálveztown.
Lux:178n20, DaviesXX:136, Spanish brig and three row galleys in the West Indies, entered the harbor at Pensacola, 18 Mar 1781.C&C:36, 40, 52, 54, flagship for Bernardo de Gálvez at the Battle of Pensacola.This vessel had also taken part in the Battle for Mobile in Jan 1780.A2:X:48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 55, and A3:XIV:30, refer to El Gálvez, and A3:XI:27, refer to Galveztown, so it is possible there were two vessels.

Mc:151, CTP:54, 107, 153, British privateer sloop, Capt Charles Letelier, captured April/May 1779 by CT forces, including the privateer sloop Hancock and sloop Beaver..

ND2:1316, ND3:1422, ND4:1422, American sloop, issued bond at Salem, MA 7 Dec 1775.

Allen:141, ND3:52, 63, MA privateer armed vessel, 20 tons, Capt Peter Roberts, 11 Dec 1775.Ford1776:943.This vessel seemed to be from Newburyport.

ND7:129, 181, 922, RI Privateer sloop, Capt Timothy Peirce, in 1776 captured Hancock and Adams 11 Jan 1777.

NR:307, CTP:10, 93, LCP:96/97 (Record 659), ND5:316, ND10:589, LM CT sloop, 6 guns, 50 men, 42 tons, Capt Lemuel Brooks, May 1776, captured on first cruise and sent into Newport. C35, captured by British frigate Cerberus.

McM:68, NLHS:I:IV:28, CT privateer ship, 1779.NR:307, CTP:93, LCP:96/97, LM CT schooner, 6 guns, 16 men, Capt Sanford Thompson, Jun 1779, took one prize (Record 724).CTP:240, another 1779 Capt was Gideon Olmstead.Possibly JA5:242, 243, American Privateer sloop.

Dandridge:186, VANavy:165, privateer sloop of the VA Navy, Capt John Cox, 1781.

Allen:141, Paine:456, NR:307, LCP:96/97, LM, Salem, MA privateer schooner, 30 tons, 8 guns, 30 men, Capt Richard Smith of Salem, 27 Aug 1781 (Record 489).

NR:307, CTP:93, LCP:95/97, C260, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT schooner, 4 guns, 30 men, Capt David Roberts, Sep 1781 (Record 806), burned at New London during Arnold’s Raid.

Allen:141, MA privateer schooner, 20 tons, 4 guns, 15 men, Capt Thomas Coburn, 1 Jan 1783.This seems to have been a Salem schooner, possibly same as the one in 1781.

Game Cock.
Nelson:69, Cont. ship, Capt Abraham Whipple, captured 23 prizes.

LG:307, French vessel operating off the coast of France during wartime.

NR:308, LCP:96/97, LM PA sloop, 6 guns, 15 men, Capt William Budden, Sep 1779.

Force:5:III:1528, ND2:757, ND4:960, ND7:465, ND8:55-56, British transport, Capt Levi Preston, from London, 1776, captured by American Polly 9 Jan 1777, purchased by MA Board of War, renamed Gruel, 8 Mar 1777.

Garland (HMS).
ND5:1372, ND6:1424, ND7:956, ND8:1037, ND9:35, ND10:191, ND11:557, British ship, 20 guns, 160 men, Capt Richard Pearson, dismantled in the Cul de Sac at Quebec on the St Lawrence River 5 June 1777, back on Lake Champaign, Oct 1777.DaviesXIII:1048, 2272, XIV:61, 180, XV:66, 229, XVI:2511, 2756, XVII:148, XVIII:230, XIX:794, XX:171, 173.Chapelle:45.

Rice:I:226, French vessel which Berthier reported he encountered in the tropics.

Mill:141, Kaminkow:225, sloop taken 12 Mar 1781 at St Eustatius, crew sent to Mill Prison, 4 May 1781.Lux:178n20, this may be the Gaston, shown as a ship.

R77:407, British vessel, Capt Thoburn, Africa to West Indies, 1777.DaviesX:2419, this may be the vessel suspected of carrying illegal goods.

Silverstone:91, British 6 gun brig captured Nov 1775.

C56, Cont. ship of war, Capt Robert Chase, Mar 1776. Ford1776:903.

Gaspee (HM).
HM1:279, 623, 1010, 1347, ND1:785, ND2:1162, schooner burned June 1772 in Narrangansett Bay, by the Sons of Liberty of Providence under Capt Whipple, before the Rev. War began, but frequently mentioned as a provocation.Ford1776:744.DaviesXIII:473, XVI:1233 payments for destruction, 1779/1780.U:156.

ND1:4, 88, 785, 1113, 1259, ND2:1168,ND3:1007, 1401, ND4:450, 1226, ND5:230, ND6:230, DaviesXI:76, 185, XII:135, 137, HM brig/schooner, 102 tons, Lt William Hunter, RN, taken by Americans at St John Island as of Mar 1776, and sunk in Quebec Campaign, but believed recovered by refloating, May 1776.ND5:230, 950, 1362, ND6:1345, ND7:985, Lt George Wilson in St. Lawrence River in July 1776.(The ND6 entry shows Lt George Scott, RN.DaviesXIV:61.McDowell:20, British revenue cutter boarded by RI smugglers 9 Jun 1772.ChapelleHL:83, purchased by Royal Navy in 1763.Coggins:20.

Fowler:108, schooner, probably French.

ND11:1126-1127, French merchantman, Capt Pierre Crispin Nicolas, in Mar 1778 sent to the American Southern colonies.

SchV:61, Annual Register 21:182, French East Indiaman, 20 guns, 90 men, captured in 1778 by two or three Liverpool privateers, and arrived near Portsmouth 4 Oct.A French general was on board, and the vessel and cargo was valued at 500,000 livres ?She had on board the additional cargo of another East Indiaman which had been wrecked.

Kaminkow:225, captured May, 1781.

Gates, 8 guns.
GWA:703, C56, 307, 8 guns, 16 swivels, 1776.ND6:1344, ND8:954, CTN:153, Paullin:518, galley in Lake Champlain in 1776, 8 guns, 16 swivels, 45 men, CT Navy Capt Stephen G. Thatcher, Aug 1776.CTN:154, 158, CT Capt Frederick Chappell’s Company, part of Arnold’s flotilla on Lake Champlain, burned 13 Oct/Dec 1776.C73, NY galley, 8 guns, Capt Nathan Cooper, Lake Champlain, destroyed Feb 1777.ND9:174, Cont. Navy row galley at Ticonderoga 26 June 1777.(From the confusing entries, there appear to have been several vessels with the Gates name.)Volo:211.Paullin:518, one entry for a galley.

Howe:432, privateer sloop operating in 1778 under Capt Jacob Oliver of Beverly.Allen:141, Foote:105, privateer sloop, 10 guns, 10 swivels, commanded by Thomas Smith and navigated by 36 men from Salem, captured in 1778 and men sent to Forton Prison until 14 Oct 1780.Owners were Henry Rust and others of Salem.

NR:308, CTP:94, 209, CTN:154, 214, LCP:96/97, LM CT sloop, 8 guns, 40 men, Capt Timothy Sage, Sep 1779, took one prize (Record 775).

C196, MA vessel, Capt Philip Marrett, Jan 1779. Allen:47, MA privateer brig, petitioner Joseph Cutler of Newburyport, asking permission to sail in 1780.C219, MA brigantine, Capt Joseph Newman, Aug 1780.

NR:308, LCP:96/97, LM RI boat, 1 gun, 7 men, Capt John Humphrey, May 1781 (Record 655).

 Kaminkow:225, American vessel, crew members to British prison by May 1781.

ND11:431, Jamaican/British LM, Capt William Chambers, captured Trial, Washington, 25 Feb 1778.

ND1:1, 1361, ??? brig, 50 tons, 7 men, Capt John Harrison, active in 1774-75, Annapolis to Liverpool, wheat and staves.The brig cargo sounds British.

VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Amsterdam, 68 guns 450 men, still not completed in 1782, but under Rear Admiral W. Van Braam, captured by British in 1799.

ND7:468, SC Privateer schooner, Capt Samuel Stone, Dec 1776.

General Armstrong.

General Arnold.
Apparently a schooner acquired by the Marine Committee in 1776, then used as a Cont. packet to Europe.In 1778 she returned from Bordeaux to Boston, captained by John Ayers of MA.Silverstone:15, purchased to carry despatches, out of service c 1778.

General Arnold.
NR:308, LCP:96/97, LM MA brigantine, 20 guns, 120 men, Capt James Magee, May/Dec 1778 (Record 699).McM:197-201, Maclay:132, driven ashore by storm near Plymouth, Dec 1778 or early 1779, 75 men died from freezing and exposure, 34 got ashore.

General Arnold.
C259, MA vessel, 18 guns, Capt Francis Roach, Jun 1779, captured and taken to FL.

General Arnold.
C98, 340, JA7:391, MA schooner, 4 guns, 8 swivels, 25 men, Capt John Willson, Dec 1777, Capt Isaac Dunton, Jun 1778.Chapelle:78.

General Arnold.
CC:M247, R110, #83, FW4:112, Capt Jenkins, dispatches from Madrid to Virginia, Nov 1780.Cont. packet, Capt James Kirkwood, in Aug 1778 moved military supplies from Cadiz to America.Capt John Ayers of MA as Capt at the end of 1778.PCOII:59, Capt Obe listed as Capt.Ford1779:52.JA7:391, American schooner, possibly this packet, or it may have been an MA schooner.

General Arnold.
Mc:158-163, PCOII:85, ND10:564, MA or NH ship of 250 tons owned by Nathaniel Tracey, commanded in 1779 by Capt Moses Brown until captured in June by the British ship of 50 guns, the Experiment, and carried into New York.

General Burgoyne.
CTP:48, British sloop, 90 tons, Capt John Smith, headed for Lloyds Neck, Long Island for fuel, captured 3 Sep 1777 by the CT sloop Abigail, Capt Acklin Riley.

General Carleton.
ND10:546, allegiance not clear, Capt Surman, being repaired 19 Nov 1777.

General Clinton.
ND:654, ND5:174, British sloop, formerly Hetty, seized at Charlestown Bay by Americans 3 Apr 1776 or 30 May 1776.

General Conway.
ND7:730, ND9:662, British storeship, captured by unnamed American vessel 15 Jan 1777, storage accounts as of 26 Sep 1777 under R. Thorsby.DaviesXIII:41, 1035.

General Dalling.
Kaminkow:225, American vessel, Capt Robert Spears, captured before Nov 1779, with crew members to British prison.

General Gadsden.
MD9:942, ND9:942, MALM privateer brig, 16 guns, Capt George Lacey, was captured by the British Galatea 19 Sep 1777, and condemned at New York, c 1777.

General Gadsden.
M:111, ND9:942, C156, in 1778 MA privateer brig, 16 guns, 70 men, Capt John Horn of RI, Aug 1778. from Nantucket.

General Gage (HM).ND3:1134, ND4:1364, British sloop, Capt George Sibles, captured American Sally 14 Feb 1776, and may have captured other American vessels.

General Gálvez.
Allen:144, Paine:456, NR:309, LCP:98/99, LM MA privateer ship, 18 guns, 40 men, Capt Thomas Smith of Salem, 20 Nov 1782 (Record 232).

General Galvez. NR:308, LCP:98/99, LM PA brigantine, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt John Vicary, Jul 1781, Capt James Montgomery, Dec 1781.M;274, took part in Spanish/American capture of Nassau in 1782.

General Gates.
Silverstone 13, British merchantman, 18 guns, 100 men 160 tons.Formerly Industrious Bee, captured 28 Aug 1777 sold 1779.Coggins:204.

-----General Gates.
ND6:1395, ND7:204, 205, C49, Howe:404, 420, MA privateer brig/schooner, 8 guns, 40 men, Capt William Carleton, in West Indies trade, captured by British brig Hope and taken into Halifax, N. S.Owners were John Gardner, Jr, and partners of Salem. 

General Gates.
Force:5:III:1526, R77:236, ND8:1063, American ship, Capt Joshua Stone, captured 3 Oct 1777 by British Hope, Diligence.
Possibly Chapelle86.

General Gates.
Allen:144, Maclay:72, schooner of 6 guns taken in action at Portsmouth, NH, Aug 1776; but crew escaped.

General Gates.
Allen:144, ND11:1127, MA privateer brigantine, 4 guns, 15 men, Capt Joseph/James Tilden, 9 Feb 1778, owners William Shattuck and Winthrop Sargent.

