The pages in this section are service notes, more or less, for officers and officials of the various naval institutions of the American War of Independence. Please be advised that these pages have a variety of notation and are incomplete, to say the least. They were developed chiefly to aid research. The entrie (P) denotes the list of Continental Navy officers in Paullin's The Navy of the American Revolution; the entry (A) denotes the list of Continental Navy officers in Allen's Naval History of the American Revolution. Many enties will simply refer to [see xxyyzz], which will be a privateer or warship profile. Perhaps you will find these pages useful. Only part of the pages are posted, including A-G and J, L-M, O-P, R-T, and W.

Again I repeat: these are episodic notes, originally made to help me research the privateers. Be advised that the use of the term “Commander” for the officer commanding a privateer is NOT a period correct term.
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