Connecticut Privateer Schooner Turn of Times

Turn of Times

(1) Commander William Reed


26 April 1782-May 1782

Connecticut Privateer Schooner

(2) Commander John Cook
May 1782-[August] 1782

Commissioned/First Date:

26 April 1782

Out of Service/Cause:

May 1782-[August] 1782/captured by HM Sloop Duc de Chartres


Joseph Williams & Co. of Norwich, Connecticut



Date Reported: 26 April 1782

Number/Caliber  Weight        Broadside


Total: 4 cannon/

Broadside: 2 cannon/



26 April 1782: 26 [total]




(1) New London, Connecticut to Demerara [Surinam], Netherlands South America

(2) Demerara [Surinam], Netherlands South America to sea, -[August] 1782


(1) Rhode Island Privateer Boat General Gates, 25 May 1782



Connecticut Privateer Schooner Turn of Times was commissioned on 26 April 1782 under Commander William Reed of Norwich, Connecticut. She was listed as having a battery of four guns and a crew of twenty-five men. Turn of Times’s $20,000 bond was executed by Reed, Joshua Huntington of Norwich and Joseph Williams of Norwich. She was owned by Joseph Williams & Co.1

On 25 May 1782, in Long Island Sound, Reed captured two whaleboats with a variety of illegal British goods aboard. One of these boats was the two-masted Rhode Island Privateer [unknown] General Gates, armed with one swivel gun and with a crew of fourteen men. She had been commissioned on 13 September 1780, under Commander Obadiah Wright, and was owned by John Mumford of Providence, Rhode Island. Also aboard the General Gates was found a permission from Governor George Clinton of New York to pass to Long Island (which was British held territory) on public business. This permit was dated 28 January 1782. The boats were brought into New London, arriving on 27 May. Subsequently both boats were condemned for illegally trading with the British.2

Subsequently, John Cook took command of the Turn of Times. Cook sailed for Demerara, in the Netherlands territory in South America [now Surinam]. He safely arrived at Demarara.3  On the return voyage Turn of Times was captured and sent to Bermuda.4

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