General Gates.
NR:309, LCP:98/99,ND10:704, LM MD sloop, 6 guns, 15 men, Capt Thomas Steel, Oct 1777.

General Gates.
ND11:1127, American brig, Capt James Tilden, enters Cadiz 25 Jan 1778

General Gates.
SchV:53, ND11:654, GA privateer sloop, Capt Casper Rowx,14 guns, 70 men, captured 10 Mar 1778 by the British privateer ship Friendship and two others.Fowler:266.

General Gates.
Foote:105, apparently a Salem privateer, Capt Thomas Smith, 10 guns, 36 men which recaptured the Larke, but was herself captured by the British frigate Triton, 23 guns in Jul 1778.

General Gates.
NR:309, LCP:98/99, LM MD schooner, 8 guns 10 men, Capt Benjamin Tatem/Taten, Apr 1779.

General Gates.
Capture:34, NR:309, LCP:98/99, LM MD armed sloop, Joseph Doughty/Dority, Master, 10 guns and 17 men captured 2 May 1779 by HMS Hope.

General Gates,18 guns, 1778-1779.
GWA:702, Smith:161, 199-200, 202, M:173, Continental Navy brig/ship, formerly a British merchant brigantine known as the Industrious Bee, launched in 1777.Paine:456, C281-282, 329, ND11:782, this may be the Salem, MA, brig of 10/18 guns, 55 men, Capt John Skimmer/Skinner, Jul 1778, who died in battle Sep 1778.FordXII:458, another Capt was Daniel Waters in 1779 in Martinique.  Cont. sloop, Capt Daniel Waters of Malden, MA, sent to the West Indies, where he spent public moneys for his own business.The General Gates cruised the West Indies with the sloop Providence in 1779.On her return, she was in such bad shape that she was sold.MAS, crewmen are listed.Ford1778:909, 946, Ford 1779:458.JA7:99, 8:28.Volo:174.Paullin:517, served 1778-1779.

General Gates.
M880:4, SC vessel, Capt Eaton Rudolph, captured 2 May 1778 by British Carrisford, with crew taken to New York prison ship Felicity.

General Gates.
SCNavy:80, schooner ordered to take a defensive position in the Ashley River, Charleston, SC, early 1780.

General Gates/Gates.
CTP:94, 238, CT privateer schooner, Capt Obadiah Wright, 1780, took two prizes, then was found to be in illicit trade and was captured by other Americans in May 1782.

General Gates.
Allen:144, MA privateer ship, Boston to Havana with wheat and flour, captured in Dec 1781 and sent into Barbados British Admiral Hood’s cruisers.

General Gist.
NR:309, LCP:98/99, LM MD brigantine, 10 guns, 30 men, Capt Peter Sharpe, Jun 1781.

General Glover.
Allen:145, Brigantine, 14 guns, 50/80 men, Capt Samuel Horton, 2 Mar 1779, owner John Waite and others.This or a different briganteen with 14 guns and 50 men, under Capt Nicholas Bartlett 26 Aug 1779, owner John Grush of Marblehead.Kaminkow:225, Capt Nicholas Bartlett, crew of 66, captured Oct 1779, crew to Forton Prison 18 Oct 1779.

-----General Greene.
ND5:891, ND6:923, ND7:642, C119, RI privateer sloop, Capt John Garzia, captured British St. James, 1776.

General Greene.
PANavy:345, LCT:98/99 (as a ship) sloop built in Philadelphia, 14 guns, 40 men, Capt James Montgomery, Dec 1777.Coggins:100, said to have made several successful cruises before being ordered sold 1 Nov 1779. Ford1779:778.

General Greene.
Cutter built in Baltimore by Wiliam Prince, 150 tons, for state of MD.She was also listed as a sloop.

General Greene. NR:309, LCP:98/99, C154, LM PA ship, 16 guns, 80 men, Capt William Burke, Mar 1780 (Record 234), Capt Samuel Hollinshead, June 1780, Capt Samuel Carson, Sep 1780.Paullin:390, purchased Mar 1779.Howard:89, 134, 259, PA ship joining Capt Seth Harding in a voyage to West Indies.Volo:55.

General Green.
Allen:145, NR:310, LM MA privateer sloop, 8 guns 25 men, Capt Isaiah Simmons of Boston, 11 Oct 1781 (Record 131).

General Greene.
NR:310, Augur:339, CTP:94-97, 225, 229, LCP:98/99(Record 847), C88, 227, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT brigantine, 16 guns, 100 men, Capt Gideon Olmsted, Apr 1782, captured in May 1782 by the British ship of war Virginia and sent into New York.

General Greene.
M:274, privateer sloop, Capt John Ware, 8 men, 77 tons, took part in 1782 Spanish/American capture of Nassau.

General Greene.
NR:310, LCP:98/99, LM PA ship, 10 guns, 45 men, Capt Haskell Freeman, Mar 1782.

General Greene.
Capture:34, brigantine owned in Amsterdam, master Edward Bacon, from Barnstable, MA, captured by British HMS Renown, 7 Oct 1782.Owners were Peter Le Poole, cargo for Mr. Hazelhurt in Philadelphia.

General Greene.
Allen:145, Paine:456, NR:310, LCP:98/99, C79, LM MA privateer ship, 16 guns 80 men, Capt Samuel Croel/Crowell of Salem, 15 May 1782 (Record 510), who captured the British brig Olive Branch June 1782, and under Capt Aaron Croel/Crowell of Salem 9 Aug 1782 (Record 94), captured along with the brig Diana in Sep 1782.C78, crew was taken to New York by British frigate Perseverance, 3 Sep 1782.

General Green.
Allen:145, NR:310, LCP:98/99, LM MA privateer schooner, 6 guns 8 men, Capt Daniel Adams of Boston, 16 Nov 1782 (Record 234).

General Hancock.
Maclay:118, 119, Allen:146, MA privateer ship, 200 tons,20 guns,and 150 men, Capt Ismael Hardy, 23 Jun 1778, owners John Cushing and others of Boston.C139, he fought the 32 gun British Levant, which blew up in action.Coggins:73.

General Heath.
Robertson(1959):114, Toth:177, brigantine of Boston, MA, captured by British privateer off the West Caicos Bank in 1779 and taken to Jamaica.

General Heath.
Allen:146, LCP:98/99, MA privateer schooner, 2 guns, 8/25 men, Capt Isaiah Simmons in 25 Jun 1778, owner William Shattuck and others of Boston, then Capt John Willson in 29 Sep 1778, and Capt John Prout Sloan 18 Mar 1779.

General Herkimer.
NR:311, CTP:97, LCP:98/99, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT brig, 4 guns, 12 men, Capt Samuel Perkins, May 1778 (Record 700).

General Howe.
CTP:255, British vessel captured by Fairfield, CT, privateers.

General Howe.
R77:514, ND10:399, British sloop, Capt Underwood, Jamaica to New York, taken by General Washington, 12 Oct 1777, and retaken, 1777.

General Howe.  R77:514, British privateer, cruizing near Martinico, fitted out at Grenada, 1777. ND10:732, 733, ND11:424, American privateer tender, Capt Staunton, formerly British Lord Howe, 1777, operating around Martinique, 24 Feb 1778.

General Johnson.
ND1:201, ??? vessel, Capt Dean, probably British, in New York from England, 19 Apr 1775.

General Keppel.
R77:514, British vessel headed for England, Capt Masters, captured 1777.

General Knox.
McM:301, PA ship, Dec 1782.

General Lee.
ND6:1122, C56, PA Navy brig, 12 guns, 90 men, Capt John Chatham, Oct 1776.ND7:389, ND8:530, this may be the PA privateer sloop, Capt John Chatham, allowed to pass through harbor 6 Dec 1776, then in action, 1777.

General Lee.
NR:311, LCP:98/99, ND7:506, ND8:139, ND9:111, ND10:703, LM MD schooner, 10 guns, 50 men, Capt James Phillips, Dec 1776, later to be sold at New Bern, NC, 14 Jan 1777.Ford1776:839.

General Leslie.
M:176, Hearn:223, DaviesXVII:100, British privateer schooner, Capt Burke,captured off Bermuda in Feb 1779 a Continental prize of the General Gates.Volo:175.

General Lincoln.
ND7:539, formerly Bowden, MA, Navy vessel, 21 Dec 1776.

General Lincoln.
ND8:4, 55, 338, MA State ship, Capt Jacob Cole, fitting out in Mar 1777.(This may be the next vessel.)

General Lincoln.
Allen:147, ND10:615, ND11:165, MA privateer schooner, 10 guns, 50 men, under Capt John Margeson/Margisson 22 Dec 1777, owner Phillip Moore, captured by British Portsmouth 13 Jan 1778.

General Lincoln.
Allen:147, MA schooner 10 guns, 50 men, under Capt Joseph Griffin 31 Jul 1778, owner Job Prince and others,and under Capt William Meserve 31 Aug 1778, and possibly Capt John Blackler at another time in 1778.

General Lincoln.
NR:311, LCP:98/99, LM MD sloop, 20 guns, 30 men, Capt John Harrison, Sep 1779.

General Lincoln.
Coggins:103, brigantine in SC Navy, 1776.Silverstone20,

General Lincoln.
Howe:426, Allen:147, Paine:456, Salem, MA privateer brigantine, 14 guns, 75 men, Capt John Carnes, in operation 31 Aug 1779, owner John Norris.

General Lovel.
Appeals Case 61, RI sloop, Capt Isaac Ridley, involved in Sep 1779 capture of the schooner Barbary.

General Massey.
Kaminkow:225, American vessel, captured 1781, and crew members to British prison by Oct 1781..

General Maxwell.
NR:312, LCP:98/99, LM PA schooner, 10 guns, 50 men, Capt Moses Griffin, Aug 1779.

General McDougall.
Capture:34, CTP:98, former British ship Jonathan captured by Americans in an armed schooner and the brig General Washington and fitted out as an armed merchantman, then recaptured by the British Diamond 7in May 1778. NR:311, CTP:87, LCP:98/99, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT ship, 10 guns, 30 men, Capt Joseph Jauncey, Apr 1778 (Record 692).C165, at the time of capture, Capt Jauncey was taken to Halifax.

General Mercer.
NR:312, LCP:98/99, ND8:381, ND10:611, LM MD sloop, 10 guns, 50 men, Capt Thomas Timpson/Simpson, 19 Apr 1777, Capt Alexander Murray, Jun 1777.

General Mercer.
R77:231, ND8:182, 1054, American sloop, Capt William Lewis, from Surinam, captured by British Emerald 23 Mar 1777.

General Mercer.
R77:234, ND8:1060, American vessel, Capt R. M. Richardson, from Rappahannock, VA, captured 22 May 1777 by British Senegal.

General Mercer.
ND10:153, CT Navy privateer boat, Capt Richard Deshon, captured unidentified sloop 14 Oct 1777.

General Mercer.
Allen:148, ND9:575, 644, ND10:15-16, 90, 917, 1085, 1162, 1094, 1155, ND11:1051, 1063, 870, MA privateer brig, 16 guns, 100 men, Capt James Babson, Apr 1777, apparently in Nantes, France, 18 Aub 1777, where it was called the Hancock.  It captured the Clarendon, Hawke, Minehead, Sally, William, Wolf, two U/I brigs, and six Newfoundland fishing vessels.  R79:145, captured Oct 1778.Owners were Winthrop Sargent and John Winthrop.

General Mercer.
ND11:364, Continental trading brigantine, Feb 1778.

General Mercer.
McM:393, MD privateer sloop, 10 guns, 50 men, Capt Alexander Murray, owned by William Lux and others of Baltimore, active out of Baltimore 30 April 1777.McPA:211, in 1779 an LM MD privateer ship, Capt Isaiah/Josiah Robinson.FordXVII:800, on a voyage from Delaware Bay to Martinique, in Apr 1780, disappeared, believed lost at that time, along with five sets of exchange, reported in Sep 1780.

General Mercer.
Maclay:85, Mill:212, Allen:148, NR:312, LCP:98/99, Kaminkow:225, LM MA privateer brig of 10 guns, 25 men, under Capt Joseph Foster of Cape Ann, 11 Oct 1780 (Record 291), taken Dec 1780, crew sent to Mill Prison, Oct 1781..

-----General Mifflin. Smith:36, Augur:232, ND5:232, 296, 770, ND6:232, ND7:1086, ND8:1027, ND9:527, 625, ND10:920, Greenwood:68, an MA privateer ship, 20/26 guns, 120/150 men,of this name under Capt William Day had been part of Washington's New York fleet in Oct 1776.Maclay:74, 88, brig of 12 guns which took successful action against a British privateer, 1776.It refitted at Brest, France 23 Jul 1777.Another MA Navy Capt was John Day.Ford1779:245.DaviesXIII:818, 996, 1858, XIV:132-33, active privateer, 1777/78.ND10:920, 977, 885, 920, it captured the Rebecca and the Thames.
JA6:38, 406.JA7:22, involved with the Isabelle, a French merchant ship which it recaptured from the British.Owners were Philip Moore and Archibald Mercer.  Johnston:370-371, ND11:11, 930, Allen:148, C204,at Brest, France in 1777, Capt Daniel McNeill, 18 Mar 1778, who took 13 prizes. 

General Mifflin.
GWA:703, ND6:987, ND7:377, Paullin:70, 518, Smith:36, Continental sloop, captured British Temple, 16 Sep 1776.ND7:377, purchased 5 Dec 1776, blocked in Hudson River, 1776, served 1775-1777.Volo:181.Chapelle:79.

General Mifflin.
ND6:327, McM:191, ND8:154, 207, PA ship, Capt John Hamilton, run aground and bilged, 1777.C135, probably the PA brigantine, 12 guns, 90 men, Capt John Hamilton, Aug 1776.

General Mifflin.
ND8:303/4, possibly the RI sloop used in a prisoner exchange with Halifax, Apr 1777, under John Glover.

General Mifflin.
ND10:153, CTP:206, CT privateer armed boat, Capt Richard Deshon, 1777, captured, with the Retaliation, an unidentified sloop.Syrett:119, possibly this vessel.

General Mifflin. Mill:212, C86, MA Navy ship taken June 1780, committed to prison Oct 1780, and one crewmember sent to Mill Prison, possibly Jul 1781.Kaminkow:225, either a capture or a case in Jul 1781.

General Mifflin.
Allen:149, 220, SchV:55, MA privateer ship, Capt George Waith Babcock, 7 Aug 1780, owners including Mungo Mackay and Sanuel Dunn, Jr.Capt Babcock made a trip to France and captured several prizes, then was captured off Charleston, along with two of her prizes from Cork,just before 16 Jan 1781.MAS lists crew members.

General Monk.
See General Washington, below.
General Montgomery.
Also see Montgomery, ahead.

General Montgomery.
ND6:1368, ND7:1321, ND8:1035, Maclay:75, 88, brig of 12 guns and 100 men, Capt James Montgomery captured a ship King George in 1776.M:266/7, possibly the PA ship of 1776.ND9:552, 563, ND11:892, Capt Benjamin Hill, captured by British Levant, renamed the British Queen of Portugal.
Crewmen were sent to Forton Prison 29 Dec 1777.

General Montgomery.
Allen:149, MA privateer sloop of 6 guns, 30 men, Capt William Steward, 3 Feb 1778, owners Thomas Adams and others of Boston.

General Montgomery.
Allen:150, Paine:456, NR:312, LCP:98/99, LM MA privateer brigantine, 14 guns, 60 men, Capt Samuel Hobbs of Salem, 4 Jun 1781 (Record363).

General Morris.
ND10:776, ND11:28, St Vincent privateeer, believed to be British, captured and condemned an American vessel Plymouth Packet, 14 Nov 1777.

General Moultrie.
Smith:162-164, ND10:729 (or 789), Salley:113, 114, and others, SC State ship, 12 Dec 1777.It was with the Randolph in the battle with the Yarmouth off Barbados in March 1778.Coggins:69, 103, M:353, DaviesXIII:1858, 18 gun privateer taken into SC state service in Dec 1777 and later.ND10:729, 767, 789, Capt Jacob Johnston, 1777.ND11:81n, LM on 9 Jan 1778.FW3:836, SchV:56, 20 gun vessel destroyed at Charleston in 1780 by Admiral Arbuthnot’s fleet.Fowler:119.Silverstone:20, schooner.Paullin:430, Capt Sullivan, taken into service Dec 1777.

General Nash.
Appeals Case 69, NC ship, Capt Daniel Deshon, 140 tons, 20 guns, 80 men, captured the brig Kitty in Feb 1780.Mill:141, ship taken at St Eustatius, 10 March, 1781, crew sent to Mill Prison 4 May 1781.Mill:210, shows commitment 27 Jul 1781. 
General O’Reily.
C3, American ship, 14 guns, 50 men, Capt Charles Alexander, Mar 1782.

General Payne.
DaviesX:265, suspected of carrying gunpowder to Americans.R77:407, British vessel, Capt R. Adams, St Kitts to London, 1777.

General Pickering/Pickering.
Howe:425, Buel:95, Allen:150-151, MA privateer brig/ship from Salem, 16 guns, 100 men, under Capt Jonathan Haraden, 30 Sep 1778 and 24 Apr 1779.C138, he captured the British Golden Eagle, May 1780.Maclay:138-147, privateer which fought the British lugger Achilles off Bilboa, Spain, 4 Jun 1780, and it was in several other notable engagements.It added 1000 cannon to American vessels before it was captured by the British in the West Indies.Owners were George Williams and others.Volo:47.

 General Putnam.
Smith:36, Paine:456, ND4:865, 1333, ND5:32, 991, ND6:1152, ND7:72, ND8:97, Continental schooner, 8 guns, 60 men, 54 tons, Capt Stephen Mascoll/Mascotte,formerly the Betsey, used as part of Washington's New York fleet Aug 1776, owners William Becket, Joseph Lambert, Samuel Webb, Henry Williams, Ebenezer Peirce, Stephen Mascoll, John Gardner, Jr, Ebenezer Beckford, Josiah Orne, and John McMillan, all of Salem.NLHS:I:IV:28, shows this vessel as a CT privateer schooner.The vessel may have been sold 17 Apr 1776.Volo:56.Paullin:70, joined Washington’s fleet, 1 Apr 1776.

General Putnam.
McM:495, Coggins:106, NY sloop, Apr 1776.ND7:47, NY Navy schooner, Capt Thomas Cregier, May 1776.ND6:346, 1152 seem to indicate there were two vessels, one from MA and one from NY, with NY vessel money lending struck 9 Jul 1776.The NY Navy vessel was up for sale 5 Nov 1776.

General Putnam.
ND6:327, 1239, C107, PA Navy brigantine privateer, 13 guns, 90 men, Capt Charles Ferguson, Aug 1776, pays for shares of vessel 12 Oct 1776.

General Putnam.
ND10:23, 725, ND11:168, Maclay:116, NR:312, CTP:98-99, LCP:98/99(Record 363), Howe:434, Greenwood:50, Allen:152, McMA:95,LM CT privateer ship of 20 guns and 150 men, Capt Thomas Allon/Alton/Allen, captured a brig, 1778, total of 14 prizes, taken into Continental service for the Penobscot Expedition under Capt Daniel Waters, owner Nathaniel Shaw, in which she was burned in Jul 1779.Capture:37, this may be the schooner privateer which captured the brig Halifax; however, the report of this schooner stated it had only 6 carriage guns. NLHS:I:IV:28, also shows Captains John Harman, William Allen, and Nathaniel Saltenstall.C140, MA/ME ship, 20 guns, 150 men, Capt John Harmon, Oct 1779, took 3 prizes.Volo:53.

General Read/Reed.
NR:313, LCP:98/99, LM PA brig, 16 guns, 80 men, Capt Hugh Stocker, Oct 1779, Capt Samuel Davison, Apr 1780.Cog:35.

General Reidsel.
Sands:199-200, British vessel, 150 tons, Capt William Boyes, was in the Battle of Yorktown under a flag of truce with clothing and supplies for Hessian prisoners.After the battle on 20 Oct 1781, the commander sought a new safe conduct pass to take the supplies to New York, where the Hessian prisoners had been moved.What happened to this vessel later was not recorded.

General St Clair.
Mill:140, American ship taken 5 Oct 1780, crew sent to Mill Prison, Jan 1781.

General Scammell.
NR:313, LCP:98/99, LM PA schooner, 6 guns, 35 men, Capt Giles Hall, Jr,Dec 1781.

General Schuyler.
GWA:703, Smith:36, ND4:1236, ND5:789, ND6:707, 789, 811, 1056,Continental Navy sloop/schooner, Capt Charles Pond in 1776, used as part of Washington's New York fleet in 1776, also Capt James Smith.ND7:63, captured British Crawford, libelled 6 Nov 1776.Coggins:106, this may have actually been a NY Navy ship.GWA:86, 87 shows it a sloop.Eventual disposition, not recovered; but it was most likely destroyed in the Hudson River, Aug 1778.Volo:56, 181, Lt Joseph Division.Silverstone:15, 19, purchased at NY.Paullin:518, Capt John Smith, loaned to General Washington’s fleet, served 1776-1777.Chapelle:79.

General Scott.
NR:313, LCP:98/99, LM PA schooner, 8 guns, 30 men, Capt William Nichols, Sep 1780 (Record 1060).

General Sinclair.
Kaminkow:225, American vessel, captured Oct 1780, or crew members to British prison at that time.(This may be a duplication of General St. Clair.)

General Smallwood.
NR:313, ND10:704, ND11:201, LCP:98/99, LM MD trading schooner, 4 guns, 10 men, Capt John Rogers, Oct 1777, issued LM 20 Dec 1779.

General Smallwood.Maclay:90, wartime privateer.NR:313, LCP:98/99, LM PA brigantine, 14 guns, 45 men, Capt Thomas Finley, Dec 1780.

General Stark.
Maclay:132-133, MA sloop of 6 guns and 20 men, Capt Benjamin Pierce of Taunton, 3 Dec 1778, wrecked in a storm on Nantucket Shoals, all hands lost, Jan 1779.

General Stark.
Allen:153, MA privateer brig of 2 guns, 8 men, Capt Matthias Rich, 22 Sep 1779, owners Thomas Harris and others.

General Stark/Starke.
NR:314, Capture:35, LCP:98/99, MA privateer brig/ship in 1777 under John Allen Hallet, then with 10 guns, 50 men under Capt John Willson in Jun 1778, owners Thomas and John Harris and others.

General Stark.
Allen:153, Capture:35, MA ship, 220 tons, 18 guns, 150 men,14 Aug 1778 under Capt William Coas (Record 389); then in Oct 1779 under Capt James Pearson; then with 24 guns and 90 men, master William Coas, captured 8 Oct 1781 in Boston Bay by British Navy Chatham, and taken to Halifax.Capture:72-73, captured the brigantine Sally but lost it to recapture.

General Starke.
NR:314, CTP:100, LCP:98/99, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT sloop, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt Ebenezer Peck, Mar 1780 (Record 742) , took three prizes before being herself captured.

General Starks.
ND10:469-470, schooner, Capt Vickery, chased enemy vessel 5 Nov 1777.

General Sterling.
ND9:692, American sloop, Capt John Toman, captured by British Unicorn, 2 Aug 1777.

General Sullivan.
CTP:239, NLHS:I:IV:28, CT/RI schooner, Capt William Dennis, in action, 1779.

General Sullivan’s prize.
British vessel, not named nor dated, captured by the privateer General Sullivan, then recaptured by the British 9 Jan 1779, and prize crew sent to Mill Prison 3 Jul 1779.

General Sullivan. Maclay:215-216, NR:314, LCP:98/99, C82, 194, ND11:220, 740, NH LM, Portsmouthbrig of 14 guns and 100 bmen, privateer, 1777-1781, Capts Thomas Dalling, 13 Sep 1777 (Record 16), James Manning, Oct 1778, Thomas Manning, Nov 1778.  SchV:53, American vessel, 10 guns, 156 men, captured by the British Licorne, off Newfoundland.Kaminkow:225, DaviesXVI:1004, captured April 1779, crew members arriving at Forton Prison 26 Apr 1779.Item #287, “General Sullivan,” 1 volume, logbook of the General Sullivan, LC Manuscripts, minutes of ship’s proprietors for 1777-79, and a list of goods seized on the prize brigantine Charlotte.

General Sullivan.
A ship of this name is said to have recaptured an American ship from the British in 1782, possibly the Harriet.

General Swift.
C161, PA schooner, Capt Hohn Hyder, Sep 1780.

General Thompson.
ND6:1140, C69, PA schooner, 6 guns, 12 men, Capt William Connell, Oct 1776.ND11:451, schooner captured by British Glasgow, Capt Thomas Pasley, in 1777.

General Titcomb.
Allen:154, NR:314, LCP:100/101, MA privateer ship of 18 guns, 50 men, Capt Jeremiah Pearson, Jr, of Newburyport, 27 Feb 1781 (Record 622).

General Ville Patoux.
SchV:53, French privateer, 12 guns, 56 men, captured by the British cutters Griffin, Rambler, in 1781 in the Channel.

General Wadsworth.
Allen:154, MA privateer schooner, Capt Timothy Weston, Oct 1780.

General Wadsworth.
Allen:154, NR:314, LCP:98/99, Rand:233, LM MA privateer sloop, 110 tons, 12 guns, 80 men, Capt Paul Reed, Jr, of Boothbay, 5 Feb 1781 (Record 425).

General Ward.
Allen:154, Davies:X:1715, ND2:1316, ND3:50, 165, MA privateer armed vessel, 20 tons, Capt Mathew Kelly, 19 Dec 1775, bond issued at Salem 7 Dec 1775.

General Warren.
S:86, brig mentioned in 1780 VA records.

General Washington.
See also Washington ahead.

General Washington.
ND9:36, British tender, Capt Rogers, a schooner formerly the American General Washington, was assisting the British Ballahoo 6 June 1777.

General Washington.
ND4:1480, ND6:1335, sloop, Capt Thomas Pickering, RI to SC, 19 Mar 1776.

General Washington.
ND5:629, schooner boat of Williamsburg, VA, owner/Capt Henry Brown, permit to export provisions and tobacco, 19 Jun 1776.

General Washington.
ND8:324, sloop, Capt Moseley, in service, Curaçao to Williamsburg, 11 Apr 1777.

General Washington.
ND9:3-4, American schooner, Capt Humphrey Hughes, captured by British Roebuck, Ballahoo, and made into the British tender, General Washington, 2 June 1777.

General Washington.
ND10:400, ND11:452, GA schooner with rice and indigo, captured by British Hornet, Capt Rob Haswell 1777.

General Washington.
ND6:1356, Still:17, ND8:12, ND9:800, ND10:14, 803, NC Navy brigantine, Capt John Forster, 21 Oct 1775, Capt Edward Ingraham, 1776, unable to hire men 1 Mar 1777.C113.Silverstone:19, purchased Feb 1776.

General Washington.
ND9:287, ND10:79-80, 399-400, 655, 546, 548, 750, SC LM sloop, Capt Hezekiah Anthony,operating in Bay of Honduras and off Jamaica, capturing Ann, Betsey, General Howe (sloop), Nancy, Speirs, Tom, plus an unidentified brigantine and an unidentified drogher.C301, this may be the vessel captured 9 Jun 1781 with crew members reaching Mill Prison 7 Sep 1781 and Oct 1781..

General Washington.
Allen:154, NR:314, CTP:100, LCP:100/101, ND10:732, ND11:644, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT/MA privateer brigantine, 18 guns 130 men , Capt William Rogers, 25 Jul 1777 and 10 Nov 1777 (Record 675), took one prize, but was captured along with the prize Jan/Apr 1778 by the British Seaford.Owners were Isaac Sears and others of Wethersfield.C263-264, one Capt. Rogerswas captured in June 1781 by British, but it must been from a different vessel than the one in 1777.

General Washington.
H:199, NLHS:I:IV:28, American ship, Capt James Munro, 1780.ND10:89, 810, 732, its captures may have included Jameson and Peggy, Proudfoot, Yarminaren, plus two unidentified vessels.

General Washington.
NR:315, LCP:100/101, C173, LM PA ship, 18 guns, 60 men, Capt Samuel Walker, Aug 1779 and also Capt John Kennessey, Aug 1779.

General Washington.
Allen:155, MA privateer brigantine, 10 guns, Capt Robert Caldwell, Oct 1779, owner Mungo MacKay.This was possibly the brig mentioned in CTP:98.

General Washington, 13 guns.Coggins:99, PA Navy river galley.

General Washington.
CTRec:605, CT privateer sloop, 6 guns, 20 men, Capt R. Reynolds.NLHS:I:IV:28 shows Capt as J. Jauncey.

General Washington.
Allen:155, MA privateer brigantine, 20 guns, 75 men, Capt Richard Whellen, 24 Apr 1780, owner John Walker, Jr.

General Washington.
C254, MA sloop, 12 guns, 80 men, Capt Paul Read, Jr, Feb 1781.Kaminkow:225, Mill:211, sloop taken 29 May 1781, and one crewman to Mill Prison.

General Washington.
NJNavy:216, wartime vessel of NJ, Capt John Wanton.

General Washington.
Mill:211, Kaminkow:225, R81II:259, ship taken in New York waters, 9 June 1781, part of crew to Mill Prison, Sep 1781..Maclay:111, Dandridge:433, SchV:55, this may be the cruiser from Providence with 20 guns and 120 men in action in 1780 but later captured.C244, this may be the ship which was captured, with crew members reaching Mill Prison on 7 Sep 1781.

General Washington, 20 guns, 1780-1783NR:315, LCP:100/101, C146, LM RI ship, 19 guns, 120 men, Cont. Capt Silas Talbot, Aug 1780 (Record 644), captured, with crew reaching Mill Prison 31 Mar 1781.H:199, Fowler:123, taken by British, 1780, renamed General Monk, recaptured in 1782 by Americans.Maclay:177-191, a privateer with this armament was in action in 1780 but was captured, renamed the General Monk, and put into service by the British. H:198, ND5:679, retook two sloops, probably the Frankland, and the Sally, loaded with lumber from Edenton, NC, which had been captured by the British Acteon, and sent them to Hispaniola, spring 1776.GWA:702, Williamson:268, this General Monk was recaptured 7 Apr 1782 by the Hyder Ally and put back into American service as the General Washington until it was sold, 1784.
Buel:93, 234, 379, McPA:218, PA state ship borrowed by the Continental Congress and sent to Havana in 1782 to pick up specie.This was the former General Monk, probably the vessel purchased for $20,000.
RM7:732, vessel which arrived at Chester on 23 Apr 1783,apparently from Europe.RM7:265, this is almost certainly the General Washington, Capt Joshua Barney.Ford1784:61-62, 170-171.Chapelle:97, DaviesXX:174, as General Monk, 1781.Volo:56.Silverstone:15.Paullin:393.Coggins 203, 205 in 1781 as General Monk captured the Trumbull.

General Washington.
NR:315, Allen:155, LCP:100/101, LM MA brig, 6 guns, 16 men, Capt Thomas Powars of Boston, 22 Aug 1782 (Record 83).

General Wayne.
NR:315, LCP:100/101, LM PA xebec, 3 guns, 70 men, Capt Robert Collings, Aug 1779.

General Wayne.
NR:315, LCP:100/101, LM MD sloop, 4 guns, 10 men, Capt Newton Cannon, Sep 1779.

General Wayne.
NR:315, LCP:100/101, LM PA brig, 12 guns, 60 men, Capt John Rice, Mar 1780.

General Wayne.
NR:316, LCP:100/101, LM PA brig, 12 guns, 25 men, Capt Benjamin Newton, Aug 1780.

General Wayne.
Howe:425, 432, MA LM brigantine active in 1780 under Capt Richard Quatermas 3 Feb and Capt John Leech 17 June.Kaminkow:225, captured or court case, Aug 1781.Howe:404 shows this ship captured in the West Indies in 1780 and taken to Bermuda.Owners were Samuel Page and others.

General Wolfe.
Force:5:III:1528, ND7:1189, ND8:218, British vessel, Capts John Wilson, William Ritchie, sold in 1776, then captured on the way to France by American Broome.

General Wolfe.
McM:164, MA merchant brig captured by British Hope 4 Jul 1775 at Boston/Marblehead.ND2:1373, probably Capt Hugh Hill in 1775 with a load of salt from Turks Island to Marblehead.

General Wolfe.
ND5:973, sloop, Capt Andrew Downe, with supplies for the Northern Army, Jul 1776.

Genereux. R82I:118, French transport vessel, 133 men, Capt Jean Baptiste Harrinondes, from Brest, captured in 1781.

Generous Friends.
ND2:736, ND4:693, British victualer, Capt Thomas Williams, in convoy with cargo for North America 26 Sep 1775, later refitted in Antigua Apr 1776.DaviesXII:273.

Generous Friends.
Force:5:III:1528, ND8:628, 859, British Navy Victualler, Capt Duncan, Shetland to Cadiz, 420 tons, captured at St. Maloes 12 Jan 1777 by British Reprisal,  renamed La Charlotte.(The Reprisal was more likely a French vessel.)

Generous Friends.
Force:5:III:1528, ND6:496, ND7:809, ND8:520, British transport, Capt John Hill, 200 tons, captured by America, 27 Dec 1776.

Generous Friend.
CTP:234, British vessel captured before 8 Aug 1777 by Capt Henry Billings, of the CT sloop Trumbull.

Generous Friends.
McM:203, ND9:191, ND11:124-125, 126, British brig, Capt Stillman, prize of MA vessel, Jan 1777, recaptured by British Scarborough 23 June 1777.

Generous Friend.
CTP:50, ND9:81, British sloop, 80 tons, Capt John Freebody, captured May/Jun 1777, by the CT sloop America, Capt Asa Palmer.

Generous Friends.
 ND2:704, American vessel, carries tobacco to London 5 Sep 1775.

Generous Friends.
McPA312, MA sloop, captured by British privateer Lady Dunmore, 1779, recaptured by the PA Holker in Oct.

ND11:59, French brig, Capt Pierre Tourounet, of Guadaloupe, was captured by British Phoenix 9 Feb 1778, and condemned in New York, 1778.She was claimed to be a recapture.

FordXII:1122, French vessel at Petersburg, VA, early in Nov 1778, Capt George André, cleared to sail, (but it was captured by British as soon as it did sail.)

La Gentile.
Ford1778:1122.JA8:359, Kennet:96, 102, 120, French frigate, 32 guns, from Rochefort at St-Malo, mentioned as being in service in 1778, then under Rochambeau, coming to America in 1780.It was said to be with de Guichen in the West Indies later.Bonsal:3, French frigate which moved the Berthier brothers from Cap Haitien to Boston, 1780.Chevalier:232, at Chesapeake Bay, March, 1781.Silverstone:92, captured sloop Fortune in West Indies 26 Apr 1780.

Force:5:III:1528, ND6:1383, ND7:291, 1024, British transport, Capt George Gray/Grey, 200 tons, sold in 1776, then captured 23 Jan 1777 by American Boston, Capt Silas Adkins, Jr.C9.Volo:44, 152.

Force:5:III:1528, ND7:907, ND8:218, British ship, Capt Thomas Brockway/Brookway, Newfoundland to market, 190 tons, captured by American Union, 1776.It had prisoners 28 Mar 1777.

Silverstone:91, British tender, wrecked 26 Dec 1776.

Force:5:III:1528, British vessel, Capt Glasby, St Kitt’s to London, 100 tons, taken and retaken, 1776.

Force:5:III:1727, British snow, Capt James Cordray, to Maryland, captured by American Enterprise but recaptured in 1776 by the British Camilla.

Force:5:III:1537, Salley:28, ND5:917, ND7:379, British sloop from Jamaica, captured by SC state brigantine Comet, Capt Edward Allen, by 5 Dec 1776.C3.

Force:5:III:1528, CTPR75/76:419, ND5:1110, ND7:300, CTN:45, British ship, Capt Archibald Boog/Bog, Glasgow to America, 230 tons, with troops, 16 Jun 1776, captured by American Hancock, Lee.   ND6:600, ND10:812, 525, ND11:51, CTP:279, British Army transport, Capt Archibald Bog, captured by CT Defence, 16 Sep 1776.

ND7:1274, British schooner, Midshipman Richard Willis, captured and condemned 24 Feb 1777.

R77:514, ND7:791, ND10:89, 1001, British brig, Capt Nicholas Baker, captured on the Banks of Newfoundland by the Speedwell, libelled 28 Oct 1777.

R77:514, ND10:869, ND11:870, British merchant brig, Capt Ellworthy/Elsworthy of Liverpoole, Newfoundland to Bilboa, captured by American privateer General Mercer, 28 Nov 1777.

R77:514, ND10:112, 208, 378, British brig, Capt Wheaton, Bay Chaleurs to a market, captured by General Mercer, 10 Oct 1777.

R77:514, ND10:1066, 1179, ND11:1197, Mc:221, British brigantine, Capt Richard Bullfinch, Malaga to London, England, with fruit and wine, captured 4 Dec 1777 by the Ranger, Capt John Paul Jones.

Howe:327, GWNavy:233, Mc:128, British/Scottish transport taken 16 Jun 1776 near Boston, sold 26 Nov 1776.

Mwhipple:114, one of eight British ships captured by Capt Abraham Whipple which got into port.

McM:5.CTP:235, ND9:129, ND11:356, Capture:35-36, British brigantine, Capt George Williams captured by Americans in May 1777 in the CT privateer sloop Trumbull, Capt Henry Billings, and sent to Boston Bay.It was recaptured 17 June 1777, by British Orpheus, Juno, and Amazon, thence to Halifax, 1777.ND11:356, on the recapture, the Captain was shown as Joseph Cohoon.Possibly JA6:182.

ND10:400, East FL armed ship, Cpt John Hosmer,recaptured Spiers 5 Nov 1777.

ND10:1002, ND11:164-165, British brig captured by the Portsmouth, 18 Nov 1777, but lost to recapture.ND11:184-185, this maybe the brig, Capt B. Heyard/Hayward/Hazard, retaken by Rainbow’s tender 18 Dec 1777. Possibly JA6:6:182, 184.

ND11:309, British LM snow, 200 tons, Capt James Askew, captured American Little Betsey 29 Jan 1778.

McM:32, CTP:223, British sloop, Capt Samuel Tobey, prize of CT schooner Suffolk, Jun 1778.

McMA:162, British merchantman, Newfoundland to Oporto, captured in May 1779 by the General Arnold, but recaptured by the British.

ND3:575, American vessel, sailed for Boston, 2 Jan 1776.

DaviesX:338, 1854, vessel of RI, taken by British cutters Greyhound and Tartar, and carried into Downs, Jul 1776.

ND3:1236, American brig, Capt William Pennock, to sail from Philadelphia to Jamaica, 12 Feb 1776.

ND5:536-537, Georgia schooner, Capt Eubanks Ratoon, bonded as a privateer in June 1776.

Force:5:III:1526, ND8:621, American schooner captured in 1776 by British Milford, probably tried 28 Feb 1777.

ND4:1480, 1482, Colonial Navy sloop, Capt James Aborn, sailed from RI to CT, 28 Mar 1776, then from island to NY and CT, 18 May 1776.

CTP:97, CT schooner merchant ship, Capt Samuel Perkins, worked in the coastal trade.

Allen:155, MA privateer ship, Capt Caleb Hopkins, captured the British Queen of England in Aug 1776.

ND7:379, American sloop, captured by British Comet 5 Dec 1776.

McM:383-84, Eller:272, ND7:998, probably an American snow, Capt Andrew Elapley or James Codray, a capture by British Defence, then a prize recapture by MD privateer Enterprise, Capt James Campbell, recaptured by British Camilla, in the fall of 1776 or Jan 1777.C71.

American brigantine, Capt B. Hayward, captured 18 Dec 1777 by British Rainbow. (See following for possible duplication.)ND11:184, American brig, recaptured by British Rainbow’s Tender 18 Dec 1777 and taken to Halifax.

ND7:795, American brigantine, captured by British Reprisal 17 Dec 1776. Force:5:III:1528, ND8:499, 550, ND8:571, American brigantine,Capt Cod/Codd, Bordeaux to Cork, captured by British Reprisal, 7 Feb 1777.

ND7:907, American ship, Capt Thomas Brockway, captured by British Union 9 Jan 1777.

Allen:155, MA privateer schooner, 8 guns, 40 men, Capt John Moulton, 22 Dec 1777, owner Philip Moore.

ND8:784, DaviesXIII:82, Kaminkow:225, DaviesXIII:82, 85, from Charleston, SC, Capt Gregory Cozzens, captured 21 Apr 1777 by its crew, renamed the True Briton, and taken to North Britain, with Capt Cozzens imprisoned on the prison ship Revenue at Glasgow.

George.  CC:M247, R38, #31, pp 7-9, American schooner from Cape Ann, MA, Capt Knight, moving supplies from Spain to America in 1778.FordXVII:466, moved supplies for Gardoqui & Sons of Bilbao to America, per order of Arthur Lee, 1777/78.Ford1780:466.

PCOI:230, ND11:364-365, American snow, 1778, Capt not in the Continental service, crew would not serve at Continental wages, supposed to move tobacco in 1778.FordXI:493, this may be the snow with Eldredge Gerry, Samuel Purviance, and Robert Purviance involved, May 1778.

FordXII:1200, Appeals:xxxx, 162:5:40, the NJ case of sloop vs Griffin, appealed Dec 1778.Ford1778:1200.

Allen:156, MA privateer brigantine, 8 guns, 20 men, Capt Alexander Mackay, 7 Sep 1779, owners Mungo MacKay and others.

Allen:156, MA privateer ship, 16 guns, 60 men, Capt William Hayman, 16 Dec 1779, owners George Meade & Comp of Philadelphia.

NR:316, LCP:100/101, LM PA brig, 8 guns, 20 men, 300 tons, Capt James Montgomery, Apr 1780, Capt William Campbell, May 1781, Capt Robert French, 27 Feb 1782 (Record 930).

NR:316, LCP:100/101, LM PA brig, 14 guns, 75 men, Capt Joseph McCullough, Nov 1780 (Record 1074).

Kaminkow:225, American vessel, captured Sep 1781, with crew members sent to British prison.

NR:316, LCP:100/101, LM RI sloop, 10 guns, 40 men, Capt Thomas Champlin, Apr 1781 (Record 652).

NR:317, LCP:100/191, C81, LM PA ship, 14 guns, 45 men, Capt George Curwin/Curwyn, May 1782 (Record 957).

George & Charlotte.
ND1:1394, ??? vessel, Capt Lemuel Cornick, probably British, active 1775, James River to Glasgow.

George & Fanny.
Allen:156, 237, LCP:100/101, MA privateer brigantine, 6 guns, 16/20 men, Capt John Adams of Boston 6 Feb 1781 (Record 415) and Dec 1781, Capt Moses Hale of Gloucester in Jan 1782 (Record 212).Owners for Capt Hale were Stephen Higginson and others of Boston.

George & Molly (HM).ND6:428, British transport, to Quebec 21 June 1776.ND8:800, British tender, transferred American prisoners to vessel Queen, 24 Apr 1777.

George Town Pacquet.
ND2:1015, ND3:596, 669, 1072, ND4:1230, American schooner, Capt Alexander Wyley, Santee to Charlestown, captured by British Tamer, Capt Edward Thornbrough, 8 Nov 1775.(This vessel also shown foundered at sea 29 Apr 1776.

George Washington.
American brig, 10 guns, captured by British Fowey 5 Dec 1776, while the Fowey was sailing from New York to England.

ND2:271, 296, ND4:1234, ND6:1409, ND7:910, ND8:76, British snow/brig, Capt Thomas Bolton, captured by American Defence, 21 Oct 1776 or 10 Jun 1777. Georgia was recaptured by British Camilla, then taken again by American Enterprise, Capt James Campbell, in late 1777.CTN:45, ND7:389.C71.(There is confusion between this vessel and the George under James Codray.)

Eller:275, British packet ship captured in Jan1779 off the VA Capes by the NC privateer Belona libelled in Williamsburg..

Georgia Diana.
Force:5:III:1528, ND6:899, 952, ND7:728, British brig, Capt Peter Regan/Rigan, Grenada to London, 140 tons, captured by Washington, libel filed 26 Sep 1776.CTRec:607 shows Washington Capt as ??? Odiorne.

Force:5:III:1528, ND7:736, British Jamaicaman, Capt Kentish, Jamaica to London, 200 tons, captured by Cabot, released, 11 Nov 1776.

Peabody:239, British schooner, Martinique to Newfoundland, with sugar and rum, boarded by the MA privateer, Grand Turk, and ordered to the United States.

Georgia Packet.
DaviesX:1649, Capt Thomas Glanders/Glenden, c 1775/76.ND4:172, British vessel, Capt Thomas Glenders, detained in Savannah by Americans, recaptured 4 Mar 1776 by Capt Barkley and Major Grant.NR:33, 39.M:300, ND7:641, 725, British vessel, Capt Levi Carman, captured in 11 Apr or Jun 1776 by Capts John Grimes and John Hyers in RI Navy row galleys, Spitfire and Washington.D7:156, 157, 532, 877, she became a Cont. schooner/packet, Capt Isaac Buck, Nov 1776, making runs between Philadelphia and Georgia. C130.Silverstone:15.Chapelle:54.

Georgia Packet.
ND4:1230-31, Philadelphia brig, Capt George Bunner, captured 12 Mar 1776 by British Raven off Savannah bar.ND5:176, 183, 220, brigantine, captured, condemned, and sold, 1776.

Georgia Packet.
ND11:451, American schooner, loaded with rice and indigo, captured by British Southampton, Capt Will Garnier, 1777.GWA:702, possibly this vessel as a packet.

Georgia Planter.
Johnson:150, 153, ND4”1114. possibly a misnomer for the Georgia Packet in the Rice Boat Battle at Savannah in March 1776.The vessel, under Capt Inglis, along with the Unity, Capt Wardell, was tied to wharves and stripped of rigging and rudders by Lt Col John Stirks, and their captains were arrested.

Le Gerard.
NR:371, LCP:152.153, LM PA brigantine, 6 guns, 25 men, Capt James Josiah, Aug 1778 (Record 1005) and Dec 1778 as a sloop (Record 979).Maclay:116-117, PA privateer brig with 10 guns in supporting action as escort in 1778.PANavy:301, involved in famous case of the sloop Active.

SchV:44, British naval vessel, 20 guns, Capt G. A. Keppel, captured in 1781 by Americans.Lawrence:190, this may be the vessel Lawrence mentioned.DaviesXIII:1948, XV:109, XVI:319, 710, XVII:242, 244, XVIII:253, an armed vessel of this name was in the East Florida navy, 1777-78.

R77:108, British vessel, Capt Doyle, Corke to Bourdeaux, burned, 1777.

Allen:156, MA privateer brigantine, 12 guns, 30 men, Capt William Williams, 23 Mar 1779, owners Henry Mitchell and others of Boston.Volo:92, Le Gerrared, Cont. privateer.

JA7:195, American ship, 1777/78, mentioned.

Appeals Case 96, Dutch vessel operating out of Curaçao, 1782, Capt Hendrick Preterz

DaviesX:2202, American prisoners were to be collected at Gibraltar, but it is not clear if or when that was done.

SchV:45, British brig, 14 guns, Capt W. Anderson, captured in 1781 off Gibraltar by the Spanish.It took part in the 13/14 Sep 1782 attack on Gibraltar.

M880:3, 4, CTP:91, C309, British galley, Capt Daniel James Brooks, from New York, captured by the CT vessel Fiery Trial, 2 Mar 1783.It held American prisoners.

NJNavy:216, DE:930, wartime armed boat of NJ, Capt CharlesAllen.

R80I:358, French ship from Marseilles, Capt Guilliaume Guion, captured by British in 1779.

Gilbert and John.
ND5:1273, whaling sloop, Capt Jagger, reached New York, 29 Jul 1776, last from Guadaloupe.

Gillardo. SchIV:355, Spanish warship, 70 guns, Capt G. Zevala, in the Great Expedition to America in Apr 1780.

ND2:1348, 1352, ??? brig, 101 tons, Capt John Sprut, probably British, Antigua to Roanoke, in ballast, 30 Jan 1775.

NR:317, LCP:100/101, ND9:132, ND10:704, LM MD schooner, 2 guns, 6 men, Capt Henry Geddes, 27 Jun 1777.

Villiers:128, French navire built at Nantes in 1772, war service not known.See next entry.

ND11:422-423, French ship, captured by British Perseus, Lizard, 24 Feb 1778.

Eller:510, schooner moving troops from Head of Elk to Yorktown, 1781.

ND2:1264, ND4:1060, British vessel, Capt Soloman Townsend, arrived at New York end of Oct 1775, later active mid 1776.

ND1:12, British frigate, Capt William Maltby, ran aground at Boston 11 Dec 1774.ND2:1250, ND3:1008, ND5:1225, 1359, British frigate, 20 guns, 160 men, Capt Tryingham Howe, Halifax to England 24 Apr 1776.Clark:I:59, British armed transport, Capt J. Howe, captured 18 June 1776 by the Tyrannicide.
C109 shows the capture by Capt John Fiske to have been in Aug 1776.Emmons:40/41 shows the capture by the Wasp and the Fly.
ND6:1100 shows the capture by the American fleet as 4 Apr 1776.ND7:1087, 20 guns, 160 men, said to have engaged British vessels 2 Feb 1777.M:4, 296, 299.Coggins:20.

Force:5:III:1528, ND6:1172, 1231, British schooner, 30 tons, Capt John Cabot, Isle Madam to Jersey, 70 tons, captured 1776 by McClary and condemned 24 Feb 1777.

ND6:600, British army transport reported missing 16 Sep 1776.

McM:387, British brig, prize of MD, 1777.

Glasgow (HMS).ND8:705, ND10:694, ND11:450, British war ship, Capt Thomas Pasley, RN, engaged the Andrew Doria, spring/summer, 1776, captured several American vessels in 1777.DaviesXII:119, 162, XIII:560, Fowler:97-99, Capt Tyringham Howe, in naval fight, 1777-78, XIV:40.JA6:276, 277. Volo:106, 20 guns, Capt Houcey (probably Howe).Paullin:133.

FW3:602, SchV:47, NavChronI:477, British vessel, 20 guns, Capt T. Lloyd, burned by accident at Jamaica in 1779.Volo:23, 257.

CTN:171, H:241, British prison ship in New York Harbor.

Glasgow Packet.
ND2:1258, ND3:1340, ND5:1175, ND6:1335, C241, British transport brigantine, Capt Porterfield, captured Jul 1776, near Charleston, by SC row galley Revenge, Capt Thomas Pickering.

R81I:300, French naval vessel lost in 1781.

Clark:I:110, Hearn:228, ND6:600, ND7:261, British transport ship from Glasgow, 20 guns, 193 tons, Capt McCaul, captured 9 Aug 1779 in the West Indies by American Boston and Hague.

Dutch warship, 54 guns, 300 men, stationed at the Texel during the war.RiwII:168, Dutch Navy, 1782, Capt H. Van Vorste.VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Amsterdam, under Capt Raders in 1782, sold in 1788.

ND6:600, British army hospital ship reported missing 16 Sep 1776.

Force:5:III:1626, ND6:American vessel captured in 1776 by British Milford.

Gloire, frigate, 36 guns, 300 men, from Rochefort à Saint-Malo, in construction 1778.Benson:101, came to America in 1782 with passengers Pehr Ulric Lilljehorn, Prince de Broglie, and Count de Segur and other nobles.NavChronII:104, this ship fought the British ship Hector on 5 Sep 1782, with Lilljehorn serving as a French officer.DaviesXIX:2011.

SchV:53, French privateer, 8 guns, 34 men, captured in 1781 by the Channel fleet and taken into British service.

ND11:1114, Comm:156-160, French Navy ship of the line, 74 guns, Capt Chevalier de Bausset, part of d’Estaing’s Squadron, 1778 and 1779, crew listing.SchV:58, one of the vessels captured at the Battle of Saints in 1782. SchV:51, NavChronII:106, as a British vessel 74 guns, Capt Hon. T. Cadogan, believed to have foundered on her passage from Jamaica in Oct 1782, crew perished, along with all French prisoners on board.

Glory of America.
Salley:26, ND7:248, pilot boat in SC records 22 Nov 1776, purchased from Capt Ammonette.

Allen:150-151, NR:317, LCP:100/101, ND10:66, ND11:407, LM MA privateer schooner, 8/10 guns, 45/50 men, Capt John Babson of Amesbury 22 Jul 1777 (Record 335), and under Capt Daniel Parsons 17 Sep 1777.Owners for Capt Babson were Jackson, Tracy & Tracy of Newburyport and for Capt Parsons, Joseph Laughton and John Tracy.

Spanish warship, probably a frigate, in 1782 at St. Domingue ready for duty.

Glorious Memory.
ND11:25, British ship, Capt William Stewart, captured by American Bellona, Capt Cross, 29 Jan 1778.

R77:514, British vessel, Capt Lawson, Newfoundland to West Indies, 1777.

McPA:304, British brig, Madeira to New York prize of PA Fair American, Jul 1780.

ND6:199, 366, 1207, ND8:487, VA row galley, 1776.Eller:201, only one vessel is named Gloucester, and it was the prison ship, destroyed in 1781.

Coggins:102, VANavy:161, ND11:1163, ship of the VA Navy in 1777-79, Capt Thomas Lilly.C336, VA Navy Capt Thomas Whiting, Apr 7777.Dandridge:186, 187, used as a prison ship, beginning in 1780.Silverstone:20.Paullin:406, added to Navy in 1777.

Allen:157, NR:318, ND10:949, LCP:100/101, HartIII:56, LM MA privateer brigantine, 18 guns, 130 men, Capt John Coulston of Gloucester 28 Jun 1777 (Record 333) and 17 July 1777, owners David Pearce and others of Gloucester.

Gloucester, the brig.Appeals:xxxv, 162:14 (2 Dall. 36). Keane vs the brig.

Gloucester Packet. Allen:157, NR:317, LCP:100/101, FordXX:692, LM MA privateer ship, 16 guns, 40/60 men, Capt John Beach of Gloucester 28 Dec 1780 (Record 402), and Capt John Osborne Sargent of Gloucester 11 Jan 1782 (Record 507).  Howe:328fn, in service to Bilbao in 1780, William Coy, Capt.Ford1781:692.

ND8:906, ND9:621, ND10:939, ND11:234, American MA State schooner, Capt John Harris, Jr, chased on shore 23-24 Aug 1777 and captured by Alarm.This vessel had to pay wharf fees 30 Jan 1778.

Goede Verwagting.
VanMaanen, Dutch privateer, Admiralty of Zealand, 12 guns, Capt Cassin in 1782.

Goes/Ter Goes.
VanMaanen, Dutch warship, Admiralty of Zealand, 54 guns, 300men, stationed at Texel part of the time during the war.It was built in 1781 at Vlissingen, was under Capt Stavorinus in 1782, broken up in 1797.

Golden Eagle.
Eastman:16-17, British privateer schooner, 22 guns, captured in 1776 by MA General Pickering, Capt Jonathan Haraden, in the Bay of Biscay, May 1780, then lost, then recaptured by Americans 4 June 1780, and taken into Bilbao, Spain.JA10:166-167, 379.

Golden Rose.
McM:312, Amsterdam to Tenerife, prize re-capture of PA Holker, 1779.

VANavy:166, NR:318, LCP:100/101, VA LM brig of 8 guns 25 men, Capt Nicholas Brown Seabrook, Mar 1782.

Gold Wire/Wyre.  McM:168,  Howe:349, British merchant brig of 130 tons taken in 1779/80 by the Pilgrim.

Good Adventure.
NR:318, LCP:102/103, LM MD schooner, 5 guns, 6 men, Capt Claude Besse, Jul 1781.

Good Design.
McMA:125, British brig captured in May 1781 by MA vessels Protector and Deane.

Good Fortune.
Appeals:xxxv, 162:10-87, vs Allen; also in Howell, et al vsthe Good Fortune.Lt of Marines Benjamin Allen of the brig Edward captured the schooner Good Fortune 11 Jul 1782.Appeals Cases, R14, Darby vs brig Erstern, mentions a schooner Good Fortune with the same Captain George Hardwick, being condemned at Cape François on 30 Nov 1782.FordXXV: 597, 599, 600, that time, the Good Fortune had been captured by the brig Unity, and the brig Providence, both of Rhode Island, and taken for condemnation to Cape François.

Good Hope.
McM:75, GWA:628, CTN:171, CTP:234, British prison ship in North River, New York harbor, 1779.Dandridge:205, 492, shows the ship in Wallabout Bay and the one burned by its prisoners in 1780.It had been designated as a hospital ship.

Good Hope.
McMA:67, British ship, Capt Silas Burgoyne, captured by the MA Dove in 1776.

-----Good Hope.
ND11:468, Danish ship, Capt Jurgin Lassin, Cadiz to St Thomas, with salt, captured by British Richmond off Cape Henry, 28 Feb 1778, and taken into New York.

Good Hope.
“The Royal Gazette, 29 Jan 1783,” American ship, Capt John Wheelwright, sailed from Portsmouth, NH, 29 Dec 1782,in company with the brig Fellowship, and was captured 5 Jan 1783 in the Grenadines, by HM frigate Ceres.
The Fellowship was captured the following day.

Good Intent.
ND3:473, British vessel, Capt Woodfall, London to NC, believed wrecked on NC shore during a storm with all on board lost, 4 Jan 1776.

Good Intent (HM).ND1:114`, ND4:903, ND5:112, British transport, Capt John Wieley, in Cape Fear Harbor, 15 May 1776.

Good Intent.
Force:5:III:1528, British vessel, Capt Daun/Davies, Newcastle to Gibraltar, 1776.   Good Intent.
Force:5:III:1528, ND6:588, 619, 1299, ND7:561, British brig, captured by Rover at Newfoundland, Capt William Davis, 11 Dec 1776.  Howe:338, British brigantine, 100 tons, taken by the Rover 14 Oct 1776.

Good Intent.
McMA:54, ND10:768, ND11:468, British schooner, Capt William Dashpar, loaded with fish, captured 31 Jan 1778 by MA Tyrannicide and Massachusetts and taken into Antigua.
R77:514, Newfoundland to Dominica, 1777.It was recaptured by the British.

Good Intent. ND9:384, 396, 401-402, British brig, Capt Paul Bieuvenn, captured by American Montgomery and was sent into Cherbourg, France 7 Jun 1777 where it was sold secretly.It was then seized by the Cherbourg Commissary.

Good Intent/Content.
Dandridge:132, Howe:401, H:241, prison ship in New York in 1778.

 Good Intent.
ND10:1208, British schooner, Capt Levy, 70 tons, Halifax to Chester, N. S., taken by Trial, tried 3 Oct 1780.

Good Intent.
ND10:1208, British schooner, Capt McGregor, 15 tons, Nova Scotia, captured by Cornelius Thompson, 25 Jul 1780.

Good Intent.
ND10:1209, British schooner, Capt Blyder, 60 tons, Halifax, taken by Resolution, 17 Jul 1781.

-----Good Intent.
Appeals:xxxx, 162, 13:102, the sloop in Seymour vs Barrell. The Good Intent had been a New York flag of truce, Capt Matthew Van Alstyn, captured c May/June 1782.

Good Intent.
Appeals Case 108, sloop, 70 tons, captured by a group of Mariners from Sherburn (Nantucket), MA in Dec 1781 who also libeled it.Capt Timothy Folger of Nantucket, MA, also claimed the sloop.

Good Intent.
ND6:828, VA schooner, Capt Seabrook, permission to trade in Hispaniola or any other allowed port, 14 Sep 1776.

Good Intent.
ND6:727, 1108, sloop, Capt Richard Towle/Fowle, moved salt from Bermuda to VA, and allowed to return to Bermuda, 2 Oct 1776.

Good Intent.
R77:232, ND7:1130, ND8:1056, American sloop, Capt John Finlayson, from Cape François, captured and destroyed 6 Feb 1776 by British Preston.

Good Intent.
ND10:722, American sloop captured by British, Lynx, libelled and condemned 3 Apr 1778.

Good Intent.
R77:235, ND8:1061, American ship, Capt David Burch, from Baltimore, captured and destroyed by British Galatea in Jan 1777.

Good Intent.
R77:235, ND8:1061, American ship, Capt Nathaniel Bethel, from NC, captured in 1777 by British Galatea.

Good Intent.
NR:318, LCP:102/103, LM PA schooner, merchant Peter January, 6 guns, 20 men, Aug 1779.

Good Intent.
Capture:36, schooner, master Willmot Wass, captured before 22 Feb 1780 by the HMS Alvany.Appeals:xxxv, 162:5:44, and in the schooner in the play with Tam Ploy, as claimant vs Gurney

Good Intent.
Allen:157, MA privateer boat, Capt Cornelius Thompson, Jul 1780.

Good Intent.
Appeals:xxxx, 162:13:108, the sloop vs Elkins.

Good Intent.
McM:116, MA ship captured 1781.R81II:259, American brig captured 23 Jun 1781 by British Medea.

Good Luck.
CTP:190, British sloop (or American sloop in illicit trade) captured 14 Nov 1782 by the CT armed boats Rattlesnake, Viper, Saratoga. C169.

Good Luck.
Allen:157, Paine:456, NR:318, LCP:102/103, LM MA privateer ship, 8 guns, 20 men, Capt Jonathan Neall of Salem, 23 Sep 1782 (Record 66).

Good Luck.
Malo:969, 970, French privateer boat of Dunkirk in 1782, companion to the Enterprise.

R77:108, British vessel, Capt Richardson, Whitehaven to Grenada, 1777.

McM:437, British brig, prize of Morlaix, France, 1779.

ND8:947, American privateer schooner, captured 10 May 1777 by British Tamer.

C312, PA brigantine, 10 guns, 40 men, Capt Stephen Tinker, Apr 1782.

R82II:168, Dutch navy, 1782, Capt J. S. H. Stormon.

ND9:517, 596, American schooner, Capt James Davis, captured by British Levant, 21 Jul 1777.

VANavy:151, major shipyard for VA, located in Portsmouth, on the land of Andrew Sprowle

Gouverneur.S:29, VA trading ship to Dutch ports, 1779.

Governor Clinton.
NR:319, LM PA boat, 3 guns, 15 men, Capt William Mornyer, Jul 1781.

Governor Clinton.
NR:319, LCP:102/103, LM PA brigantine, 8 guns, 18 men, Capt Joseph Vanise, Sep 1781.

Governor Clinton.
CTP:103, CT privateer sloop, Capt Seth Overton, took the British Dolphin, 19 Dec 1782 in Long Island Sound.

Governor de Graaf.
NR:319, LCP:102/103, LM PA ship, 20 guns, 100 men, Capt Hugh Lisle/Lyle, Dec 1780.

Governor Johnson.
M&S:187-190, FordXI:739, CC:M247, R38, #31, p 191, JA7:186, tobacco brig chartered by Congress for trip to France, Aug 1778.C14, American vessel captured by British Ceres before Jul 1780.Kaminkow:225, Capt Michael Barder, captured before Jul 1780.

Governor Johnston.
NR:176, FordXX:489, ND11:363, brigantine involved in a commercial transaction, not with the Admiralty.Petitioners were Samuel and Robert Purviance, David Stewart, and Daniel Bowley, of Baltimore.This does not seem the same as the tobacco brig noted above.

Governor Livingston.
NR:319, LCP:102/103, LM PA schooner, 10 guns, 30 men under Capt Charles Clunn, Apr 1780/ and 4 guns, 14 men, Capt Moses Griffin, Jun 1781 (Record 889).JA9:92, 127, American merchant ship may be this schooner, 1780.

Governor Livingston.
JA6:63, 109, 7:139, and others, Continental privateer, c 1778

Governor Moore.
NR:319, LCP:102/103, LM PA schooner, 8 guns, 10 guns, Capt David Thomson/Thompson, Feb/Mar 1782 (Record 944).

Governor Nelson.
VANavy:166, NR:320, LCP:102/103, VA privateer brigantine of 12 guns and 40 men, Capts Nathaniel Parker and Byrd Chamberlayne, 1781.

Governor Tonyn.
Mc:367, 368, ND1:715, ND10:809, Searcy: 46, 49, 57, 67, 105-06, British privateer sloop from St Augustine, FL, captured 25 Dec 1777 at Georgetown, SC, by the Continental sloop Providence, Capt John Peck Rathbun.

Governor Trumbull.
SchV:54, NR:320, CTP:100-101, 102, LCP:102/103, C270, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT ship, 20 guns, 182 men, Capt Henry Billings (Record 711), Capt Nathaniel Saltonstall, captured in the West Indies 5 Apr 1779 by the British frigate Venus (the former American Bunker Hill.) and sent to St. Kitts.She apparently became the Governor Trumbull of the Royal Navy, and later the Tobago.

ND1:352, 1372, ??? ship, 200 tons, 16 men, probably British, Capt James Lawson, active in 1775 with tobacco, flour, and staves, Annapolis to London.

ND8:1062, British ship, Capt Edward Markham, captured by Americans, then recaptured by British Mermaid, 10 Dec 1777.ND5:1370, a British ship was not to be ransomed 1 May 1776.

ND5:481, British vessel, Capt Erwin, sails for York River, VA, 17 May 1776.

Mc:208, 347, 513, ND9:422, 472, 473, ND11:891, British ship, Capt John Wardley, captured 23 Jun 1777, by the Continental ships Reprisal, Capt Lambert Wickes, Lexington, Dolphin, recaptured by British Neptune.

R77:407, British vessel, Capt Woodley, Jamaica to Liverpool, taken by the American Reprisal, Capt Lambert Wickes, 23 June 1777, but retaken, 1777.

McM:308 British brig, Capt Carr, captured by the PA ship Rising Star, Capt Stephen Decatur, and sent to PA, by Nov 1782.

ND10:365, 366, American schooner, Capt Thomas Dickenson, captured by British Dolphin, Capt William Patterson, Nov 1776, libelled at St Pierre, Martinique.

Griffin:36, Force:5:III:1525, PA ship, master ?? , Philadelphia to Baltimore, captured 1776 by British Roebuck.

La Grace.
DaviesXIII:233-234, French vessel, Capt Giraud, taken at Portugal by order of British Lt MacNamara, Dec 1776.

ScharfI:227, ND5:481, ship of Philadelphia, Capt Erwin, Philadelphia to York River, VA, taken by the British Lord Howe, Capt John Orde, 13 Mar 1776.

American ship, Capt John Wardley, captured Jul 1777 by British Neptune (Prince George).

RM7:314, American vessel, Capt George Mitchell, lost off the coast of Jutland, c Jan 1783.

Les Graces.
R77:232, ND8:1055, American or French vessel, Capt Jean B. Dussaut/Duffat, from Port au Prince, captured by British Phoenix 9 May 1777.

LG:642, French frigate from Toulon, 24 guns, with de Fabry in 1778.

Mc:104, ND10:1065, ND11:872, 918, 1033, French brig, Capt Emanuel de Tournois, captured by the Revenge of Dunkirk, Capt Conyngham, in Oct 1777 and sent to Bilboa, Spain, where it was released.JA6:120.

Syrett(1989):111, 115, British vessel in North American waters.

FW3:602, SchV:46, British armed transport, 32 guns, Capt J. Frodsham, foundered in 1778 on the Banks of Newfoundland on the passage to England, Nov 1778.It was the former British warship Buckingham, built in 1751, converted into a transport and store ship.DaviesXIII:2430, XIV:268, XV:63, 72.Volo:263.Silverstone:92.

ND1:1365, 1385, ND3:1368, 1369, ND4:1228-29, ND5:1228, American sloop, Capt John Brackett, from Baltimore to Barnstable, captured off Cape Cod 14 Feb 1776 by HMS Tyral and sent to Boston.It had made non-British declaration at Baltimore May 1775.

Allen:157, MA privateer sloop, 8 guns, 8 swivels, 25 men, Capt Ishmael Hardy, 14 Jan 1778, owners Isaac White and others of Salem.

ND5:648, ND6:23, American schooner, Capt Job Springer, Philadelphia to Dartmouth, New England, Delaware River and Bay passes for Apr 1776, later to Dartmouth, Aug 1776.

Allen:158, MA privateer schooner, Capt Thomas Holmes, 27 May 1780, captured along with the MA Shark, and taken into St Johns c August 1782.C154.

NR:320, LCP:102/103, LM MD schooner, 8 guns, 10 men, Capt Joses Hill, Aug 1780.

SchV:64, 66, Spanish vessel, 28 guns, 166 men, captured in 1781 in the Bay of Biscay by the British Cerberus, Capt R. Mann.Volo:263, 28 guns, British frigate.

Granada Packet.
ND7:984, sloop, Master, James Glasco/Glasgow, captured 1776.Glasco was to be exchanged 17 Jan 1777 at RI.

Grand Duke of Russia.
ND7:1026, ND8:363, British transport, Capt John Holman, 18 sailors killed 18 Jan 1777, in an accident.DaviesXII:47, possibly XVI:99, XIX:86.

Grand Monarch/Monarque.
Allen:158, NR:320, LCP:102/103, LM MA privateer ship, 16/18 guns, 45 to 120 men, Capt David Coates of Newburyport 12 Dec 1780 (Record 615), and Capt John Lee of Newburyport 27 Jul 1781 (383).

Grand Tiger.
S:86, schooner mentioned in VA records, 1780.

Grand Turk’s prize.
Mill:212, 213, British vessel, name not noted nor dated was captured by the MA privateer Grand Turk, then recaptured by the British in Nov 1781 and part of the prize crew sent to Mill prison in 1782.

Grand Turk.
Allen:158-159, NR:321, LCP:102/103, Peabody:many, Capture:15-16, 32-33, Salem, MA LM privateer ship, 26 nine-pounders and a copper bottom, which captured the Brayton and also the Friendship.  Kamenkow:225, a ship of this name was captured but no details were given.Eastman:38, built by Thomas Barstow of Hanover, MA, in 1781.On this ship’s fourth cruise, she captured and burned British schooner Pink, the brig Brothers, the brig Robert, and the schooner Commerce.
The master of the Grand Turk also ordered to U. S. ports the British ships, brig Charlotte, brig Baltic, brig Cossack, brig Three Williams, schooner Bird, and the schooner Georgiana.
The Swedish brig Johannes on the way from Lisbon to Plymouth, England, was ordered to the United States. (It has not been determined how this worked.Most likely the captains ignored the order as soon as they were safely out of sight of the Grand Turk.)Paine:456, Capts Thomas Simmons (Record 370),and Joseph Pratt (Record 203), 24 guns, 100 men, Jun/Sep 1781, and later.RM8:881, mentioned in mid-1783 for the Far Eastern trade. 

Grand Turk.
VANavy:166, NR:321, LCP:102/103, VA LM brigantine of 14 guns and 60 men, Capt Cornelius Schermerhorn, Oct 1781.

ND6:412, 413, American brigantine, Capt John Waldron, moved guns from Marseilles, France to St. Eustatius (for America), by order of James and Jacobus Van Zant, 11 June 1776.

DaviesX:2388iii, XV:163, 173, XVI:244, 2624, XVII:117, XX:51, ND4:826, ND5:826, British packet which carried letters to Jamaica 14 Apr 1776, was lost with all hands off Barbados, Oct 1776.Syrett(1989):96.

La Granville/Grandville.
Smith:229, Fowler:163, Morison:197-99, 208-9, CC:M247, R185, #168, FW3:309, French privateer, 12 guns, Capt de Maurice, which worked with the Jones’ Squadron in Aug/Sep 1779 in the North Sea for a short time.Silverstone:91, purchased 1779, renamed Tortoise.

ND8:342, British Army transport, Capt William Coombes, taken by Americans, then recaptured by British Perseus, 14 Apr 1777.Coggins:115.

Grasshopper (HM).
ND11:612, British sloop, Commander Wiliam Truscott, RN, captured several American vessels.

R77:232, ND8:1055, American ship, Capt Frederick Lykmes, from Cape Fear, NC, captured in April 1777 by British Brune.

Mc:208, 307, ND9:481, British coal brig, Capt James Clarke, captured and sunk, 22 Jun 1777, by Reprisal, Lexington, & Dolphin.

Grede Vizwagten.
FW3:676, Dutch merchantman, Amsterdam to Nantz, with pitch and tar, captured by a British privateer Neptune by May 1780.

R82II:274, American schooner captured in 1782 by British Chatham.

NR:321, LCP:104/105, LM PA schooner, 6 guns, Capt Samuel Davison, Apr 1782 (Recor 943).

DaviesXVI:121, 645, XVII:34, 37, British armed vessel, lost off Edisto, SC, when British convoy was attacked, 1779/80.(The British vessel may have been attacked by American galleys Congress, Lee, on 16 Apr 1779, with the resulting capture.)

ND3:752, American sloop, Capt William Sweet, owners Sweet and Silas Case, bonded for CT to NY, 12 Jan 1776.

ND4:1479, sloop, Capt Isaac Upton, RI to NY, 9 Mar 1776 and 24 Apr 1776.

ND6:1456, ND7:646, ND10:567, ND11:496, RI privateer sloop, Capts Joseph Peirce/Pearce, Joseph Gardner, 1776-77, captured British Belle, Pasley.

H:166, American sloop, 50 men, taken by British, 1778.

CTP:190, C169, CT armed boat privateer, Capt Ebenezer Jones, made captures in 1780 era in Long Island Sound of British Sally, Tyron, Anson, Fanny, Fly.

Appeals:xxxxi, 162:2:19, a vessel in the conflict.

Greenwich Packet.
Force:5:III:1524, ND7:984, American vessel, master James Glascow, Philadelphia to Winyaw, SC, captured 17 Jan 1777 by British Orpheus, Daphne, with some crew members being exchanged Jan 1777 at RI.

CTP:82, British schooner, Capt William Smith, captured by CT schooner Enterprise, Capt Jason Chester.

ND11:129, British/Antilles schooner, Capt Joseph Berry, captures American Charming Polly, Two Brothers.

Greyhound (HMS). Fowler:117, frigate, probably the following.ND2:757, ND3:1403, ND4:1092, ND5:935, ND6:1424, ND7:964, ND8:1060, ND10:786, ND11:556, British warship, 28 guns, 200 men, Capt George Dawson, RN, captured and recaptured several vessels.Under Capt Archibald Dickson, RN, recaptured Sci Pio, 25 Dec 1777.DaviesXII:56, 245, XIII:329, 1720, XIV:60, 178, XV:66, XVI:461, 951, XVII:149, 196.Volo:182, 263.Possibly Paullin:350, part of Sir George Collier’s fleet, 19 Jul 1776.Syrett(1989):47, 128, 152.

FordXV:1356, 1372, FW3:417, British vessel captured by 8 Americans at St Domingo, proceeds of its sale to go to the captors, Dec 1779.

Capture:36, British brigantine, Capt Clifford Byrne, captured by Americans under Thomas Darling from Piscataqua on 7 Oct 1778, and sent to Piscataqua, but recapturedten days later by the British tender, True Blue, for the Rainbow and taken to Halifax.

SchV:49, British vessel, 28 guns, Capt Will Fox, lost upon the South Sand Head, crew saved, 1781.

McM:46, CTP:185, 186, British brigantine, Capt John Watson, 4 guns, 10 men, New York to Penobscot, prize of CT sloop Randolph, 10 Aug 1782.

ND3:1368, probably American schooner, Capt Abraham Trefather, from Piscataway, New England, made non-British declaration at Baltimore May 1775.

ND1:1279, sloop, Capt William Montayne, owner/shipper, Archibald Mercer, petitioned to sail to Curaçao, 31 Aug 1775.

C263, NY privateer, Capt Joshua Rogers, 1776.

ND3:791, 1121, 1305, ND4:1376, ND5:1376, ND11:124, brig, Capt Walter Stephens/Stevens of Philadelphia, captured 12 Jan 1776 by the British Argo, Capt William Garnier/Gardner, condemned at St John, Antigua, 12 Mar.

ND4:575, ND5:1230, sloop, Capt John Akin, from Philadelphia, capturedMar 1776 by British Rose, Capt James Wallace.

ND4:1230, American vessel captured in early 1776.

ND4:570, ND5:1228, sloop, Capt Increase Pote, from VA to Casco Bay, captured by HMS Scarborough and sent to Halifax, 5 Apr 1776.

Neeser69, 142, Johnston:359, 367, ND9:644, Fowler:138, American cutter, possibly the privateer at Dunkirk, France in Jul 1777, bought by Capt Conyngham and renamed Revenge.

Greyhound.  ND6:294, schooner pilot boat, Capt Richard Johns, 1776.S:49fn, VA pilotboat and trading schooner, 1777.

Coggins:102, ND10:728, VANavy:155, ND7:1263, Dandridge:186, brigantine of the VA Navy, Lt in Command, Edward Woneycutt, 1776-78, lost at sea, 1778.

Grey Hound.
M880:4, MD vessel, captured May 1778 by British Loyal Subject, crew sent to New York prison ship Felicity.

NR:321, LCP:104/105, LM MD schooner, 12 guns, 19 men, Capt Henry Geddes, Jul 1779.Ford1779:1356, 1372.

NR:321, LCP:104/105, LM PA schooner, 10 guns, Capt John Kemp, Oct 1780 (Record 1072).C46, 173, PA schooner, out of Philadelphia, captured late 1780, crew members to Mill Prison 11 Jan 1781.

Mill:140, 209, schooner of Portsmouth, NH, taken off Newfoundland 23 Oct 1780, crew to Mill Prison, Jul 1781.Kaminkow:226, Capt possibly Jacob Willis/Wilds or John Kemp.

NJNavy:217, a wartime armed boat of the NJ naval militia, Capt Nathan Jackson.

Maclay:120-123, the fishing schooner commissioned as a privateer at Kennebunk, in action 1781. Capture:37, this may be the privateer schooner from Salem captured 11 Aug 1781 off George’s Banks by the HMS Warwick, Garland.

Allen:159, NR;321, LCP:104/105, one or two MA privateer schooners from Salem, 2 to 10 guns, 11 to 35 men, Capt Benjamin Hammond, Jr 21 Apr 1778; Capt John Pearce 6 Oct 1778; Capt Benjamin Hammond in Mar 1779; Capt Samuel Croel/Crowell in Oct 1779; Jacob Wilds of Salem, May 1781 and May 1782 (Records 527, 458); John Cooke of Salem in Sep 1782 (Record 68); and Levi Doane of Boston in Feb 1783. Paine:456 shows Capts Jacob Wilds and John Cooke.Owners for Capt Hammond and Capt Croel and Capt John Pearce were Aaron Wait, Nathan Peirce, and Jerathmeel Peirce of Salem and perhaps the same for the others.

Capture:37, privateer sloop of Portsmouth, NH, commanded by Samuel Stacey, captured 20 Sep 1781 off Halifax.R82I:238, privateer vessel, captured 20 Sep 1781 by British HMS Assurance

Appeals Case 91/92, NJ privateer, Capt Nathan Jackson, Dec 1782.Governor Jonathan Trumbull of CT confirmed that Capt Nathan Peete Jackson had privateer commissions from May 1781 to Nov 1781 for two whaleboats, Greyhound and Return Safe.
The commissions were not renewed in CT.Capt Timothy Shaler of Egg Harbor, NJ, had once had the Greyhound as his tender.

NR:322, LCP:104/105, LM NH sloop, 6 guns, 35 men, Capt Thomas Roache, Jul 1781 (Record 36).

C341, MD schooner, 7 gus, 20 men, Capt Hugh Wilson, Mar, 1783.

R77:407, ND9:429, 452, 476, British brig, Capt James Clark/Clerk, Workington to Dublin, captured by American Reprisal, Lexington, Dolphin, sunk, 1777.

FW3:605, Dutch vessel which had been retained by Spanish at Algeziras released by Apr 1780.

Allen:160, Paine:456, Salem, MA privateer brigantine, 14 guns, 65 men, Capt Gideon Henfield, May 1780, owners Josiah Orne and Peter Lander, captured by the British Fairy in 1780.MAS gives list of crewmen.

CTN:48, 51, CTP:287, 291, 293, 296, ND8:1019, ND9:359, ND10:812, British brig captured 13/20 Mar 1777 by CT Navy Defence.
R77:407, shows Capt Cocken/Cockran, Corke to Antigua, with provisions.C283.

Dandridge:109, 492, 494, ND7:262, ND10:675, called a British hospital ship, actually a prison ship in New York in the North River in 1777.DaviesXII:47, transport, 1976.

Groupement Mobile No.
Syrett(1989):100, 173, British vessel in North American waters.

ND8:56, ND9:949, ND10:66, 82, 256,, 555, ND11:18, 149, 394, MA Navy trading ship, Capt Joseph Proctor, captured by British Rainbow, 9 Oct 1777, recaptured by MA militia, scuttled by boats from Rainbow, had carried masts to France, 1777.ND8:55-56, ND9:911, MA State Ship (formerly the British transport Garland), Capt Joseph Proctor, captured and scuttled by boats from British Rainbow, 1777.

FordXXI:1082, SchV:49, Sands:200-201, ND6:452, Silverstone:93, apparently a British frigate of 28 guns captured at Yorktown, 10 Oct 1781.The British recorded it sunk to prevent its capture.Americans recorded it burned by hot shot from American batteries.Rice:I:17n, 180, frigate recovered from the British by the French at Yorktown, with French Lt du Quesne placed in command.Bouvet:100, it was used to transport wounded back to France in May 1783.It was also placed at Thomas Jefferson’s disposal to take him back to France in Feb 1783.DaviesXVII:149, 208, XX:145, 173, HMS. Syrett(1989):101.

C104, NH brigantine, 4 guns, 15 men, Capt William Fairfield, Jun 1780.

De Guay Trouin.
SchV:62, French privateer, 20 guns, 118 men, captured in the Channel in 1780 by the Surprise, Capt S. Reeves.

Kennett:95-97, Rice:I:118n, French cutter with de Ternay and Rochambeau in 1780.

Guerrier, 74 guns, from Toulon.ND11:1191n, Comm:55-58, in d’Estaing’s fleet of 1778, Capt Bougainville.At Grenada, 1779. Lawrence:9, 13, 88, 89, 90, 132, at Savannah, Sep 1779.  Clark:I:178.Annual Register 21:182, Comm:55-58, French warship, 70 guns, Capt Bougainville, in 1778 and 1779 part of D’Estaing’s squadron, crew listed..

SchIV:345, in Second Armada.SchIV:355, in the great Expedition to America in Apr 1780, Capt was F. D. Elslabor.SchIV:384-385, totally dismasted inFeb 1781 storm.C&C:94, 111, 115, Spanish warship of the line, 70 guns, used in 1781 at Battle of Pensacola.

ND10:217, 548, 791, American LM sloop, Capt Edward Kaller/McEller, captured by boarders from the Racehorse, 14 Oct 1777.ND11:453/455 shows this as a LM sloop, Capt Edward Kaller, captured 14 Oct.

Guidl. Vreight.
R81I:308, Dutch brig, Capt Christian Catnea, from Flushing, captured by British privateers at Demerary.

R82II:168, Dutch navy, 1782, Capt J. P. Van Braam.

Guilford, 8 guns.Coggins:105, Silverstone:18, sloop of CT Navy sent to New York where it was captured in 1776.

Paullin:367, 370, CT sloop, 8 guns, 1779.C145, CT state sloop, Capt David Hawley, captured in New Haven Harbor, 11 Jul 1779.CTN:125-140, former British sloop, 60 tons, called the Mars, which had captured the American sloop Lucy, commanded by Capt Giles Sage of Middleton, CT.Capt Sage and his men were taken aboard the Mars, but on 21 Feb 1779, Capt Sage and his men overcame the crew and beached the sloop at Guilford.CTP:63, the State of CT bought the sloop and renamed her Guilford.
C223, CT Navy Capt William Nott in Mar 1779, Capt David Hawley became Captain Jun 1779 for 11 days .CTN:125-140.Paullin:367.Coggins:105.

Le Guilliaume.
ND7:1151, ND10:722, probably French, captured by Abraham, libelled and condemned 31 Jan 1777.

Guillaume Tell.
R82I:114, French ship from Brest, Capt Le Coudrais, captured in Dec 1781.

Guipuscoa/Guipuscuaraa.Chevalier:180, R83II:191. merchant ship captured by the British, Jan 1780.

SchV:66, JA9:40, R831I:191, R80I:344, Spanish ship of the line, 64 guns, 550 men, captured in 1780 by the squadron under G. B. Rodney off Cape St Vincent, later became the British ship of the line, Prince William, c 1780.

El Guipuscoano.
A3:XIV:8, Spanish brigantine, at New Orleans in 1784, war activity not known.

Gull.NR:322, CTP:103, 256, LCP:104/105, NLHS:I:IV:28, LM CT schooner, 6 guns, 10 men, Capt William Bunce/Bunts (Record 727), formerly commanded by Capt Gurdon Burnham who had taken one prize.

DaviesX:1946, ND6:536, ND7:407, 588, American schooner, Capt Gregg, taking cordage to America, 1776.

R77:514, British vessel, Capt Jones, Yarmouth to America, 1777.

ND8:795, British ship, Capt Doyle, captured by Americans, 1777.

French brigantine which may have been in support in Havana during the 1781 Battle of Pensacola.

Allen:160, NR:323, LCP:104/105, LM MA privateer ship, 16 guns, 70 men, Capt James Magee of Boston, Dec 1782 (Record 252).No record of her activities, but she probably survived the war.

NR:322, LCP:104/105, LM PA brigantine, 2 guns 15 men, Capt George Fleming, Nov 1780 (Record 1077).

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